Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Added the photo finally!

I am still alive and still enjoying my running.I have had a few this week and although short last nights 5km made me feel alive.
The return of my out and back was run into the wind uphill and with just a touch of hail!

I loved it!!

I have some photos of the hail and my son lapping it up (looks like a snow storm....amazing,the newpaper even took photos of my street it was really localised)
Will post them if i have the time and or technosavvy/patience!

Twins are doing well and i am building a new 11m retaining wall in my "spare" time.

Cheers Adriano

Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's been 6 months since thelast time i posted!
Wow how time flies.

Recently i have been running a little bit again which is great.
Went to the track last week and it was great to see old faces again.
Went out easy to have some fun.

At 2km time was 9mins and decided to ramp it up for the last km and finished in 12:38 so not as unfit as feared.

Life is busy with 3 boys under 3 so will see how i go with fitting a former passion into my new re adjusted priorities in life.

Cheers R2B