Monday, July 31, 2006

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My son baby Jacob

Went for a late night run tonight and came home 16km and 82minutes later at 11:34pm.
Longest run i've done in a while.Average pace 5:07 not too hard but had to concentrate on maintaining proper pacing at the end.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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The question is can i get to the top of Heartbreak Hill in 30ish mins?
Then onto the 10km marker in 43mins?If i can do that without blowing up it's still a possibility to run C2S sub 60min.

Lot of talk and dreaming....hmmmmm

People can't understand why a man runs. They don't see any sport in it. Argue it lacks the sight and thrill of body contact. Yet, the conflict is there, more raw and challenging than any man versus man competition. For in running it is man against himself, the cruelest of opponents. The other runners are not the real enemies. His adversay lies within him, in his ability, with brain and heart to master himself and his emotions.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well after my 3km exertion i went to the race that was going to show me how i was doing in relation to my C2S preperation.

Bottom line i kinda bombed!
14.4km in 69:45
walked a lot of the way.
i will check my splits now...also i have only ran once since saturdays race (30 mins easy)

more soon (must do it this way to get my posts started!)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Very long post alert!
3km W Squared Handicap Race tonight.The clubs most prestigous track race.

Well i knew i would have to do my best.I also knew the handicapper was going to thump me after last fortnights 11:31 PB
The only thing i could do was run my very best and plan on a HUGE pb.

I bolted from the start.Too fast perhaps.

I knew though when i reached around 230m my watch timer beeped 45secs so i was going way too fast (approx 3:15min/km) so i immediately slowed down.Too much maths at the time but i knew way too fast!
I remembered a piece of advice i had heard..."the biggest mistakes made in a distance race usually occur in the first minute."
Well i guess i almost blewup before the race had really started!

Back to the beginning.I arrived early for the race,temperature was soooooooooo cold and the track was wet!I started my warmup wearing tracksuit pants jumper running jacket beanie and scarf over my running gear.I slowly pealed the scarf and jumper off during my warmup of 1km.
Then i took off my trackies at the start line and began to wait until my start time off 6:08.The quicker guys around me seemed to be off starts only a few seconds after me and the bloke who i ran with most of the race two weeks ago was leaving a full 25 seconds before me!I didn't dwell on that or even start to think of it,i had to get my jacket off in a hurry as i was almost up.
I had asked Greg Mackey if he could count my laps so i wouldn't have to think about it as i knew it might be the difference i needed.Wished then i had asked him to take my times too!

The big clock read 6:00 and the handicapper had called my name it was make or break time....6:05 6:06 6:07 6:08 go! and i was gone.I took off like the proverbial rocket against my better wishes but it was nerves.

All through the week i never let it enter my head that i wasn't going to run a PB it was a must for me.Not because i had any evidence or any feeling that i could just that if i thought anything else i was screwed if i was to win this race.Only my highest standard would count if i wanted to win.(No pressure huh?)
I went to sleep dreaming of this race and woke up sore in the legs for several mornings.I plotted and planned.But in the end i realised only a big PB would give me a chance as i knew (and was told) that the handicapper wouldn't make this an easy race for me after embarrassments in previous years by other runners.

My plan was to try to run even 90 sec 400m laps (watch timer set to beep every 45seconds)and ramp it up in the second lap with a 200m sprint for home.This would give me a run of approx 11:15!

Well i forgot that plan somehow in the first couple of seconds and just ran!

I didn't take my lap times.Though Pasco sitting in the stand took them for me,(top bloke!)
He mistook me for another runner with the same shirt to begin with so didn't take my first laps.

I flew along concentrating single mindedly on nothing but task at hand, running as fast as i could and not self destructing!
I was going to pay at some point for the quick start i just hoped it would be after the race was over.I was taking over people in front left and right but it didn't matter i had to keep going.The whole race i never looked over my shoulder for the runners behind me though that was in my plan.Laps passed and i was hurting my hands grasped my hips tightly.Greg was screaming for me to swing my arms-i wanted to walk.But i kept on running my pace had slowed dramatically and i forced my arms to swing again.Up then down again they went as i battled with myself to keep going.
C'mon! I screamed under my breath.It was getting tougher and tougher.Two laps to go and i was straining just to keep going there was no rampup.People were screaming "catch her" the kids in the stands shouting "Go Adrian!"
Barbera Brown was far ahead i thought "i'm not going to catch her!" when i realised she was the only one in front of me She was running at about 5min pace and had sensed victory and picked up her stride.She was way out ahead i began to rev up and was chew up the distance between us with 100 to go i gave it a final burst and was only about 9-10m behind when she crossed the line.I wobbled deliriously to the sideline propping myself up on the fence gasping for air.
I went back on the track head still spinning from oxygen debt!I had run a huge PB.I didnt know by how much but i thought at least 10 seconds.I went over to Barbera and gave her a kiss though i had never met her before.She had run a 13 second personal best and i was delighted for her!I cheered when she was presented the trophy.
I wished it was me but i consoled myself with the memory of a fantastic run and a new burst of confidence.

I had run 11:06.1 for 3km my best ever on a cold and wet track.
A personal best of over 25 seconds!!

230m 45ish (3:15 Pace)
600m 95ish (3:43 Pace)
1000m 87 (1km 3:41 3:41 Pace)
1400m 86
1800m 87 (2km 7:18 3:37 Pace)
2200m 91
2600m 93
3000m 88 (3km 11:06 3:48 Pace)

W-Squared Track Series - 3000m Handicap Final
Place Name Handicap Actual Predicted PB
1 Barbara Brown***2.00** 15.09.2** 15.30 PB
2 R2B ************ 6.08** 11.06.1** 11.22 PB
3 Greg Mott******* 5.59** 11.22.7** 11.31 PB
4 Suzanne Weir**** 2.48** 14.37.7** 14.42
5 Jared Poppett*** 8.10** 9.17.1*** 9.20
6 Craig Sakey***** 6.20** 11.12.2** 11.10
7 Sevgi Girgin**** 4.00** 13.34.3** 13.30
8 Geoff Smith***** 5.51** 11.45.6** 11.31
9 Heather Rutty*** 5.05** 12.33.9** 12.25
10 Drew Ibbotson** 5.42** 11.58.0** 11.48
11 Done Martinoski* 7.39** 10.01.4** 9.51
12 Mike Goody***** 6.20** 11.24.6** 11.10
13 Kerry Auguston* 5.10** 12.38.1** 12.20
14 Paul Di Pietro* 5.59** 11.53.3** 11.31
15 Alison Dickinson 0.00** 17.58.6** 17.30

Ultimately this was a hard fought race and unlike a normal 3km race this one really took it out of me.
Thats all folks.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have made it into My clubs 3km Handicap trophy final this thursday after 3 heats.I am in with a good chance if i can perform on the night and i know i will!
Wish me my just deserts or deserves?!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bansktown 8km splits

1 0:07 34m
2 1:57 500m
3 2:15 627m
4 1:42 500m
5 2:06 500m
6 2:19 500m
7 2:47 571m
8 2:32 500m
9 2:09 500m
10 0:06 4km 18:05 (4258m according to Garth Garminator)
11 2:14 500m
12 2:23 555m
13 2:15 500m
14 2:31 500m
15 0:20 64m
16 0:11 18m (quick walk)
17 2:27 500m
18 1:25 68m
19 0:11 (another quick walk)
20 0:34 176m
21 0:07 18m(walking!)
22 2:29 500m
23 1:33 395m (3730m according to Garth Garminator)for a total of 7988m

Suffice to say Garth goes a little haywire at times so i would love to buy a newie
at some point.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Athletics NSW Short Course Cross Country
Bankstown 'The Crest'
8km (2*4km)


Tough muddy wet course
I was pleased with my effort
Did it tough today as my fingernail marks on my hips will attest.(Bad habit of mine)

More later.

Spark Driver asked about my fingernail marks so i thought i would post my reply to him.

The fingernails....hmmmm well when i get tired i put my hands on my hips.
When i'm hurting i grab hold tight.
The fingernail marks mean i was pinching myself very hard and i still have the scratchy marks from it next day.It's a habit i revert to at times that i would like to do without!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another PB when i wasn't even trying!
Today i went to a club 10k race with the intention of running a 4:20km evenly paced tempo run.
Well that was succesful and with it came a new PB:
I am pleased though now curiosity has got me in its grip and i wonder what i could have done if i was racing?
Factors that helped and hindered me on the day included.
1)I needed to use the toilet but for some unexplained reason it was locked up so i was forced to go 'al fresco' out in the bush.This resulted in me getting to the start line without having warmed up and with my handicap start just passing a few seconds before.
2)New PB at the track two days before.
3)Off i trotted keeping the runner in front(Drew) a uniform distance ahead, it was fairly cold and i was lightly dressed in my flimsy shorts and top.I never had the chance to put my lightweight DS Trainer shoes on.
4)At the 5km mark 20:49 new 5km PB if i can believe Garth Garmin i noticed my shoelace was undone and i knew i needed to stop and tie them both up tightly.
So i picked a point and stopped, the split for that 500m was 2:34 as opposed to the 2:05 average split up until that point so i as it was downhill at that point i lost at least 30 seconds and some momentum.
5)Had the ability to speed up the last 500m but as this was supposed to be a training run i decided not to...25secs blah blah blah

Enough BS now...i now don't know exactly what i might have been capable of?
41mins 42mins?Thats what some of the guys close to me in ability got.

500m splits
1:41 5km 20:49
2:34 Shoelace stop
2:05 10km according to Garth
0:36 10.157km " " " 43:20

Fairly close together considering the course wasn't perfectly flat.
Hmm i will have to have a think about all this.

Edit:I have been considering my C2S goals A and B
A is 60mins
B is 63mins

A has a chance if everything comes together perfectly on the day.
B has a good chance just doing what i am doing.

I will have to find a way of deciding how viable A really is with 5 weeks training left until race day.Any thoughts?

Cheers R2B

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Edit:! Thursday night New 3km PB 11:31!!

Okay i'm back with a brand spanking new computer!

Last week i didn't run freak accident involving bending/lifting my son and a freak sneeze ended up with me at the chiropractor.

It gradually got better each day until the saturday when i went down for a club run unsure of whether i would be able to run the 6km XC circuit or not.
Turned up very early and helped setup though it was mostly done

Decided to have an early warm up to check out the course (3*2km)
i was really sore i my lower back so i rubbed on some Voltarin and borrowed some Paracetamol with the aim of making the run a worthwhile training exercise i thought a tempo run would be ok.After the meds kicked in i felt a lot better.

Anyhow i ran well for XC standard with the splits for each 2km being...
26:03 total
kinda realised i went out a little hard but thought it would be ok.
when i got my second split i thought it was ok but things just fell apart from there which was ironic as i set a new 5km PB in there.Not bad for cross country!

I think it was around 20:50 which means that the final km went down the girgler in 5:10 pace though honestly i didn't feel it drop off so dramatically i only noticed 3 guys that i had overtaken early on rush past me like i was standing still i didnt have much left for a sprint until the last 100m so i was pretty spent but an allright run concidering the circumstances.

I still have a cloud of doubt hanging over me about my 60 min C2S goal though?..
Just not so confident...i dunno maybe i should perk up and stop talking my way out of it?

This week after Saturdays 9km in total i pulled up well in the back and a little tired in the legs.Sunday 12km with some friends ran around Mt Kembla and we took people who had come down from the Wingacarribee for a run.They loved it and want to come again i spent most of my time with Steve Mlacic chatting away about his glory days.Afterwards everyone was invited to Louis and Lindas for a slapup Brunch but i thought it wiser to rejoin the family as Carrie (my wife) is complaining about my time spent away from family.

Night shift monday night so ran first thin tuesday morning 8km in 42 mins.Went to bed got up went to tuesday arvo training did 3*1250m intervals around the lighthouse...tough warmup 2.1km laps 4:52 5:01 5:08 4mins walk and jog between each.
2*200m sprint interval to finish and 1.5km warmdown and straight into car back home picked up workgear...wife not happy and left for work again!!

total so far this week 36km

Wednesday night now tossing up whether to have a run or not?

Thats it for now
Cheers R2B