Monday, February 06, 2006

and i've been tagged by speedygeoff:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in the same job I'm in now actually i was applying for it; I was living with mum and dad; I weighed 65kg (89kg before i began running july 2004)

2. Five snacks I enjoy: Sweet and Sour chips; Vegie chips; Bananas; Biscuits;Potato Scallops

3. Five songs I know all the words to: I usually make up the words to most songs as i forget so quickly but i do know Happy Birthday,The Stutter Rap from the 80's,And Vanilla Ices' infamous ICE ICE BABY! I am currently learning some nursery rhymes to sing to my son.

4. Five things I'd do as a millionaire: Set up a charity or become part of an established one; Spend lots of time on personal development; i would love to invest full time in shares,futures and property
; travel; spend lots of time with friends and family

5. Five things I like doing: Running; Spending time with my family; Reading; mucking around on the computer;

6. Five favourite toys: Garmin 201;my Computer; my mobile; MP3 player;Chess Set

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