Thursday, November 29, 2007


Two baby boys born at 31 weeks.Emergency Caesar.

We are in Nepean hospital for the next 6-8 weeks unless we get a transfer.

Lachlan 45cm 1942grams
Thomas 41cm 1510grams

Talk soon

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well today marks 6 months since i ran an awesome 50km with my running mate
what a day!
About time i emailed him to see how he is going too.

Hear is the link to the post i made about our little adventure that morning and evening!

Cheers Adrian

Update: Ran 10:44.5 for 3km tonight for a new PB!
Didn't wear a watch so i only know a few splits
1st Km in 3:30 first 400 in 80 then 86's?
2.2km in 7:48 (1.2km in 4:18 or 3:35 pace) 86's
3km in 10:44.5 (800m in 2:56.5) probably 89 and 87

interested to see what i can do with more even pacing.