Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Damn my computer just shutdown on me after detecting a problem lost most of my post!Seems ok now if a little slow.I am checking for viruses...Says i had a unidentified driver problem...

Okay recap on last few days activity.

Thursday was 3km at track..too short so headed out the door at 7pm for 30mins which quickly became a hill session!Some good hills near my house so ended up with about 5km at about 6min/km pace.Map here.

Friday 30mins easy where i experimented with my stride rate 5mins at 180 strides/min and 25mins at 190 strides/min.Was a little difficult to get used to but i will in time i am sure just as i went from 160 to 180 with practice.I explained my reasoning in detail but now it's wiped i won't bother explaining again for the moment.

Saturday i came home from work had dinner and was zonked and had an early night.

Sunday i planned to do a long run this evening but didn't get out the door!

Monday my first day off i took Jacob out in the pram and ran 15km in 77:29
500m splits
2:54,2:40,2:33,2:34,2:26,2:19,2:25,2:28,2:36,2:33,2:34,2:44,2:31,2:40,2:29(7.5km out)
1:04 rest as heart rate went from 78%max to 60%max (my half way break)
2:35,2:40,2:41,2:57,2:40,2:41,2:40,2:32,2:35,2:31,2:29,2:25,2:26,2:26,2:27 (7.5km back)

My pacing was good in the last 2 km when i tried to keep my heart rate at 83% max and stride rate at 180/min.Total time out 83:33 when including the 1:04 halfway break and the twenty times i had to adjust the front wheel of Jacobs pram to keep it locked as he slept!

Tuesday today i have a planned interval session with the long lighthouse loops (630m) scheduled will try to do them at 3km TT pace.Result 2:19,2:17,2:13,2:22,2:12,2:13 all with 90 second standing recoveries,wind was strong on some laps.

Wednesday midweek long run before N/Shift.Covered 9km in 41:24
Splits 2:19,2:25,2:29,2:17,2:15,1:00 rest,2:10,2:20,2:20,2:22,2:22,2:12,2:10,2:15,4:17,4:18
Average 4:34/km Ran with Sophie for about 3km and have aranged to run with her again.

Thursday Rest

Friday Rest

Saturday Fitzroy Falls 10km in 47:55

Total for week 45km

Now that does sound rather busy so if i am tired i will perhaps have a day off or ride my bike a little.Now that seems to be the shape of my training for 6" but more specifically i have to work out the program that will get me a qualifier at "Beyond The Black Stump" on January 1.
So any advice would be appreciated.

Planning on doing a proper long run this weekend and hope to find a suitable training partner.

Thanks for listening
Cheers R2B


Clairie said...

Thats a good workout with a pram!

But yes I'd be looking for another training partner. Those babies just don't know when to push hard and make you work.... :)

Steve said...

I'd be interested to read about the stride rate thing. Sounds like it may help for long distance stuff.

2P said...

You have been a busy boy. As for the Black Stump/Six Foot prep there is no substitute for getting out and running some hilly trails ;-)

Don Juan said...

Long runs seems the way to go for a sub-4 hour marathon and six foot qualifier.

And keep yourself virus free.

Lulu said...

Sounds like hard work, running and pushing a pram. I have enough trouble just running on my own.

I only speak a little italian but quite good Spanish so as long as I have a dictionary to hand I can make myself understood at least. At least my letters arrived in England OK!

PortRunr said...

I imagine it would be tough covering 15km with a pram! Sounds like you've got a busy racing schedule planned for summer, which must be good training for six foot.

robtherunner said...

All those numbers are making me dizzy R2B. Nice work with the 15K.

Spark Driver said...

Wow sounds like a very busy week.

Damm computer. Amazing how much we have come to depend on them.

Tesso said...

Now you will have to try to beat your 15k pram PB!

I met a runner from 'The Gong' recently - John Szabo (sp?) . He ran our Health Futures pgm at work. Guess its a big place but I thought maybe you'd seen him around the traps or at least heard of him.

Ewen said...

I'm with 2P. Cut back on the speedwork and do some seriously long hilly runs. Just run for time - don't worry about pace at all. Add 15 minutes each week with a week every 3rd or 4th where you drop back in time. A 'good' 6 foot means you'll be moving for 5 hours. An 'average' one 6 or more hours. This is a long time to be moving!

Ewen said...

P.S. I meant to add, I won't see you at FF this Saturday as my calf is not up to it. Neither is my pupil!

Jen_runs said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope to meet you at FF. If not, I hope you sort that virus out quickly. Sounds nasty ;-)

Becky O said...

Glad to hear your getting your son interested in running already :)

Good luck at FF tomorrow and hope you have lots of fun.

Shane said...

Hope you have a good run and day out today at FF. Thanks for the reply on CR, I will be interested in some more info when you get the time. No rush.

Cheers Shane.
email: shane_79@tpg.com.au

Black Knight said...

What a yearning of places that I visited looking at the names of the streets on your map: Balmoral (Scotland), Camden (London)....I think you live in a wonderful city.

Dave said...

I'd also chime in with what I call a mandatory long run each week, at least 30km!

Also the KJ mountain series is seemingly becoming a bit of a Six Foot preparation option as well, nice and close for you as well.

CJ said...

I have just received my training program for SFT and went for my first long very hilly run on Saturday. Hard work and its only going to get harder. But I love a challenge. Are you haoppy with your Fitzroy Falls time. Also what was the weather like - it was hot here in Canberra.

runliarun said...

It's amazing you have the patience to list all those splits. Fingers crossed for your computer. Technology is supposed to make our life easier... except when it decides to do exactly the opposite. My hard drive died a few weeks ago and for a couple of days, until I recovered all files, I lived in purgatory.

Tesso said...

Well done at FF. That's a great time you ran for a tough (and hot) 10k.

Maybe you should try to bump into John Szabo in The Gong and get in his hear for advice.

Tesso said...

D'oh, that should have been in his 'ear'.

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Russia - forever!