Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I had a satisfying run yesterday.I benefited from your 9 miler advice too (i walked about half of the hills).When we first started out i was in the "A" group and before 200m were up it was just a handful of us out front including the King of Hill 60...I know he is still recovering from injury but Andrew is quicker on the track so i thought i would try to hold to him on the first hill.We trundled up it and i was careful not to go lactic.When we reached the 1km mark at the top of the road Leadfoot went ahead of me and i decided to take my first walk.When we got to Trudy i let go a little and i think it was just me and Andrew from then actually young Alistair and Gokhan were still in front as we hit the beach but as we got to the turnaround point they kept going up the hill...Andrew turned and looked at me as if to say are they going the right way?I was confused until someone called out behind us that they were going the wrong way.They didn't listen and kept going on the old old course.i hung with Andrew as the gap gradually widened to about 50m.Though when we went up hill 60 for the final time i closed that to 20m.As we crested the hill Andrew took off and left me for dead as i reached round the final corner i was overtaken and a little further another 2 quicker runners from the "B" pack came up beside me and we had a bit of a sprint finish.I was buggered and got a feeling in my head like "brain freeze" after that.Is that what i feels like for the quicks all the time?
Anyhow i felt like i had a good run and was satisfied with my time of 24:4x.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Came home from Night Shift and decided that i may as well enter Geoff Stalkers mountain run series this morning.So after arriving home i trundled over in the car for a 8am start for this 9km race.

I reconed that with the hill 60 run on tuesday that i shouldn't over do it so this would be a training run.
I remember reading Ben Dubois talking about not going too hard in a mountain race so i just set off from scratch and took it fairly easy.I was followed by Roy Francis at the start but i shook him off without running too hard.I walked some of the uphills in order not to go lactic and i think this was a good strategy...i just wanted to stay aerobic for the full time. I was 3rd to the top and half way point and let go a little from there but the ground was a little loose in places.
Lots of Sydney Striders and Coolrunners in attendance most of which i didnt get to meet personally though i did pick out Mister G and MPHaz from their internet photos.

i ran the last 3 or 4 km without stopping which was a great contributor to my overall time of 53:36 so i just need to keep up these longer runs without stopping to improve my aerobic base as its called.

Ran 3km on the track thursday night and instead of going out for 90 sec laps till i busted i set myself the goal of consistant 96 sec/laps.
This was going well though i did set off faster.Things were going well til the second last lap which i thought was the last and i sprinted with what i thought was 100m to go....alas with 30 to the finish line i realized my mistake but it was too late i had gone lactic!
I walked about 70m from there until i got back into it.Finishing with a whimper at 12:27 my Hallicination is that without this i woulsd have went on to a new pb as the guys just in front of me went on to finish in 11:30 and my pb is 11:47.

Well in a fortnight i will get the chance to try again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ran about 10k on saturday to Mt Keira

On monday i ran home from Montague street after dropping the car off...took me about 22 mins

this afternoon im running Fartlek.

Friday, January 13, 2006

No Running for me last night at track i felt a bit sore so i just went down to watch.
Well it was well worth watching Kerryn McCann run 2 miles (3.218km) in a flattening 10.02 all the while being chased closely by Micale who finished in 10.06.
I don't think she broke a sweat honestly and all this while having to run around some competitors as much as 4 times as she lapped them!This was a training run for her and she made it look easy with a consistant 74-75 second/lap pace.
She says she will be back next thursday for our 5km so i will definately be down for that run.
Peace R2B out

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ran the Yacht club 5km this evening.
Damn it was hot.
I went out following Chris LLewellyn and got to the 2.5km turnaround in 9:45 (scorchingly quick for me.)
The return journey was a fair bit slower in 11:55.
Total 21:40
Hugged on to Ward Hummerston with 2km to go but tried to get away from him with 800m to go and needed to stop again!
He eventually beat me by about 10 secs.Slow and steady wins the race huh?
I am going to try to do more tempo runs and hold the pace up.
But first i need to do two things 5km without stopping several times
2.get some long runs in.
3.warm up before the race
4.don't go out so damn hard!
5.realise that your going out too damn hard!
6.plan some proper training time

the upside is that when i got home i decided to do my hard circuit of Wellington drive and i ran it in 10:32 a good effort and a Pb of over 58 seconds...small concellation.
Next race 2 miles at track try for 12:04 to 12:52 a Pb either way but i think i can do it.
Anyhow i like starting and finishing at the same point on the track 8 laps later!

Cheers R2B

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well the hangover handicap was cancelled to my dissapointment.
Otherwise my running schedule has been a bit messy since with bubs and the heat.
Ran 6.25km yesterday with Jacob in the pram,Comprising of 1.5km at 5.07 pace big break then 500m @ 3.42 pace.Stopped and had another break before running 2.05km @ 4.58pace another stop and finished off with 2.5km @ 5.32 pace.
As you can see i had no idea in this session.Really it was the first time i had taken the pram out for a run and it was hard work.I was originally going to do just 8km of steady running but that all fell apart....
I have a race on Tuesday arvo 5km on a fast course i will just try to do my best.Perhaps 20.35 mins is out of reach given my traing in the last week or two but you never know unless you give it a go...true?