Sunday, April 22, 2007

Very happy with an untrained 5 min half marathon Pb!
when i say untrained i mean i have run about 70km since 6ft track and only last night decided to come to smithfield and run the 10k.
Arrived early 6:30 and temptation or stupidity? got the better of me so i changed my mind to run the half instead.

Jumped on the 95min bus with Horrie Bluedog et al but quickly realised i wasn't comfortable running at 4:2x/km pace and let them go .The wheels kinda fell after that though passed 5km in 21:31 and was walking already by then!

Was being taken by older guys and was wondering why i was there?
Coming up to the hill with the traffic lights i was running with a lady named Lynn who was injured and not running her best yet keeping a nice steady pace.Ran with her for what seemed like ages before she insisted i take off and go get my Pb!
I didnt want to go....
Did the last 2.5km in 10:19 which was nice as i mentally struggled most of the run (as you do when your not prepared!) and crossed over the line at 1:40:21 a 5 minute Pb! So i have to be happy with that!

Nice to meet Plu finally, Sarge,Nando and Luis (Sailaway?)though i missed NTR and Mouse who i met last at Quarry Rd last year.

All up a good hitout and i will be looking to run more and walk less next time!

Cheers R2B