Thursday, August 16, 2007

Long time for a post huh!?

1. Carrie my wife is pregnant and we due to have twins in early January.

2. Ran city to surf in 66:57 i am apalled, I got to 7km in 31:07 but fell apart instead of negatively splitting!Last 4km in 20 minutes!

3. I think i will have only the time to run when i sneak out so i think i will concentrate on 3km racing for the immediate future and put Ultras on the backburner.We usually have a 3km race at the track most thursday nights and a full blown club 5km racing over the summer.These have always been my favourites culminating with a 10:47/3km twice this year and 18:54/5km earlier in the year for 2 consecutive races.I would like to go for 10:00 flat.I had hoped with a concentrated plan from Jack Daniels this may be possible by January but it might be close or am i kidding myself?

4. i am getting some investments planned that i have wanted to do for years but procrastinated over so that is exiting i want to outsource as much of the management as i can to focus on family.

Thats it for now!I was going to add a photo of Carrie but she insists i wait until Tuesday when she is dressed "more nicely"