Friday, April 28, 2006

Not a great deal to report.
I've been busy with my new job which i am settling into.On my two days off i didn't get a chance to obtain an Xray as there were things higher on my priority list.

But there is some good news...I climbed to the top of a mountain while walking the dogs,(i just thought it would be nice i decided 30 mins into our walk) it was steep near the end so naturally i broke into a mountain running trot and before i knew it i had run 700m and climbed about 150m!

I was pooped and needed a breather as my heart was pounding,this was a good test of
a) My fitness,it has suffered from 4 weeks off running.
b) My foot,it didn't hurt at all!

Granted that uphill running is lower impact i decided to chance it and have a bit of a short 35m downhill trot and it didn;t hurt either.

The other day i went for a bike ride and went down to the coast i saw a bloke i knew and stopped for a chat he was a member of a winter swim club and somehow i ended up having a race in an ocean pool...brrrrrr!
As a spur of the moment thing i joined the club.
Let me state...the only swimming race i have ever been in was when i came a poor second place in a 25m event at 9years of age.I took minutes to finish walked part of the way and decided then swimming was not for me!
I should also add there were only two of us in that race so my 2nd place ribbon was a pyhrric victory and it took me more than twenty years before i got a trophy or ribbon for my athletic ability!

So i had a swim and enjoyed it now i have had a bit of stroke correction.

Ive got to go for tea now so i may update this all later.
Cheers R2B


Shane said...

Great result with the foot, if only the fitness was as easy to regain as it is to disappear.

Does that make sense? I dont know, but I know what I mean :)

You are one up on me, I dont think I will ever win anything that involves water. Enjoy!

Spark Driver said...

Is it only cold when you first jump in the ocean pool or does it stay cold?

I'm sure you know to get your foot checked out before running again.

Good luck with it.

Ewen said...

Swimming in an ocean pool could be fun R2B - beats following the black line of an indoor heated pool. Maybe a wetsuit?

Tesso said...

That's great news. I reckon its way better to have lost a little fitness yet the foot feels good than than other way around.

PS I caught up with Runner-Bee last week and mentioned you knew her daughter. She (R-B) is so fit right now, and looks younger every time I see her.

KT said...

Sounds like a fab afternoon out - glad your foot behaved!

Hilda said...

Those are good news, it is just incredible how time flies already four weeks off running, but don't worry, your fitness will come back to you easily, I've seen it happen here in the blogsphere, a couple times!!

Anonymous said...

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