Friday, April 28, 2006

Not a great deal to report.
I've been busy with my new job which i am settling into.On my two days off i didn't get a chance to obtain an Xray as there were things higher on my priority list.

But there is some good news...I climbed to the top of a mountain while walking the dogs,(i just thought it would be nice i decided 30 mins into our walk) it was steep near the end so naturally i broke into a mountain running trot and before i knew it i had run 700m and climbed about 150m!

I was pooped and needed a breather as my heart was pounding,this was a good test of
a) My fitness,it has suffered from 4 weeks off running.
b) My foot,it didn't hurt at all!

Granted that uphill running is lower impact i decided to chance it and have a bit of a short 35m downhill trot and it didn;t hurt either.

The other day i went for a bike ride and went down to the coast i saw a bloke i knew and stopped for a chat he was a member of a winter swim club and somehow i ended up having a race in an ocean pool...brrrrrr!
As a spur of the moment thing i joined the club.
Let me state...the only swimming race i have ever been in was when i came a poor second place in a 25m event at 9years of age.I took minutes to finish walked part of the way and decided then swimming was not for me!
I should also add there were only two of us in that race so my 2nd place ribbon was a pyhrric victory and it took me more than twenty years before i got a trophy or ribbon for my athletic ability!

So i had a swim and enjoyed it now i have had a bit of stroke correction.

Ive got to go for tea now so i may update this all later.
Cheers R2B

Friday, April 21, 2006

Please forgive me for it has been one week since i last blogged.
In penance i will keep it short.

I have started my new job,
it is dirty hot hard work (at times)
it also well paid
the guys really cool
the boss friendly
the roster sensational!

I have worked 3 days now i have 3.5 off then 2 on 2 off 3 on then 7 days off paid then 5 days worth of training 7 til 3 (we are going on a road trip on the first day to see a limestone mine) and another 2 days off and the roster pattern continues like this for 10 week cycles!I leave for work and i'm home 12hrs and 20 mins later.

And as for training...i haven't done much but walking lots and lots mostly for work.I am leaving for a bike ride in 10 mins before it gets too cold.

Injury status:Foot gets sore after lots of walking and 12hours in my boots but only in right foot.I will get an xray soon to check if its healing properly and to get more advice re a return to running.I am marshalling again for the club in my favourite race the (in)famous 4 miler tommorrow.

Cheers R2B

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Went to stroke correction class improved out of site during class.Scott the instructor said my "old" style was like Michael Klim's so no wonder i got pooped fast!

Yesterday morning after night shift went to the uni pool for aqua jogging....
but its Good Friday "stooooopid" and closed for the long weekend.

This morning went to a different pool which didn't have aqua running equipment so i just practiced my stroke.Though before this i spent 20 minutes on an elyptical (sp?) trainer.I set it to increase difficulty until my heartrate reached 140bpm (approx 70% max)...dang well that took 14 mins to get there so as i pushed along i started to chat to the bloke beside me who as it turns out had hurt his foot too doing the same thing as me!How weird.Small world as we knew people in common and he is a runner also.

I got my early release from work and i start my new job on Tuesday morning!Unusually for me i am quite calm which is strange given my normal need for certainty in these situations.Looking forward to the payrise, 12hr shifts ,new workmates and making a success of it!

Thanks Lulu for the Aqua running program.

Given the swimming guy turns out to be a gun triathlete coach a excursion to the dark side might be on the cards at some point Tesso!

Ps Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two weeks today since my accident.

First up i wanted to clarify to my fellow bloggers that i don't have a stress fracture.It's an ordinary run of the mill fall over and axe yourself type fracture!
I am glad of that because stress fractures sound like hell.

I saw a friend yesterday who heads up the emergency department at the local hospital and he said i should be able to do some faster walking soon...yay!A few weeks after that (week 5ish) maybe some light jogging.I am playing it by ear though and scared to do anything foolish lest it refracture.

I have cycled twice this week a twenty minute hilly cruise around a bit of sweating and before that a long flat 17.61km ride in 57 minutes Average 18.5kph.This was my third longest ride ever after sixfoot track.It was cool to get out on the bike but not the same as running by any means.I experimented with cadence because i know practically nothing as a cyclist.Counted out how many revs per minute i was doing it was about 60 at best this is equivalent to 120 steps in running....180 steps or 90revs per minute is the recommended speed for peddling and running.It is hard work for me getting it this fast on a bike.

I am also going to a swimming stroke correction class tonight apparently it is taught by an accomplished runner :-) who finished sixfoot track the other week.

In other good news i got a call to say i was successful in my job application/interview (and medical!!!!) for a new position!
They want me to start ASAP ie. next Tuesday! My manager doesn't want to let me go for a month so I am wrangling with my team leader and him to make it happen otherwise i might miss this opportunity.

Plenty more but thats all i have time for ATM.
Cheers R2B

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thanks for all your best wishes guys.
I am walking around still but not running my bike serviced and literally dusted the cobwebs off it.I rode down the street but it's way too cold for riding in the evening.

After i showed my physio (a runner himself) my Xrays he suggested that i show them to my doctor.I duly made an appointment but they had to "re-instate" me on their computer system as i hadn't been to see him since April 2000.He was happy to see me (have taken wife and bubs there so i wasn't forgotten).We got down to business after a little polaris challenge chitchat (he came 14th) and he was happy as was physio with the progress already made but he couldn't do anything extra for me.Nor could he offer me anything less vague than maybe 6-8 weeks or maybe 3-4 weeks..."how about you try it out in a few days and if it hurts stop"

Not exactly ground breaking advice i say so will just play it by ear.Probably a good opportunity to do that swimming stroke correction class down at the uni.

So in response to some of my sympathetic commenters...
I will try not to attempt a comeback too early Dave but you never know.

I am on the crosstraining hunt right now Robert

Ewen i will listen to the Doc and Physio but so far they can't tell me much.

Sparkdriver Damian unfortunately I knew where abouts this Metarsal bone was after having a 7kg brick dropped on it years ago!

To Susan and Ellie Thanks i will let it heal and be back healthy asap!

Allrounder Yes i am going stir crazy!

2p and Tesso only time will tell but i'm hoping for short weeks and not months!

Hilda The doc says puting it in a cast wouldn't achieve much and Physio suggested a $200 space man boot...nah no thanks.

Rob Well it does suck but at least i am alive and healthy i wil recover and i'm still a lucky man!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Went to physio got xray
have fracture of metatarsal
no running
this sucks

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am going to see about making a physiotherapist appointment today.
Foot feeling ok for two days now but i'm not ready to run yet.I will see what physio has to say.

Last Saturday 27th i had an 8km race i havent updated on yet.At the start put my MP3 player on for the first time in a race i almost was late for my start fiddling with it!
Got into a nice rhythm and maintained it for a tough but satisfying run.The effort required to maintain my pace was much less than last year.

500m lap splits
1 2:06
2 1:52
3 2:09
4 2:11
5 2:07
6 2:05
6 2:16
7 2:20
8 2:07
9 2:24
10 2:19
11 2:05
12 2:11
13 2:13
14 2:12
15 1:53
Course was an out and back with a few hilly dog legs especially 7 9 and 10
Finished in 34:42 (av 4:20/km) and bettering last time on this course.

Shannon Noll's "Lift" was on replay 3 times for the last part of the run and it helped a little.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Went down to watch "Fitness 5" my goal race and it was frustrating to watch everyone go when i couldn't run myself.

Some of my friends recorded good times with one doing 17:30 after 14 weeks of training for his first marathon!

My brother in lawand i had a wager for a case of beer that i couldn't beat him with a 30 second advantage he came in at 20:20 so i am sure i would have come in by 20:50 to collect.He was shirty when i told him i would have beat him with that start (and maybe even outright!)I suppose i sounded arrogant but i was so sure with my training i was going near to cracking the 20min mark.

Anyhow i'm home now and want to run again but can't!
I am going to play with my boy then read a book when he goes to sleep to get my mind off running.

Edit:Injury update....I've been walking around this afternoon without the aid of crutches but i need to still favour the left foot.Hopefully i will be able to walk on it more in the coming days.