Saturday, February 25, 2006

23-Feb-06 ______ (Actual) (H/c) ________Km Rate (New H/c) __Pts _ YTD
Trevor Gollan ____ 0:28:25 0:29:44 -0:01:19 0:06:48 0:28:32 __ 8 16
Neil Harper______ 0:17:20 0:18:05 -0:00:45 0:04:09 0:17:50 __7 30
Karl Heys_______ 0:17:19 0:17:49 -0:00:30 0:04:09 0:17:35 ___6 20
Nick Deutscher ___ 0:20:35 0:20:35 -0:00:00 0:04:56 0:20:24 __ 5 12
HeidiNettelbeck___ 0:17:55 0:17:41 0:00:14 0:04:17 0:17:48 ____4 18
Run 2 Become____ 0:20:27 0:19:30 0:00:57 0:04:54 0:20:27 ____3 3
George Takacs____ 0:21:47 0:19:59 0:01:48 0:05:13 0:19:59 ____ 2 5
Andrejs Klavins ___ 0:27:00 0:27:00 0:06:28 0:27:00 _________1 1

Next week: RESERVE course
went down to the uni to have a trot with an organised group there 4.2?km hilly run
didn't know the course so i ran with Nick till we got near the finishing straight basically just chatted all along the course good to meet new people and have a social run on a weekday lunchtime..there appears to be some talent here amongst 40+ men and women as a few were taking it easy before six foot trek next week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Felt like a tool when i turned up to the start line with my wife and baby and the finishers were crossing over...i was 15 minutes late... i got the times wrong...Crushed my chance at a top 3 finish in the trophy pointscore.

I turned around and went for a walk with bubs along the promenade,a lot of the stragglers were still coming in and nobody knew but me and the missus,oh well next year!

Decided i would do a "lactate threshold session" but only had limited time so i ran for 10minutes at 4:17 pace then 1 mile at easy 5:12 pace.
Thats it for now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Something has struck me....
this "season" i have raced and done intervals but no specific
"lactate threshold sessions" (LT)
apparently many expound this training as the bees knees
early to mid last year when i had a HR Monitor i ran heaps of 92% Max Hr sessions i believe now that these corresponded to LT training...this may be the reason that i havent gotten much quicker this season?

Anyone with some knowledge to share here?

Ps last race of season tonight 5kms on the coastline
Cheers R2B

pss just found this on cool running have to leave so i will save it sheds some light

Taken from a Chicago Interview with Lydiard, aged 85, 3 years ago...

Q: Is there a secret formula for successful distance running? You seem to think it is building a base with real long runs for capillary development.

A: If you want to be a successful runner, you have to consider everything. It's no good just thinking about endurance and not to develop fine speed. Likewise, it's no good training for speed, or anaerobic capacity with lots of interval type of training when you haven't developed your aerobic capacity to maximum. You have to take a long view and train on all aspects of development through a systematic program. It's a lot of hard work for five, six or seven years. There's no secret formula. There's no shortcut to the top.

Q: In the U.S., LSD - long slow distance - has been the staple for base training, but you advocate much more long steady state (70 to 100 percent of aerobic max) running. Could you explain the pros and cons of this?

A: LSD has its place. Long slow distance of three, four or five hours certainly will enhance your capillary development well because you are engaging the exercise for a very, very long period of time. But the point is it takes longer to obtain the same result as if you were to do your aerobic training at higher aerobic speed. If you are a professional runner and all you have to do is to train all day long, you can afford to run five hours, but we couldn't afford to do that in our days. We had to obtain the best possible result in the limited time that we had and the best way to develop aerobic capacity was to train at higher aerobic speed. My runners did a very hilly 22-mile course, with one hill of three miles, somewhere around 2:10 and 2:15. We used to do our Monday 10-mile run in about 55 minutes. They were all aerobic running, but we weren't mucking around at all.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Well its Monday and i haven't run since Thursday.I didnt get a long run in on the weekend due to a big night and then spending time with OS visitors on Sunday but my legs are still a bit stiff.I have the last of the summer series 5km races tomorrow so i will have another rest tonight.

What i am excited about is my 2nd Rogaine which is scheduled for this weekend!!!
Its in the burbs and bush of Sydney so i will be a complete challenge for my team especially since we havent spoken since we did the last one in November!!

Metrogaine here we come!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Went down to the track with all intensions of setting a new PB in but failed miserably!
I will get my whine of my chest now and move on.

1.I ate 2 bowls of yummy pasta straight before I left to go to the track.
2.I worked nightshift then was woken at lunch time by someone from HR wanting me to test for this new job.I didn't get back to sleep for ages.
3.Deciding to lop 40 secs of my PB in one hit trying for 20:50,4:10 pace
4.Hard session on Tuesday...was this a factor?

Ultimate result an absolutely lousy 23:20

Started off well.Only hit lap a few times on watch until near the end

2.2km in 9:10 spot on 4:10 pace

Then the wheels just fell off...

600m in 2:44
200m in 1:04
1000m in 4:55 (3000m time 12:58 off a PB of 11:47 a few weeks ago)
400m in 2:04 )
300m in 1:35 | 5:24 for final km
300m in 1:45 )

Well I will have to keep on trying....

Any opinions?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Allrounder said: Ewen's session looks hard but seems like you coped? how was your recovery?

I found the session to be interesting,thinking that it would be much harder towards the end than it actually was though still being tough.I have pulled up reasonably well today only a little lethargic.

Tesso said:Its sounds more interesting than doing straight 500m reps. I was wondering about the recovery too. And is the aim to do them all at the same pace?

It is more interesting than standard length intervals it makes you have to concentrate on really trying to get an steady pace even though the workload increases towards the end.This being the aim of these intervals run at a difficult speed but just be able to complete the last leg at that pace.Also the shorter distance in the middle helps to make it more fun.Recoveries are 2mins walking each though one of them blew out to 4 mins!As i only had 1400m of distance marked cycleway (50m between lightpoles) i had to change direction after each leg.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Went out on the cycleway last night to do Ewens suggested interval session last night.I thought that i couldnt sustain the suggested 3:40 pace for all the sets so instead i would try 4:00 (wimp)or just do the best i could.Had a bit of a muck up with the last 2 sets and ran short for one and compensated by running longer for the last one.

Distance Time Pace
900m 3:29 3:54
700m 2:42 3:42
500m 1:55 3:50
300m 1:06 3:40
500m 1:52 3:44
660m 2:36 3:55 Dropped off in last 160m (average 4:15 pace)
950m 3:57 4:09 Dropped off in last 450m (average 4:19 pace)

It felt fairly hard for me at the time.
What are your thoughts on this session?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Third of a marathon
Got up at 6am this morning!
The reason a long run with my six foot treking friends Marie-Claire and Tracy around the mountain.
No watch no pacing but thankfully a good run!

Total 14.X km in 90mins by the time we got back to the cars.I like running with the girls they never mind about my inability to keep a constant pace as i race ahead then have to walk as they catch up and then i run again till i fall behind and have to catch up!
They are so much fitter than i am...guess its all the long runs they do!

Edit: Thank you Ewen for your advice on pacing and running a quicker 5km i am going to try it out on Tuesdays session.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Didn't feel up to a "lung buster" last night so i let my 2month old pb off the hook!

Just got a telephone call for a job interview on 22nd at 7:45am hmm could be a change in the air.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ran 3.63Km at av. pace 5:18 as a recovery run tonight.

Racing tommorrow at the track 100m 400m and 1500m for the club Champs will definately run 1500m and will see about the others.
Trying to beat my PB of 5:15 in 1500m

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Raced 5Km XC tonight.

1.6km warmup...(too much?)

Race didn't want to go out too hard but as usual couldn't help myself!
Fortunately i didn't "blow up" and reined it in a little.
The circuit was 2 laps of 2.5km all freshly slashed grass.

1:37 (344m)

First lap 10:52

0:20 (85m)

Second lap 11:38

Total time 22:30!
Crashed out on grass for a while after beating some guy in sprint finish last 100m.

Must work on those splits though and try and bring them closer to even.

Warmed down with 4*300m laps on bitumen.

Monday, February 06, 2006

and i've been tagged by speedygeoff:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in the same job I'm in now actually i was applying for it; I was living with mum and dad; I weighed 65kg (89kg before i began running july 2004)

2. Five snacks I enjoy: Sweet and Sour chips; Vegie chips; Bananas; Biscuits;Potato Scallops

3. Five songs I know all the words to: I usually make up the words to most songs as i forget so quickly but i do know Happy Birthday,The Stutter Rap from the 80's,And Vanilla Ices' infamous ICE ICE BABY! I am currently learning some nursery rhymes to sing to my son.

4. Five things I'd do as a millionaire: Set up a charity or become part of an established one; Spend lots of time on personal development; i would love to invest full time in shares,futures and property
; travel; spend lots of time with friends and family

5. Five things I like doing: Running; Spending time with my family; Reading; mucking around on the computer;

6. Five favourite toys: Garmin 201;my Computer; my mobile; MP3 player;Chess Set

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ran my "tempo" run on Saturday but it turned into more of a 4*1km interval set with 60 sec stops.Beatiful scenery around Hyams beach with the whitest sand in Australia!
(Bring your sunnies)

Found a tough little 1.4km circuit with a lot of climbing and ran that in about 6:30 and thought that was all right for it's difficulty.

Ran on the beach a bit but there was too much camber on the hard sand.

Friday, February 03, 2006

We are going down the coast to Huskisson for the weekend yay!
I will take my Forerunner and have a 20-25 minute tempo run at 4:15 pace.
Otherwise i will laze about relaxing with family and friends.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Went out with a plan to run for 1hour at 5:20 pace.This is about what i am surposed to run for long runs for max. aerobic efficiency?
Suceeded with 1 hour @5:18 pace total distance 11.33km
1st 10km in 52:04 (5:12 pace)
10.5km in 54:45
slowed right down for last 833m
Elevation change
start/finish 52m
middle 0m
13metres of climb in the last 50m of my street to top it off.
Did some surges for something different on the way home 100m on 50m off.
Mostly these were done at about 4min pace but one got to a peak of 3:27 pace (must have got excited or something...decided i'd better rane it in)
Overall quite hard work being my longest run for many months i will do it again next week to maintain some consistancy in training.

My goal is to run 5km in 20 mins.Date April 2nd (not the first jokers)

Tuesdays Fartlek intervals or tempo run @4:15? pace
Thursdays Track racing.
Saturdays or Sunday Long run at least 11km preferably 14km @5:15 avg.
Maybe a recovery run of 3km on off days if i'm sore?

What do you think?
Last night I came home from work and i was itching to get out for a has been a week since i had last got out and my legs had been feeling funny all that time.Their way of complaining i guess?

So at 12 Midnight i set out on the dark streets for a short east easy one.

3.03km in 16:30
Average pace 5:27/Km

Planning on a long run this afternoon same pace but 14km.