Sunday, October 29, 2006

Achilles Tendonitus

and other things that won't be misunderstood!

After the morning run last saturday week when i stepped on a rock awkwardly and described it as "unco" i noticed the "heel" area was a little tender after the run.But it was fine after a sleep.
Next time a had a run it was tender afterwards.So i rode my bike jumped off and ran.That afternoon i went to interval training and ran 11km.Next morning i was in pain!!
After talking to my doc mate it seems that i may have above condition.

Today is my 5th day of rest since last run and i am itching to get out there again.Setting alarm for 5:30am and plan to test it out.Otherwise a quit family day planned after hectic day yesterday.

Jacobs birthday was a rousing success and everyone had a great time.Bought 10kg of beef for the BBQ which was a bit of overkill with all the salads beer and fingerfood on offer say we may be eating that for a few days though!

Cheers R2B

Friday, October 27, 2006

R2B's come on out post.

This post is about all the people who read this blog having a comment even if it consists of the word "hi"
You can post a comment anonymously if you choose.

I am really curious because i have been told that 29 people subscribe to this blog through "Bloglines"? though i have never had that many comments also i have spoken to a couple of people lately who say they read this blog but never comment so i am curious about the amount of people who do but may not normally feel they have anything to offer.

So I invite you all to say g'day.

Edit:Just wanted to add i am most curious about "lurkers" ie ppl who don't have a blog of their own!This is about curiosity not a desire to collect the most comments and i may even pull it.

Cheers R2B

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 good runs this week
#1 with Marie-Claire, Sevgi, Georgette, Franca and Dawn (Doyle came for a bit then went home leaving me as the sole male)
2:20 out on the trails near Brokers Nose Mt Ousley where the mountain run will be held this Saturday.Had a good time and chatted for ages.I attacked the hills.We started at 6:40am straight after i had finished Night Shift and i was good until near the end when i started getting unco.(In technical terms my propreoception was failing) had one arkward footfall near the end and may have bruised the heel slightly but can't see anything.

#2 Yesterday with Sophie for 68mins covering 14.1km we ran at a nice 4:50 pace and i made it all with only about a 10 second stop so very pleased at that effort.Felt heal a little after the run.

This morning i was due to meet Sophie for another hour run but i felt a bit tired also the heal and not wanting to overtrain and coughed up some phlegm plenty of good reasons! So dusted off my bike and rode it while she ran same 14.1km distance and near the halfway i got off the bike and ran for about 2km untimed before hopping back on and continuing back with her.I am working tommorrow so no running planned and working Thursday so may only get to go to track after work at 6:30pm for (3km? race) . Friday i may do 30-40mins or so.Saturday is Jacobs 1st Birthday so no running then + unfortunately i will have to miss the local 22km mountain race.I may run it on Sunday instead and try to TT it.

With all the girls i am running with at the moment keen on 6' and many already having completed it several times.It's really good to have buddies who have the same goals as myself.

Cheers R2B

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fitzroy Falls Fire Trail 10km Race

Result 47:55

1st 5km 22:50
2nd 5km 25:05

Hot day some nice hills

Decided to come for sure at 6:30 am went to bed planning on running a local 6km event.
So i called Sevgi and asked for a lift i had just got out of bed so i had to move it.
She came 20mins later and we were off!

I warmed up at the start line after wishing MC well in her Marathon.Went out for about 5mins of easy pace running and felt ordinary.Spoke to Brendan and Ben and they were planning on 5omins for the 10k i thought 45mins sounded like a nice round figure and that i wouldn't bust a gut to get it.

It's funny how you can just pluck a number out of thin air and expect to run that time without ever seeing the course!

At the start line Ellie 80 said hi and we chatted for what seemed like a brief moment before the gunshot rang out and we were off.I had started right at the back and knew it when i hit congestion immediately!I just went with the flow and was starting to overtake people from the word go....actually as i placed 23rd i must have overtaken over a hundred other runners as no body ever overtook me!

I wasn't running absolute top pace nor did i feel like it but i wanted a good strong effort out of myself call it a training run if you will.The start was slightly downhill but didn't feel it until the return km.
Saturday 15km total
Anyhow this post has sat long enough....
KM Splits
Seem to have had a Barry Crocker in the final km...well i did walk a little up the hill and in the finishing straight....but i held off my nearest competitor.Couldn't hang about much post race as i had to catch my lift home.But i did squeeze in a cooldown to the 2km mark,as i turned around and started to trot back i heard a motocycle behind me and a runner close behind.

I realised it was a marathon competitor and my jaw dropped,actually i said "your f***ing kidding!" It was the eventual winner Barry Keem,and he replied he was glad it was almost over!
Ran with him or more tried to keep up for a couple of minutes,his race pace was like 3:50/km average for the whole marathon so i was struggling very quickly and let him go i didn't want to run with him into the finishing straight anyway for obvious reasons.

(Sunday)Pulled up a little sore the next day so didn't run
Took Monday off as well but i was working and walked about 8km while there so i bit of cross training (it's 5-10km walking every day usually wear a pedometer)

Tuesday i got off work a little early as a bloke on my crew covered for me (there was a breakdown as soon as i walked off the job!!)
I went to the first race of my clubs fortnightly summer race program.Tonights race was 5km cross country and i wasn't going to push it too hard after the weekend but i was pleased with the effort .Pulled up with cramp with several hundred metres to go but didn't stop completely.
Finished in 20:52 while the guys i was with finished in 20:09 and 20:15 i reckon that i could have kept the pace and outkicked them but the cramp was something out of the ordinary for me though after finishing i didn't feel it again...probably lack of salt and not eating for about 4hrs?
8km total

Wednesday Ran with Sophie,felt tired most of the way ran for 7.2km in 30:46 Av. 4:18/km meeting again monday morning 6:10 am probably a lot longer this time!

Thursday More work on the house today to get it ready for Jacob's 1st Birthday Finished guerneying all the house and concrete using rainwater of course.Stripped and painted the tiles at the front of the house.Feeling sniffly and a dry throat this evening so decided against track 3km race

Friday After Night Shift i ran with the girls at 6:40 am til 9:04 am (2:20 total) running 1:47.33

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Damn my computer just shutdown on me after detecting a problem lost most of my post!Seems ok now if a little slow.I am checking for viruses...Says i had a unidentified driver problem...

Okay recap on last few days activity.

Thursday was 3km at track..too short so headed out the door at 7pm for 30mins which quickly became a hill session!Some good hills near my house so ended up with about 5km at about 6min/km pace.Map here.

Friday 30mins easy where i experimented with my stride rate 5mins at 180 strides/min and 25mins at 190 strides/min.Was a little difficult to get used to but i will in time i am sure just as i went from 160 to 180 with practice.I explained my reasoning in detail but now it's wiped i won't bother explaining again for the moment.

Saturday i came home from work had dinner and was zonked and had an early night.

Sunday i planned to do a long run this evening but didn't get out the door!

Monday my first day off i took Jacob out in the pram and ran 15km in 77:29
500m splits
2:54,2:40,2:33,2:34,2:26,2:19,2:25,2:28,2:36,2:33,2:34,2:44,2:31,2:40,2:29(7.5km out)
1:04 rest as heart rate went from 78%max to 60%max (my half way break)
2:35,2:40,2:41,2:57,2:40,2:41,2:40,2:32,2:35,2:31,2:29,2:25,2:26,2:26,2:27 (7.5km back)

My pacing was good in the last 2 km when i tried to keep my heart rate at 83% max and stride rate at 180/min.Total time out 83:33 when including the 1:04 halfway break and the twenty times i had to adjust the front wheel of Jacobs pram to keep it locked as he slept!

Tuesday today i have a planned interval session with the long lighthouse loops (630m) scheduled will try to do them at 3km TT pace.Result 2:19,2:17,2:13,2:22,2:12,2:13 all with 90 second standing recoveries,wind was strong on some laps.

Wednesday midweek long run before N/Shift.Covered 9km in 41:24
Splits 2:19,2:25,2:29,2:17,2:15,1:00 rest,2:10,2:20,2:20,2:22,2:22,2:12,2:10,2:15,4:17,4:18
Average 4:34/km Ran with Sophie for about 3km and have aranged to run with her again.

Thursday Rest

Friday Rest

Saturday Fitzroy Falls 10km in 47:55

Total for week 45km

Now that does sound rather busy so if i am tired i will perhaps have a day off or ride my bike a little.Now that seems to be the shape of my training for 6" but more specifically i have to work out the program that will get me a qualifier at "Beyond The Black Stump" on January 1.
So any advice would be appreciated.

Planning on doing a proper long run this weekend and hope to find a suitable training partner.

Thanks for listening
Cheers R2B

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haven't run much this week...busy with work and family.Last time i ran was thursday at the track i arrived late and said stuff it and joined the 3km race with no warmup!!
First lap was 76 seconds Greg told me (so much for the warmup!)
I knew i was going a "little" quick so i slowed down and did the first 1600m in 6:03 kept going for another 2 laps and called it quits at 2.4km in 9:00 flat so the rest of the pacing was good.I was also happy as 2.4km in 9:00 is the fitness standard to get through the Navy's Clearance Diving Special Forces course (my mate is a CD and runs this in 8:45 weighing around 90kgs)
Wish i kept on going for another 600m afterwards because my 3km Pb could have been in jeopardy.

Got out this morning after work and as i was arriving at the beach i saw a running buddy Sophie so i chased her down and ran at a nice 4:30 pace for 4km we had a nice chat and she is interested in finding some people for early morning runs.I might fit the bill if i can get my act into gear.She would be an ideal training partner as she is a bit quicker than me but not too much!I am a little tired of running alone and time flies when i can chatter along with somebody.I don't think i would have ran far this morning otherwise!
Anyway i turned around then and started heading back but just in front i saw Georgette another clubmate and ran with her for the 4km back.Another nice chat though i had to convince her i didn't mind the pace i was more keen on the company and i wasn't going to blaze off!

8km nice!After having some time off i usually only run 3km first time back and always feel crap but not today.Jumped in the car and drove towards home,on the way i saw Sevgi running down the street and Georgette told me she was considering six foot too so i pulled over and ended up running with her for another 4km!
All up 12km in 59mins perfecto!

As for all this non running!
Well it's not really good enough I need some consistency in my training.I am writing up a plan that will take me through until after 6" in March.

I plan to run in my clubs summer series which is mainly 5km races on a tuesday.Also i will do a long run on the weekends (or first rostered off day) and a mid week longer run.

Now i usually do a scheduled fartlek session on a tuesday (alternating with races in summer) and i enjoy track on a thursday,though the races are usually only 3km in summer so may have to consider doing some other training on this day.Now i have some great hills to train on just which day will i do it on??

Still getting together a racing schedule including some half marathons at Sydney Marathon Clinic (which will double as a visit to my sister who lives in Smithfield!) and other shorter races so i will know how i am going.

I think i will post my plan here when it is ready.

In the mean time before i can go to bed i have to wash down my new back deck and give it a coat of oil.At least my run has given me some extra energy!

Cheers R2B

Ps thanks for all the nice comments on my last post!I may see some of you at Fitzroy Falls soon, I am planning to run the 5km and cheer on the marathoners.