Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Went out with a plan to run for 1hour at 5:20 pace.This is about what i am surposed to run for long runs for max. aerobic efficiency?
Suceeded with 1 hour @5:18 pace total distance 11.33km
1st 10km in 52:04 (5:12 pace)
10.5km in 54:45
slowed right down for last 833m
Elevation change
start/finish 52m
middle 0m
13metres of climb in the last 50m of my street to top it off.
Did some surges for something different on the way home 100m on 50m off.
Mostly these were done at about 4min pace but one got to a peak of 3:27 pace (must have got excited or something...decided i'd better rane it in)
Overall quite hard work being my longest run for many months i will do it again next week to maintain some consistancy in training.

My goal is to run 5km in 20 mins.Date April 2nd (not the first jokers)

Tuesdays Fartlek intervals or tempo run @4:15? pace
Thursdays Track racing.
Saturdays or Sunday Long run at least 11km preferably 14km @5:15 avg.
Maybe a recovery run of 3km on off days if i'm sore?

What do you think?


allrounder said...

good run...are you following a program for your training or making it up as you go?

BTW i will definitely be wearing my CR cap at the Canberra Marathon Eve 10k...

R2B said...

i am making it up as i go along...i think i should have a definite plan though.

speedygeoff said...

You (and the rest of Team G) have been tagged!

Ally-Lou said...

You plan for the week sounds good. Your program is similar to the ones Pat Carroll writes, and he encourages a really slow recovery run on the Friday morning following the tuesday and thursday speed sessions.

Depending on what distance you're planning on doing you can get a free program (10k, half & full) for different levels of ability off the Gold Coast Marathon website - and I think Pat Carroll put them together - so they gotta be good :)

It's nice to be told what you're meant to be doing sometimes.

speedygeoff said...

Those slow recovery runs are well worth it; you don't lose any of the speed you have gained from the faster days, and you usually feel better: less tired: as a result of running them. So add as many real jogs /easy stretching as you wish and have time for.They will freshen you up for the intense days.

You'll break 20 no worries. (p.s. I ran 20:23 out of the blue yesterday; it's only a matter of time!)