Monday, December 25, 2006

Well i will start by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Did Quarry Road yesterday.
Got up at 3:45am and was driving by about 4:05am,
we (Sophie and I) arrived at about 15minutes before the scheduled start time.

Had a reasonable run after feeling flat for the first lap (which was surprisingly a slightly negative split)

Had a power bar after the start of the second lap and although it tasted like cardboard, yuk! it did the trick as i gradually felt much better.Honestly even though i didn't "race" i was kinda pleased with the way i handled the hills on the second lap.

I may need another hill climbing lesson with master Sophie though!

Anyway splits were

Thanks to mouse and nite time runner for the chat and banana cake at middle of second lap!

Hope you have had a great day?
I had chrissy with the family yesterday as i had to work early and didn't get home until 6pm got some nice presents and had a lot of fun playtime with Jacob who has started walking this week!

He is very steady on his feet and i am already thinking to the day that he will come jogging with daddy!

Thats all for now,

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A new 5km PB 19:53.

Good running was hoping for a 20:20 and surprised myself and others>Guys around me were breathing heavily and i wasn't just listening to them wondering when it would be my turn.Wasn't 'til the hill with 800m to go.Even the hill wasn't that bad i just shortened my stride and i was fine.

Pleased with this one on a hard course.
Splits 9:40 and 10:13

If i knew i was going that well i might have run a bit harder...
I may have even ran with Glen who was always within sight and finished in 19:29...

Anyway whwn time gets by it;'s harder to do race reports.

I have been a bit sore in the feet and legs of late and work/parties/family have forced me to have 2 days off training.This has been good for the feet (i think affected by new Kayanos)
Km this week will be only 30 ish but have been averaging around 55km per week and i will still do my long run in the morning (monday) now that i have a few days off work.I am planning to run the course of the race i missed this morning it was advertised at 22km and should be nice, hopefully i can run it fairly fast (race pace?) but this is always hard when your on your own especially for a 2hr race!

I am listening to Pink's "Who Knew" and Eminem's "You don't Know" hope i can put them on my MP3 player for the run.

I am not going to run tonight although i planned to after work but i have mucked around on the computer downloading and surfing so i will just go to bed.

Have had sore back lately to definately running related but i don't know what to do about it (did some stretches on my legs that helped today,Quads are a bit achey at times but they shouldn't affect my back?

Anyway its hard to listen to music and concentrate so i am going to bed!

Ciao R2B

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hitting the wall.A tough day at the office.

It's been 4 days since the 35+km (Gps measurement) Escarpment Classic.The run was advertised as 32km but it seems Stalky (the organiser) has distance problems ;).
Um where do i start?The race was on the Sunday.Well i had the 3 days before the run off as a sort of taper and the Wednesday i ran an hour as a final run.

I learn some good stuff but overall the race still feels a little neutral to me.Straight after the race i felt really flat...Yes i had just busted through and added an extra 9km to my longest ever run so that was good but the final 9km were terrible.I was so tired.The final 9km should have been my fastest as it was down the mountain pass some small undulations and the flat on the coastal bikepath to the finish.As it was the last 9km took me almost 70mins!

Ok before i get anymore off track i will write the race description.

Map Of Run

Started the race feeling ok but got to Hobart Street entrance to the bush about 3km into the race and already i wasn't feeling like racing.I took to a bit of walking,an ominous sign.Everyone else had gone ahead by about 150m and i lost them.I tried to get going again and after about 2km i caught one again.Had a Gel at this point just in case i was low in energy.For breaky i had a small bowl of Sultana Bran.
Sophie came back to see if i was ok,she was feeling Very Good on the day.Glenn Guzzo who started 10mins after us caught up soon after about 1km from Rixons pass.We had a quick chat before he was off again.
Let Sophie go again it was too good an opportunity to let pass as good as she was feeling.Got to the top of the pass in 55:40.

55:40 Top of Rixons Pass
01:55 Quick stop and swig of water
17:04 Brokers Nose Trig Point
11:45 Down to Mt Ousley Rd entrance
01:32 Quick stop and 600ml bottle of sports drink
15:38 Back to Brokers Trig
41:43 Woonona Mt (running with Greg Peoples from here)
02:40 Stop + Drink(600ml sports drink) + Gel (forgot the gels that Amjan had in her pocket and went back to get them,lost Greg then)
25:34 Back to Rixons Pass
02:23 Rest/Gel/100ml water
68:47 Pass to Finish (9km)

Ok now it's almost 2 weeks after the race and i feel a lot better with that one in the bank!!
Ran the next day for 16mins at a very slow pace covering 2.5km....thought i was actually running at 5:00/km pace huh!

Felt quite flat for a few days came to understand what hitting the wall was all about! Sophie also hit the wall but didnt fair so badly and carried on to the end for a sensational 3:17hr finish (bear in mind she came back to check i was ok twice!)
I finished in 4:04hr but actually felt better than after my only half marathon attempt (SMH May 2005) which i completed in 104:57 where my goal was 105mins.

Back to the present almost...this last 11 days (oh my that seems so long ago!) well after recovering we did a long run the following sunday over most of the same course covering the mountain passes.I committed to running all the hills the night before after recalling with frustration the escarpment classic where i only ran about 30% of the hills.

When i got to the hills this time i started up and quickly flipped to a 1min on 10sec walk strategy for the hills,quickly i realised that 10sec wasn't enough recovery time and increased this to 20sec.After a few minutes i reached the mobile phone tower puffing and panting.At about that point Sophie had come back and seemed pleased that i had made it up so quick.Over the next few km of undulations (oh by the way this is where Kerryn McCann trains) we talked about hill running and Sophie gave me some great pointers.In a nutshell when i "hit" a hill i really grind into it and get tired quick.I need to just run easier and slow down to maintain the same intensity.It was much more than just that and i put it into practise over the hardest part of the of the run up Rixons Pass and ran all the way! But just to teach me a little more of the lesson as i reached the crest and was ready to stop dead in my tracks as my momentum dropped off i realised the hill isn't over until your on the otherside!

We finished that run of 25km in about 2:10 and did it so much easier!
Anyway on to this week and i ran...
Monday an easy 5km in 22:48
Tuesday 6.5km of 2mins @subjective 3km race pace then 90 secs walk/jog repeated 8 times for a total of 10km
Wednesday 35mins easy 7km
Thursday 3km easy then 5km tempo at 4:08/km then 5km easy

Not sure if i will run on Friday
Saturday i plan to do a slow 12 or so Km with friends
Sunday a long run around Mt Kembla including part of the NSW mountain running champs course for at least 20km

This will give me 72km for the week Sunday to Saturday (oh my god that is huge!)
Bought 3 new pairs of Asics this week as my old shoes (3 of) are 18months old they cost me a small fortune but 2 kayanos @ 89USD each and a 2210 at 150 AUD was a bit of a bargain and have been put under the Xmas tree!

Anyway that was a quick catchup.Still haven't put together a training plan and we are just winging it at the moment.
It's nice to get back to the computer for a a short while to write this up as i've been juggling family and running fairly well of late but Blogging/Reading has been the loser!

Time to get back to the wife.

Cheers R2B

Ps this is the training that Mars2 from CR is doing for 6 foot,now that is massive!!

Sunday 2-3 hours easy
Monday 60 minutes Medium
Tuesday 90 minutes easy
Wednesday 80 minutes fartlek
Thursday 105 minutes easy
Friday 30 mins easy
Saturday 60 mins Hard

Monday, November 20, 2006

Todays post may be a little bit of a may help me organize my thoughts a little better.

Ok the day before last weeks "water episode" i ran the 5km Goat race as featured in runners world magazine.I came 7th on net time.It was a tough run straight after nightshift and as it was a self seeded handicap i ran solo off 5mins.Next time i will go off scratch.First part was just constant uphill and i hade brought my Heart Rate Monitor along for this purpose to prevent a blowup.Kept the heartrate at 90% for this section and felt that it would be no time before the back marker Fats would catch up.Had a flat section of several hundred metres but struggled to catch my breath before the next uphill.That was the last flat before the 100m finishing straight where i fell face first into a "puddle" which was about thigh deep and grazed my elbow and side.Laughed my head off after scrambling the final 30m to the finish.Only Robert saw it happen due to tree cover!Ran back the long way and chatted to Kit Amjan and Fats (who came first in net time but well back after a 15minute handicap!)

Felt a bit flat and or sick this week.Ran on Friday morning w/ Sophie.
11km in 47:48 (4:20/km) didn't feel that fast at the time but explains why i was a bit tired afterwards.Felt a bit crook at work afterwards too.

Saturday went to the track for relay for life.Ran about 11km and felt crap most of the time.Thought afterwards did i drink enough?Had a quicker lap at 80 seconds to see if i could shake out the cobwebs.Didn't work straight away but after a few more laps i felt a little better.Carrie and Jacob came down to watch and had a good time watching the inside track entertainment.When i left i had completed the most laps of anyone on my team but surely someone would knock that off?

Had an Epsom salt bath to relax my tired muscles.Felt better but decided to can Sundays planned long run just in case.Besides with next weekends 32km escarpment classic on a taper wouldn't be such a bad idea!

I am about to try to get a program written down for the lead up to 6' which will take into consideration my shifts and the amount and type of training i should be doing.

went to Stalky's training session at Bulli Tuesday last week... arrived after the warmup but got in the dynamic stretching drills (all new to me) and finished with some hill running.I will be back tomorrow for more.

I am more concerned with the qualifying than the 6' itself somehow.
Also the question of the inconvenient Black Stump run (striaght after 12hr nightshift on new years day)or the 12 hour coastal classic with less pressure to perform.Probably not on to do both.Also what would be enough at CC to allow me to qualify for 6 foot?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Cheers R2B

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hmmm feeling ho hum today....had a massive weekend.
Ran on Thursday at track 1 mile warmup 3km in 11:28 without sprint finish and 5.4km "cooldown" as i have decided if i run i might as well run at least 10km whenever i can as a time factor thing.Finished these on my own with abot 4 laps of "fartlek" style hard on the straights and jog the bend.

Friday 1hr walk with Jacob...walked to the top of very steep Brokers road and we were invited in to Jane's house for a coffee...hadn't seen her for ages since i changed departments at work...she was great and didn't mind Basil my doggy running about!
Jacob loved it too once he had warmed to her and young Charlotte(4).Left and kept walking until i had to avoid the firebrigade attending a gas leak a block away from home.Got home and in the arvo manage only an hour sleep in prep. for nightshift that evening.After Nightshift i came home had some breaky and went back out to race the Brokers Nose Goat Race as mentioned in this edition of Runners World.Came 6th in 30 mins something for the 5km.Very tough race i was alone in the self seeded 5 min handicap start as the bulk took off at scratch only Fats leaving last off 15mins and 2 others off 10 mins.

Went home had 5hours sleep and back to work.In the morning Sophie and i had planned our long run from Towradgi Beach to Headlands Hotel (approx. 23km)
I had invited Darren a guy i had recently met along (17:30/5km) we ran at a decent pace out 4:40ish most of the way but i really struggled to keep as it escalated on the way home.With about 2km to go my right knee just tightened on me suddenly...i decided this was a wake up call to slow down,Sophie and Darren were already well ahead but turned back to see if i was ok.I explained the situation before starting to run again .... 3,4 steps ugh no good.I told them to go and i would catch up.Walked next km,had a stretch out and felt good enough for a slow trot.Got to about 21.1 km in 103mins (Half marathon PB 104:57)
Sophie and Darren had come back for me...i was so tired i had started to sing silly songs to myself ( a sure sign i was buggered )
Got there and layed on the concrete felt so comfortable!

Sophie suggested we all go for a dip in the Ocean...good idea i thought.Told Darren i wasn't a real good swimmer though i know Sophie is.
I jumped right in and it felt good on my tired legs.
Before i knew it Sophie and Darren had decided to go back to shore.They were about 20metres closer than me at this stage.

I headed back too.I was padling but i didn't seem to be going anywhere...they had reached the beach and were chatting,it took me a few minutes in my addled state to realise that i was caught in a rip.I tried not to panic...i tried to swim across it but it was no good.I waved my right arm frantically I think Darren waved back.I was panicking.
I thought i was finished, i was scared.I have been caught in a rip before but this was different.That time i thought that if i went under someone would rescue me.This time i felt 1 million miles away and nobody could save me.There were no life guards no flags nearby...Darren and Sophie were chatting away just 50metres away.
And i was drowning.My legs were so tired from the run my arms weren't taking me anywhere.I really thought i was fucked as the big waves started to crash on me.
I heard a bell ... a surfing contest was on ... a surfer was making his way out back the quickest way he could...through the rip!
Oh my god he's seen me!
Shit no mellow drama here he gives me a hand up onto his board and takes me in.

Cant remember much from then on.Regained my sense of humour quickly and was making jokes again...Darren and Sophie thought i was showing off by going so far out...
Was shaking for ages.

Went home and slept the sleep of the dead and went to work that night exhausted again.Drained just by the thought of it all...Monday i had the day off all physical activities.

Tuesday sort of recovered no rest for the wicked must mow my lawns today...
Race tonight at 5:45pm 5km XC.First i may go and see Stalky at Bulli for a training session but take it really easy.

Thats all R2B

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Had awesome run today 20-22 km in 2:10 from Sandon point to Brokers Nose and back.Same as KJ's run other weekend that i couldn't get to.

Sophie and i decided to run it as an easy pace long run.Run starts at about sea level and rises to 445m ASL at the turnaround at Brokers Nose Trig.

Saw Ryan Gregson, Murray Smith, and ?(Barry Keem?)near the start of the bush part of the run looking strong as always (not surprising as Ryan came 24th Junior in World Mountain running Champs, Barry won the Fitroy Falls Mara and Murray's normal training partner is Kerryn McCann!)

It was an early start for us in the soon to be overcast and drizzly weather.
Sophie was charging up the hills and i tried to keep running but had a few walk breaks and caught up on my speciality the downhills.Run was really nice and was great to cover my third longest ever distance and still feel ok at the end so obviously the training is working.

No problems with low blood sugar this time Ewen as i sucked on a "Carb ShotZ" gel during the run,thanks for the advice!Was really thirsty towards the end of the run as we decided to seek water along the course (didn't find any though) instead of carrying water due to the cold and wet weather.

Some spills were had but recovered from after the mud went dry and i stopped laughing!

Had monday off as planned and Tuesday was to wet after work for my planned hill session so my next run was today.Ran for an hour (57mins) through the drizzle and cold but as Minersrun says..."no run is too long with good company!" Went from Towradgi Beach to Woonona Pool and return. Not sure the exact distance but at least 12.5km and into the wind and spray coming home.I once said this was my favourite part of running in jest but today i enjoyed the extra resistance.

Tommorow i will run twice a tough 4.2km circuit at the uni and a 5km track race in the evening times may be similar with an even effort.

Cheers R2B

Ps lots of lurkers have outed themselves in private conversation and it's nice to know you care :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The morning run went well!
Had an easy hour and i thought i would test it out with some hills which were taken easily.Then ran down towards the coast.After the run i was AOK (95% anyway) Thought i still would play it by ear.That was 6 days off running.

Next day Tuesday was my clubs 5km race at the Yacht club cycleway a fast course.With a little bit of wind behind me and trying not to run too hard i hit the halfway in 9:43 but felt fine "comfortably hard" i have been calling it.

But at around the 3km mark cramp hit me in the right side just below the ribs and in customary style the hands hit the hips....Slowly the people i had over taken earlier in the race started coming back to me.I was in a lot of pain but i knew i would be ok,though it really hurt.I tried the Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmour" technique ie. while i squeezed my sides i yelled out "happy place...happy place...happy place" the runners around me probably thought i was mad but it helped a little to disasociate and think of cocktails while lounging in a hammock!
It was a long way to go and i succumbed to a little walking but i got going again despite it.
Approaching 500m to go Chris and another guy caught up to me but i was determined to keep going with them as their pace didn't hurt much extra.100m to go i wasn't going to let him overtake me due to cramp like our last race and just dug deep and "sprinted" towards the line to pip him!!!
I crashed down and when i caught my breath i let out an exalted yelp of happiness for being able to get to the end through the pain!!The cramp was still with me for another 15mins but it was under control.It was nice that a lot of runners were concerned for me (i am sure they would have been with all the grunting i was doing i sound like i was in labour i am sure!)

Anyhow the result was a 3second pb.I know i have a lot more to give there too.
I am writing this post Wednesday morning and achilles is ok again...last night i iced it because it went to only 80% so i will have to be careful for a while still.Finished in 20:47 two seconds faster than last race (PB)
Thursday morning now and feeling ok again.

Cheers R2B

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Achilles Tendonitus

and other things that won't be misunderstood!

After the morning run last saturday week when i stepped on a rock awkwardly and described it as "unco" i noticed the "heel" area was a little tender after the run.But it was fine after a sleep.
Next time a had a run it was tender afterwards.So i rode my bike jumped off and ran.That afternoon i went to interval training and ran 11km.Next morning i was in pain!!
After talking to my doc mate it seems that i may have above condition.

Today is my 5th day of rest since last run and i am itching to get out there again.Setting alarm for 5:30am and plan to test it out.Otherwise a quit family day planned after hectic day yesterday.

Jacobs birthday was a rousing success and everyone had a great time.Bought 10kg of beef for the BBQ which was a bit of overkill with all the salads beer and fingerfood on offer say we may be eating that for a few days though!

Cheers R2B

Friday, October 27, 2006

R2B's come on out post.

This post is about all the people who read this blog having a comment even if it consists of the word "hi"
You can post a comment anonymously if you choose.

I am really curious because i have been told that 29 people subscribe to this blog through "Bloglines"? though i have never had that many comments also i have spoken to a couple of people lately who say they read this blog but never comment so i am curious about the amount of people who do but may not normally feel they have anything to offer.

So I invite you all to say g'day.

Edit:Just wanted to add i am most curious about "lurkers" ie ppl who don't have a blog of their own!This is about curiosity not a desire to collect the most comments and i may even pull it.

Cheers R2B

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 good runs this week
#1 with Marie-Claire, Sevgi, Georgette, Franca and Dawn (Doyle came for a bit then went home leaving me as the sole male)
2:20 out on the trails near Brokers Nose Mt Ousley where the mountain run will be held this Saturday.Had a good time and chatted for ages.I attacked the hills.We started at 6:40am straight after i had finished Night Shift and i was good until near the end when i started getting unco.(In technical terms my propreoception was failing) had one arkward footfall near the end and may have bruised the heel slightly but can't see anything.

#2 Yesterday with Sophie for 68mins covering 14.1km we ran at a nice 4:50 pace and i made it all with only about a 10 second stop so very pleased at that effort.Felt heal a little after the run.

This morning i was due to meet Sophie for another hour run but i felt a bit tired also the heal and not wanting to overtrain and coughed up some phlegm plenty of good reasons! So dusted off my bike and rode it while she ran same 14.1km distance and near the halfway i got off the bike and ran for about 2km untimed before hopping back on and continuing back with her.I am working tommorrow so no running planned and working Thursday so may only get to go to track after work at 6:30pm for (3km? race) . Friday i may do 30-40mins or so.Saturday is Jacobs 1st Birthday so no running then + unfortunately i will have to miss the local 22km mountain race.I may run it on Sunday instead and try to TT it.

With all the girls i am running with at the moment keen on 6' and many already having completed it several times.It's really good to have buddies who have the same goals as myself.

Cheers R2B

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fitzroy Falls Fire Trail 10km Race

Result 47:55

1st 5km 22:50
2nd 5km 25:05

Hot day some nice hills

Decided to come for sure at 6:30 am went to bed planning on running a local 6km event.
So i called Sevgi and asked for a lift i had just got out of bed so i had to move it.
She came 20mins later and we were off!

I warmed up at the start line after wishing MC well in her Marathon.Went out for about 5mins of easy pace running and felt ordinary.Spoke to Brendan and Ben and they were planning on 5omins for the 10k i thought 45mins sounded like a nice round figure and that i wouldn't bust a gut to get it.

It's funny how you can just pluck a number out of thin air and expect to run that time without ever seeing the course!

At the start line Ellie 80 said hi and we chatted for what seemed like a brief moment before the gunshot rang out and we were off.I had started right at the back and knew it when i hit congestion immediately!I just went with the flow and was starting to overtake people from the word go....actually as i placed 23rd i must have overtaken over a hundred other runners as no body ever overtook me!

I wasn't running absolute top pace nor did i feel like it but i wanted a good strong effort out of myself call it a training run if you will.The start was slightly downhill but didn't feel it until the return km.
Saturday 15km total
Anyhow this post has sat long enough....
KM Splits
Seem to have had a Barry Crocker in the final km...well i did walk a little up the hill and in the finishing straight....but i held off my nearest competitor.Couldn't hang about much post race as i had to catch my lift home.But i did squeeze in a cooldown to the 2km mark,as i turned around and started to trot back i heard a motocycle behind me and a runner close behind.

I realised it was a marathon competitor and my jaw dropped,actually i said "your f***ing kidding!" It was the eventual winner Barry Keem,and he replied he was glad it was almost over!
Ran with him or more tried to keep up for a couple of minutes,his race pace was like 3:50/km average for the whole marathon so i was struggling very quickly and let him go i didn't want to run with him into the finishing straight anyway for obvious reasons.

(Sunday)Pulled up a little sore the next day so didn't run
Took Monday off as well but i was working and walked about 8km while there so i bit of cross training (it's 5-10km walking every day usually wear a pedometer)

Tuesday i got off work a little early as a bloke on my crew covered for me (there was a breakdown as soon as i walked off the job!!)
I went to the first race of my clubs fortnightly summer race program.Tonights race was 5km cross country and i wasn't going to push it too hard after the weekend but i was pleased with the effort .Pulled up with cramp with several hundred metres to go but didn't stop completely.
Finished in 20:52 while the guys i was with finished in 20:09 and 20:15 i reckon that i could have kept the pace and outkicked them but the cramp was something out of the ordinary for me though after finishing i didn't feel it again...probably lack of salt and not eating for about 4hrs?
8km total

Wednesday Ran with Sophie,felt tired most of the way ran for 7.2km in 30:46 Av. 4:18/km meeting again monday morning 6:10 am probably a lot longer this time!

Thursday More work on the house today to get it ready for Jacob's 1st Birthday Finished guerneying all the house and concrete using rainwater of course.Stripped and painted the tiles at the front of the house.Feeling sniffly and a dry throat this evening so decided against track 3km race

Friday After Night Shift i ran with the girls at 6:40 am til 9:04 am (2:20 total) running 1:47.33

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Damn my computer just shutdown on me after detecting a problem lost most of my post!Seems ok now if a little slow.I am checking for viruses...Says i had a unidentified driver problem...

Okay recap on last few days activity.

Thursday was 3km at track..too short so headed out the door at 7pm for 30mins which quickly became a hill session!Some good hills near my house so ended up with about 5km at about 6min/km pace.Map here.

Friday 30mins easy where i experimented with my stride rate 5mins at 180 strides/min and 25mins at 190 strides/min.Was a little difficult to get used to but i will in time i am sure just as i went from 160 to 180 with practice.I explained my reasoning in detail but now it's wiped i won't bother explaining again for the moment.

Saturday i came home from work had dinner and was zonked and had an early night.

Sunday i planned to do a long run this evening but didn't get out the door!

Monday my first day off i took Jacob out in the pram and ran 15km in 77:29
500m splits
2:54,2:40,2:33,2:34,2:26,2:19,2:25,2:28,2:36,2:33,2:34,2:44,2:31,2:40,2:29(7.5km out)
1:04 rest as heart rate went from 78%max to 60%max (my half way break)
2:35,2:40,2:41,2:57,2:40,2:41,2:40,2:32,2:35,2:31,2:29,2:25,2:26,2:26,2:27 (7.5km back)

My pacing was good in the last 2 km when i tried to keep my heart rate at 83% max and stride rate at 180/min.Total time out 83:33 when including the 1:04 halfway break and the twenty times i had to adjust the front wheel of Jacobs pram to keep it locked as he slept!

Tuesday today i have a planned interval session with the long lighthouse loops (630m) scheduled will try to do them at 3km TT pace.Result 2:19,2:17,2:13,2:22,2:12,2:13 all with 90 second standing recoveries,wind was strong on some laps.

Wednesday midweek long run before N/Shift.Covered 9km in 41:24
Splits 2:19,2:25,2:29,2:17,2:15,1:00 rest,2:10,2:20,2:20,2:22,2:22,2:12,2:10,2:15,4:17,4:18
Average 4:34/km Ran with Sophie for about 3km and have aranged to run with her again.

Thursday Rest

Friday Rest

Saturday Fitzroy Falls 10km in 47:55

Total for week 45km

Now that does sound rather busy so if i am tired i will perhaps have a day off or ride my bike a little.Now that seems to be the shape of my training for 6" but more specifically i have to work out the program that will get me a qualifier at "Beyond The Black Stump" on January 1.
So any advice would be appreciated.

Planning on doing a proper long run this weekend and hope to find a suitable training partner.

Thanks for listening
Cheers R2B

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haven't run much this week...busy with work and family.Last time i ran was thursday at the track i arrived late and said stuff it and joined the 3km race with no warmup!!
First lap was 76 seconds Greg told me (so much for the warmup!)
I knew i was going a "little" quick so i slowed down and did the first 1600m in 6:03 kept going for another 2 laps and called it quits at 2.4km in 9:00 flat so the rest of the pacing was good.I was also happy as 2.4km in 9:00 is the fitness standard to get through the Navy's Clearance Diving Special Forces course (my mate is a CD and runs this in 8:45 weighing around 90kgs)
Wish i kept on going for another 600m afterwards because my 3km Pb could have been in jeopardy.

Got out this morning after work and as i was arriving at the beach i saw a running buddy Sophie so i chased her down and ran at a nice 4:30 pace for 4km we had a nice chat and she is interested in finding some people for early morning runs.I might fit the bill if i can get my act into gear.She would be an ideal training partner as she is a bit quicker than me but not too much!I am a little tired of running alone and time flies when i can chatter along with somebody.I don't think i would have ran far this morning otherwise!
Anyway i turned around then and started heading back but just in front i saw Georgette another clubmate and ran with her for the 4km back.Another nice chat though i had to convince her i didn't mind the pace i was more keen on the company and i wasn't going to blaze off!

8km nice!After having some time off i usually only run 3km first time back and always feel crap but not today.Jumped in the car and drove towards home,on the way i saw Sevgi running down the street and Georgette told me she was considering six foot too so i pulled over and ended up running with her for another 4km!
All up 12km in 59mins perfecto!

As for all this non running!
Well it's not really good enough I need some consistency in my training.I am writing up a plan that will take me through until after 6" in March.

I plan to run in my clubs summer series which is mainly 5km races on a tuesday.Also i will do a long run on the weekends (or first rostered off day) and a mid week longer run.

Now i usually do a scheduled fartlek session on a tuesday (alternating with races in summer) and i enjoy track on a thursday,though the races are usually only 3km in summer so may have to consider doing some other training on this day.Now i have some great hills to train on just which day will i do it on??

Still getting together a racing schedule including some half marathons at Sydney Marathon Clinic (which will double as a visit to my sister who lives in Smithfield!) and other shorter races so i will know how i am going.

I think i will post my plan here when it is ready.

In the mean time before i can go to bed i have to wash down my new back deck and give it a coat of oil.At least my run has given me some extra energy!

Cheers R2B

Ps thanks for all the nice comments on my last post!I may see some of you at Fitzroy Falls soon, I am planning to run the 5km and cheer on the marathoners.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Edit: Photo link here

I have just come back from a really satisfying Fartlek session.
Being sore from the Fatass pub run (more on this later) I wasn’t expecting much from myself and gave myself permission to take it easy if I was feeling it in my quads too much.

We started at the surf club today and we had a good turnout of abilities and numbers. This icluded Jared who’s cousin Eloise was featured in R4YL this month and Steven Brown who had a fantastic short season in the European mountain running circuit and finished 24th in the world champs in Turkey recently (a really humble guy and a top bloke to boot running 5:30min/km to train with our friend the effervescent Suzy for not the first or last time) As for people of my level I had one to choose from, the evergreen Mark Everton.

Todays session was a warmup from North Gong SLSC to the lighthouse and then into 10 short loops around the gun placement and actual lighthouse without break. I remembered last time I was doing these in around 60secs so why not try that again as the warmup didn’t go too bad.

Splits for the not so easy sloping 200m loops were as follows
For a 59 second average, I was tiring towards the end and pleased I could keep my form and pace consistent. Kept the normally quicker Mark just behind me and extended the gap until the finish.

Next up we jogged a couple of hundred metres over to 2 sets of stairs (approx 30 each way?) leading down to the beach and separated by about 50metres of sand at the bottom and about 40metres of grass at the top forming a nice circuit of approximately 180m. I was a little hesitant about the down steps part due to quads so I ran only one step down at a time and headed off after most of the others had begun. When I got to the bottom I trotted across the soft sand without undue effort while some complained about the softness of it. Came up to the stairs and used good form to stride up them two at a time I felt strong every step of the way and my fitness had noticeably improved over the last time I had performed this exercise late last year!
I took splits and think I may have blogged these previously(last years). I want to record on paper as well in future like I used to so I can compare at a glance.
Anyway the splits were
1:22,1:20,1:19,1:15,1:17,1:15,1:15,1:17,1:20,1:13 I am pleased with those though I am noticing a habit in training and racing to have a slower second last lap before a quick last one, I will have to work on this because it is almost surely mental.

We then walked over to a nearby park and were instructed by Eric (our unofficial coach) to run reps with good form for about 120m before jogging back to the start and repeating 5 times I didn’t time this part I only put my beeper on at 90bpm and lengthened my stride to increase the pace, it felt good and after being the last to start I was catching others before taking a good walk then jog back to the start to do it again. On the last one I wanted to catch some people that were well ahead and Eric told me I tensed up and ran way too fast for the purpose of this part of the workout.
After this we jogged back to the Surf club for a total of 9.2km for the session. Feeling very good now,time for a short sleep and back to work at 1:30am for some extra work on a shutdown.


Had a very enjoyable and tiring run of 26km from Meryla pass near Moss Vale to Kangaroo valley.This run was something I thought I would train especially for but didn’t running only 4.2km in the preceding week. I convinced myself that I was able to run the distance if I just took my time this was a bit of a stretch of the imagination as I have only run a maximum of 15km for a long run this year and my top 3 distance runs in my life consist of
1)26km on Saturday
2)21km at the SMH half marathon in May 2005
3 )17km as my longest training run for the above ½

So I am pleased with myself no end!
The scenery was great as was the company I ran with CR Amigo (Lindsay) and Doug I was going to wait for MC and Tracy at the pass but I thought they were going to be at least an hour and probably quicker over the distance even after having already run approximately 20km!
I set of with Lindsay (the organiser) and Doug who had given me a lift to the pass so that I could finish in Kangaroo Valley with the others. We set off at a nice steady pace and I attached the Forerunner to the back of my hat so that it would record but I didn’t want to see it and let it distract me from the run.
I was concerned about going too fast down the pass and getting sore Quads as I had when I barnstormed down the mountain near my house the other week and was sore for a few days! I know I am capable of running pretty quick downhill as I am passionate and just love this type of scrambling running despite the high inherent risks. Anyway we got to the bottom and had to negotiate a fair amount of undulation similar to 6’ foot track I am told by previous finishers Doug and Lindsay and then we crossed a creek I didn’t realize this was the creek that I had planned to stop at and take a swim in!! Anyhow I missed that until we had run well past it and hit a big hill which I was able to trot up. It was a fair hill but it didn’t tax me too much after my recent hill training. Got to the top and continued on decided to try one of the gels I had bought before I had lost energy and to test them out for the first time. It was the most sugary thing I had tasted in a long long time but it must have worked?

Kept going to the thoughtfully placed water drop and took my fill and topped up my camelback had a muesli bar too. This was at Jacks corner road where a motorcyclist was killed the next day by a falling tree branch! On Saturday this road was swarming with private school kids doing a six hour “rogaine” (didn’t seem to leave the roads though!)

I was alone shortly after the Waterdrop as Lindsay dropped off with a bung leg and Doug had set off a few minutes earlier at a good clip. I didn’t know where he had gotten to and imagined he might have taken a wrong turn! I was running 10 minutes and walking a few by that point as I was a little tired and getting hot though fortunately I stayed pretty well hydrated. I eventually caught up to Doug after about 6 or 7 km and we stayed together for a while before I left him going just a fraction faster than he wanted to go. Kept on going knowing that I was going to arrive at KV before anyone else and so I could take my time, so of course I didn’t!!
Ran through the village and kept going not sure where to stop to get the full 25km as Garmin had lost track (silly me forgot the was the Pub 2 Pub and by rights that where I should have stopped!) Kept going and Spud reckons I must have run at least 26km which I agree with.

We all had drinks at the pub afterwards and unwound for a couple of hours before heading home tired but satisfied!

When I got home I was locked out of the house and as I was already late for dinner at our friends house I had to get creative running to my parents house having a shower there and borrowing my brothers clothes and my parents car to arrive just before dinner was served!(at a destination 20km away that i hadn't driven to before)

All in all a memorable day! My first Fatass event and certainly not my last as I train up for the Sixfoot track trail ultra marathon in March next year!

Cheers R2B
ok so its taking me a while to start my fatass report so i will write something out at work and post it tonight.
I can be slack when i put pressure on myself to write something and want it to be good!Bit like highschool and Uni etcetera all rolled into one.

back soon r2b

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm running 1/2 of the Pub 2 Pub tomorrow from Moss Vale to Kangaroo Valley (50km)
I am really looking forward to the test of mind and spirit,
I know i can do it.
Weather 30C predicted hoping to get back to a epsom salt bath ASAP after getting home and soaking for at least 30minutes if time allows it! We are having dinner with friends at a child friendly 5:30 so i may need to rush.

Just went out and bought some gels and coke Girls at the counter of rebel tell me the flavour is yuck so i bought all 3 varieties of the gels just in case.Now i just want to pack my bags so i can be ready when MC picks me up at 6:40am.

Got to bed at 8:30pm last night slept well till 12:30 then couldn't grt back to sleep til 2:30am and got up at 6:30 so it was still 8hours i just had my mind on running.

Nervous and excited i will sign out now.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just a quick post to keep the fires burning.
Ran a decent 2 miles at the track in 12:20 after i was going to quit in lap 3 of 8.

Just got back from doing 3 laps around my Wellington drive circuit in 35:50 was not so long ago i could barely do this once with walking even then it took 18+ mins so very happy also equaling my longest run ever without walking i think (6.6km).

Ascent 1 5:21
Descent 1 6:52
Ascent 2 5:21
Descent 2 7:09 Didn't want to smash too hard downhill.
Ascent 3 5:16
Descent 3 5:51 Felt warmed up and decided i wanted to break 36min for the workout.

My Wellington drive circuit is one huge climb to the top of said drive ascending approx70m over 900m followed by a descent back to the half way mark a sharp left and down a short sharp hill and back up it again and downhill on the other side back to the start, it contains about 250m of flat running over 2.2km of circuit.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

This morning i got up at 6am and drove 40ish km to Helensburgh just south of Sydney.An email had circulated from a girl named Vanessa Haverd.The email was inviting runners from an informal group i sometimes run with on a long run near her and her partners home taking in some historic railway tunnels (cool!)and finishing with coffee and muffins.I had met Vanessa on a run many months ago briefly.It appeared other people i knew would be running too.
I duly arrived at 6:55 for a 7am start and no one else seemed to be at her address,i waited for a few minutes and decided to have a warmup in case others were late.Ran for about a km and felt crap!
I went back to the car and was contemplating going home but i thought nah stuff it i will knock on the door and at least say hi rather than shying off.

Vanessa had called the run off due to the crappy weather by calling the others by telephone but hadn't got my email yet about me coming.Being a very nice person she insisted on getting up out of bed and dragging Mathew her partner along for a run!

We set off slowly and i was greatful as i knew she can run a marathon at a decent clip(exactly how fast i was yet to find out as she is quite modest not telling me she had won the Bush Capital Marathon in Canberra the other month,i saw the trophy back in her house!She has also run the Fitzroy Falls Trail Marathon in 3:25 (2004) a very impressive time, first female and fourth overall)

Anyhow this post has sat for more than a week so finished or not here it is!!
Had a really good time chatting with them afterwards Matt is a Plasma Physicist Vanessa a "normal" scientist!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Back Again

Ok I had a great weekend and started each day with a bit of a trot around the Sydney CBD.
My hotel was located in world square so I headed off in a slightly different direction each morning at between 6 and 7am (very early for me!)
Had a late night at UPW seminar friday night and went back to the hotel just before I went to sleep I was going to get up at 5am and get to run striders 10km at north head but come 5am in the morning the logistics were a bit too much and it seemed like too much effort to get there.

Instead I popped on my CR cap and ran to Kings Cross on the C2S route...Now it was pretty cool to be running there without the thousands you encounter on race day and I could actually see some of the "sights"

Next day I ran down around the opera house and Mrs Macquaries chair etc.Didn't time myself but I was gone about an hour.

I have changed my life priorities again...conscious decision this time around.
#1 Family First
I have been letting things get in the way and neglecting my family at times.
#2 Health and Fitness (Running! )
Nutrition Hydration Breathing and physiology
#3 The other 6 areas of my life.

I am excited about Pub 2 Pub i think running the first half is the way to go as the second half is through the mountain pass and won't really be effective as a training run (easier yet pounding on quads)
Will post on CR to see if anyone else is finishing there.

Tossing up the commencement of my 6' training now.
I think i will start on the km but still do some speed work for the club 5km summer handicap series. I improved my 5km times by 3:14 from the start to the end of the season.I Finished first the year before last and i want to give it a good shake again this time around!

I am looking at different programs and i will have to see how i can make them fit together...shouldn't be too hard but i will have to manage my time really well so that i can keep my #1 Priority to my family.

thats it for now R2B

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Have been feeling blah today...actually for a few days (no running).Still sore post galloping down the mountain at record pace(was yahooing fun at the time!)

Went to Pat Carrolls website and felt some motivation rub off on me so i am going to get out of my jeans and longjohns (Ha!) and put on my trainers for a shorty down to the corner (4.2km it is 11pm after all)

I am off to a weekend seminar called U P W, so no blogging for a couple off days.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Went to the track on thursday night and set the new club Age group record for the 2km steeplechase at 8:06.Steeple is hard work and i am still saw from it on Sunday.Had a run up a mountain today took over an hour to get up but 30 mins to get back down as i was flying. Was planning on running for a long distance but instead i ran/walked for a long time.

Last Sunday i ran Jacob in his pram for 15km.I am building up to run 25km or half of the Pub 2 Pub Fatass on 23rd September.Hope to see some of you there.Speaking of Fatass my friends Marie Claire and Tim Turner had a good result in trailwalker yesterday and as always i am in admiration of their exploits.

Roll on sixfoot march 2007.

Might as well add a description of a training session i did last month on 18/7 before it gets lost(small scrap of paper)

Lighthouse loops approx 620m
These loops are around the LH at Wollongong and are on the course that ANSW road relays are run.Start near roundabout and run anticlockwise(relays clockwise)
6 loops approx 90 seconds recovery.
WU an CD for total of around 9km

Not quite as consistant as Superflake's but i was pleased with effort.
Did session in 2:10s recently but died for last one.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

And for todays trick i will win a KJ's trophy race.

The AC Mitchell Memorial Trophy 2006 winner R2B!!

Presented to the winner on handicap of the nominated 4 mile event at Mt Kembla. In memory of former KJ Roy Mitchell's father and donated to the club by Roy in 1977.

"Early in the formative years of the Kembla Joggers we ran and organised races without trophies or prizes. There was no money in the club coffers and it was unlikely that we would ever have any. However around 1977 Roy Mitchell, who I introduced to running at 58 years of age, asked me if he could donate a trophy in memory of his father AC Mitchell. Before the words were even out of his mouth I had him at the trophy manufacturers. And so a shield was produced with the inscription 'A.C.Mitchell Memorial Trophy'. As this was our first ever trophy it rapidly became full and Roy was approached a few years ago about having it enlarged but he insisted on another shield similar to the first. I only wish there were more philanthropists like Roy around. Now the winner of this popular event takes home two shields – the old and the new. Incidentally, Roy went on to contest 10 City to Surf's culminating in his participation in a Kembla Joggers over 60 team which gained a placing. Many thanks Roy." ...Bill Williamson

The 4 mile event at Mt Kembla has a long and proud history within the club as one of the original KJ events. The race is held on a simple out and back course along the bitumen section of road with the turn-around just past the gate where the dirt road begins. Although the course has fundamentally never changed, Bill claims that the original course 'started and finished closer to the cattle-grid' and that the turn-around point was 'a few extra yards up the road'. With this in mind we can only admire the times set by the original KJs in the 70's and early 80's some of which still stand today as age-group records or top-10 performances.

During the 90's the trophy has been decided on the new 7km course which incorporates much of the old 4 mile course but deviates along the pumpstation road and then onto the dirt road for a short distance. This wasn't by choice but due mainly to Waterboard requests to avoid running through the Dam village. In 1995 it was held on a temporary 7km course from Kembla Heights Bowling Club when access to our Mt Kembla courses was restricted altogether.

Like most of our trophies, the shield is awarded to first home on handicap (with some strings attached) – presently you must have run in at least 3 recent events. The list of previous winners reveals some still familiar faces within the KJs including Kerryn Hindmarsh (now McCann) who won in 1978 at 11 years of age in a PB time of 28.03. The winner of the inaugural event was local soccer player Andrew Campbell.

Taken from my clubs website.

Now this was one toughy of a race,a little hilly and i am happy to say it was my longest run ever without walking! ;D

Forgot my techno gizmo Garmin as i left for the race after dealing with some errant tradesmen at my house knocking down walls so i was nervous of being late (bad habit #6059)so i called El Presidente and got my handicap otherwise i would have been a back marker.

I'm not a great distance runner but i am improving everyday as i learn to train consistantly without injury .Which can be tough with 12hr shifts and a young family.Early morning runs after a 12hr nightshift are common for me!

Felt ok today after i got over my fluster of almostrunning late.Pasco was complaining about my running to me.I just had to ignore him besides I got my revenge on him after his baiting in the last 4 weeks! ::)

Concentrated on running "comfortably hard" through the stages with a constant 180 steps/min

Splits were
500m 1:52
1k 2:03
2.4k 5:24 (9:19 first 2.4km)
3.3k 4:09 (Halfway 13:29 4:05/km Av)
4.2k 3:51
5.5k 5:26
6.6k 4:27 (9:53 last 2.4km) (Second Half 13:45 4:10/km Av) Total 27:14

I was hurting a little the whole way.
As i got to the halfway mark i counted about 22? runners still in front of me but as i learned in the W2 track race final i just had to keep reeling the next runner in and keep going.
Finally with about 800m to go i caught up with Janice and then i looked back hoping none of the quicks were on my tail!
I was running scared just after the halfway mark anyhow as some of the quicks weren't far behind!

Looking at my splits i was really going for it but i didnt know it at the time as i was hurting and pushing myself hard.I remembered Hazels words at the track on Thursday night "Adrian,your not driving!"
This had a double meaning i thought (i run like i'm holding a steering wheel when i'm not hands on hips!) so i dropped my arms down low as Eric keeps telling me to and just "drove" forward!

I was really hurting in the finishing straight i thought "ok if i fall over now and twist my ankle i'll just have to crawl over the line" such was my (crazy maniac) focus.Needn't have worried as second place finished 43 seconds behind me.Icrossed the finish line and i wanted to drink desperately.I really staggered to the drink table and would have toppled over if i didnt grab a hold of it!

Ann Asher was sure i was going to faint and ready to call for an ambulance but fortunately i held it together!

When El Presidente announced the winner and Robert Eardley presented the perpetual shield (i get to keep it for a year and it gets engraved with my name!)
All i could say on the microphone was "that really hurt!"
I wished i had said thanks to all the great people who give their time and energy to making this club special!
So i do that now ,Thanks to everyone!

My Time 27:14

Kerryn McCann holds the ladies course record here 22:13 set in 2005,Now i know that i am extra chuffed!!

Photo to post when photographer can get out of bed due to 'flu.

Happy Running,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Very long post alert!
Edited and Added To:

It's 10 to 6 in the morning and even now im too busy to post properly!!!
Had a great time after i relaxed and forgot about goals for once.Just took it fairly easy.It was a blast,i enjoyed this C2S more than the two others i have run by a factor of 10.
2004 89:xx
2005 74:04
2006 66:31

Plus i cut like 7.5mins off last years time!!
More tonight (12 hrs time) when i get home from work

I came home from work and tonight Jacob had already gone to bed (Doh!) and Carrie was ready also (Doh!).
I didn't want to go for a run because i was cold and still a little sore from weekend (though i pulled up much better than my 2 previous years)There was a 5k race at the track so i decided to head down and just make it a "comfortably hard" tempo run.Carrie had thoughtfully prepacked my running gear in my sports bag so i woofed down a bowl of ravioli and then another,yum!

I thought if i don't run too hard then I won't be sick!!
Anyhow first 200 in 44
got the rest of the splits but accidently erased them.
Through 3km in 11:5x

Felt pretty "comfortably hard" the whole run and even overtook Tim East who normally runs 19:40 ish for 5km
No sprint finish this time,could have but just wanted to see my time sans sprint for a change.Waiting for the exact time to be posted on clubwebsite but nonetheless
a big PB

Edit:Time for 5km was 19:46 now for what it was i am stoked!!
My last 5km race was a PB of 21:30 so i have moved along just a little!!
This is tops as breaking 20mins has been a longstanding goal for me and to do it when i least expected it just goes to show me the benefit of not pressuring myself to much and also that when i set out to run a comfortably hard "tempo" run i have a tendency to muff it up when i get half way into it and i feel good!!The positive side effect though is PBs so i am going to try learning the lessons from this,which include not focusing on my splits (though i did take them(erasing them before i got to check them!)).

Okay C2S:
Turned up and as i had said on my Blog i was going to just go out and have some "fun"
Thursday 10th August
...Came home and i just read all the posts on my blog and i feel better.Just going to try and take C2S easy maybe next year for 60mins.Not the end of the world and besides i want to enjoy the day no matter the pace i ran or the place i came...

And the start as i posted to CR just now
I caught the train at 6am from Wollongong and met my brother in law PHIL who had decided not to run due to bad case of the 'flu. This must have been tough as he was training hard to break 60min after 60:09 and 60:03 last year!

We got to central station and for the first time i wasn't nervous about the run because i was doing it for fun!!

Walked to Hyde park to have a look around it was around 8am and i was suprised that only what seemed like about 100 people were lined up in A1 and about the same amount in A2.I gazed down at the A2 group and you were the first person i saw and you happened to be looking straight at me!!

Anyhow back to topic i thought it was more important to warm up than get straight in line so i trotted around the park for 10 mins fortunately my Brother in law had brought some throw away clothes as muggins here had forgotten his!

Start officials started to close the ranks down and only allow entry from the rear of the pack so i hurried in.I was wearing my CR cap for the first time and had noticed all the CRs towards the front.I wanted to say hi say i walked towards them and people let me pass.It was the cap i'm sure!!
I didnt quite get to them as i saw one of my clubmates and started to chat with him.
Was chatting away and i realised i was only a few feet from BlkBox and Gronk both of whom i got to meet for the first time.All of a sudden the group tightened up in prep for the imminent start.
The gun went of and i felt i was running pretty clear in no time at all.
So in my opinion getting up close to the start line was great and not nearly as stampeding as the near the back where i had been in the previous two years,although i didnt get there nearly as early.
I felt that i didnt impede any one faster than me and no one really slowed me up so i must have been placed just right.

Anyhow next year i plan to get amongst it so i will be camping out early!
Cheers R2B

Anyhow i started to run with Gronk,we seemed to keep fade towards and away from each other.One minute he was there and then gone and back again.Obviously we couldn't have been far apart!
Lost Gronk for good around Rose Bay and found Digger and said hi!He was a nice bloke and we chatted a little.
Heart Break Hill arrived and i wasn't going to bust a gut so i walked a little and ran a little i saw some people i knew and tapped them on the shoulder to say hello and offer encouragement.
Got to the dodgy 7km halfway mark in about 34mins feelin allright.That was easier than i expected off no hill training (one big hill in previous 10 weeks!)
Felt the undulations to come would be tougher and they were.Crossed 10km in about 48mins was feeling a bit tired so i walked a bit was starting to think about times again...durrr! forget that!Was just past a drink station when i saw a CR Cap ahead and decided to get up closer as i had a feeling it was Tesso.I reached her and i think i surprised her with a "Hello i'm R2B!" we ran together for a while but i didnt get it when she tried to explain to me that the CR cheersquad including Johnny Dark et al were ahead.I was tired but we had begun the downhills and it was easier just to let go and go with it i sensed Tesso had also picked up the pace.She told me afterwards that i helped her go alot faster than what she would have done if she was alone but alas i lost her somehow before we got to the cheersquad and we didn't get the photo she was hoping for D'oh!
Any how lovely lady and exactly as i had expected her to be!
Got to the 13km mark and as always it's still ages to the finish line, i started to walk again...people were saying to me
"mate the finish line is just ahead!"
i didn't care!
I just started to trot again and out of nowwhere CR Blue Dog was there beside me urging me on!I didn't feel like going any quicker but he insisted that i not fall behind him!How could i refuse a bloke who had just the previous day run 12ft?(90km)
Had a lot of respect for him after that so i picked up my stride and moved as fast as i reasonably could as we rounded the corner it felt great to finish!I had drunk at every drink station and quickly regained my composure.

Met Phil at our customary spot at surf club for an opening beer after a few minutes cool down and a swim in the ocean,beautiful.Was surprised when the lovely Lulu tapped me on the shoulder to say hi.(I didn't realise how prominent the CR cap makes you in a crowd!)
Left Phil and went to the other side of the beach and caught up with the Kj's tent.
Went across the road to a big pinkish hotel which i knew from a photo on Coolrunning was where the CR meetup was!

Met loads of top people including those mentioned previously and the likes of Johnny Dark, Ellie 80,Uncle Dave(what a down to earth guy!),Sparkie,Tesso,Digger,Bluedog,MPH, Bargewanna?,and many others!But unfortunately i had a train to catch and there aren't so many on a Sunday so i had to go early and missed meeting some of those i extra wanted to like Horrie,Don Juan,Shane Lewis and others who had helped positively by posting on my blog!

Anyhow thats a long post by a sometimes retiring type!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 11, 2006

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My CR cap arrived in the post today!
I have written R2B on the velcro at the back.

And here is a photo of what i look like.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thanks for everyones kind comments!

I have had a few days off since saturday due to weather,work and tiredness.
Got back out there this morning for a short 4.5km.
I had a feeling it would be hard work but not that hard!
I was getting a sore knee was almost breathless at times and i wasn't even running fast just trying to take it easy.Got back feeling like crap.

I wore my heart rate monitor and most of the time i struggled to keep it below 79%Max.
Came home and i just read all the posts on my blog and i feel better.Just going to try and take C2S easy maybe next year for 60mins.Not the end of the world and besides i want to enjoy the day no matter the pace i ran or the place i came.

I am looking forward to meeting many CRs and bloggers who's names and comments i have read yet havent had the pleasure to meet.Hopefully Kevin Tiller posted my CR cap yesterday as he promised and it arrives back tomorrow, cant wait!

Cheers R2B

I have cut and pasted this direct from Hilda's blog and changed it a little

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. McDonalds Kitchen Hand
2. Labourer
3. Refractory Installer
4. Sinter Plant Operator

B) Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Gladiator
2. Matrix 1 -2
3. The Butterfly effect

C) Two places I have lived
1. Gwynneville
2. Balgownie

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Mcleod's Daughters
2. My name is Earl
3. Sunrise

E) Four places I have been on holidays:
1. Poland
2. Malta
3. Italy
4. USA

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Blogger
2. Hotmail
3. CoolRunning
4. My Running Club Website

G) Four of my favourite foods/drinks:
1. Pasta
2. Snitzel
3. Stirfrys
4. Baked dinner

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On the moon!
2. With friends
3. In Italy
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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good training run or really crap race?
You decide.
Turned up at Striders 10k race at Lane Cove National Park.Got up at 4am and Drove the 90 mins in light traffic to get there.I normally wouldn't be bothered to go so far for a run except i was trying to prove something to myself ie if i could run 10k in 41 mins.
On the day Glenn Guzzo was pacing the 40 minute group and the next pacing group was 45 minutes so i predecided to run as far as i could with him knowing i wouldn't be able to hold that pace forever though i would at least do a 5k PB.Glenn hit the pace he was aiming for fairly wellexcept for the first km,we passed 1 km in 3:51 according to his blog and 3km in 12:11 ish (by my garmin that was going a little silly by then,time to upgrade i think but no money)
The pace had got to me by then that and not geting a warmup in.I needed a walk break and as that type of thing goes it was the beginning of
slow catastrophic race failure syndrome

Only a few seconds that stop but enough for everyone to keep charging by me a few meters and when i started again i had lost momentum (all this stuff is great in hindsight isn't it?)
I was pressing lap most of the time when i started walking so i could try and analyze it later but quite frankly i have that many splits that it is a mess!

I passed 5k in about 20:07 or 20:21 mins give or take (new PB as consolation prize) and the top of the course 5.5k in 22:16.Sometime in between these marks,probably half way the 40min pace group rushed past looking good and it was another little nail in my coffin.

Now only 4.5k to home but a long way when your mentally shot and feeling tired.Those 4.5 mostly downhill km took me more than 24mins and i was easily overtaken by the 45min bus pacer CR SPUD who had lost all his passengers but finished in 44:59 not withstanding.

The only bit that was any good (or bad?) was that i had so much in reserve at the end i had no excuse but to sprint the last 6 or 700m to the end,barging past about 5 runners into the chute knocking my garmin flying and taking about 5 mins to find it gathering by the time elapsed on it.

Saw heaps of CRs i recognised from races etc but had never met personally but i was down on myself and not feeling very confident so i just had something to drink and went home.My second worst 10k race to date (injured last time)

In the afternoon i fronted up to the ANSW road relays back in Wollongong and was told we didn't have enough runners to make a B team in the opens so i was left just standing there feeling like a knob after the night before having dramas with my wife about spending the whole day running...she wasnt happy about being woken at 4am as she is a very light sleeper to top things off.

I am very sore now and just need to get this crap off my chest.Sorry for the rant.


Edit:I have some lessons to learn from some experiences lately including this one.Some are more on a spiritual level (eeek that sounds gay!) about mental strength...why i run...and about doing more long runs and training at and near to race pace to give me confidence.Also i need to get back to effective measurement of my training,something which stopped some time after i started blogging :(
Perhaps i can still do this electronically?
Also a mentor/coach and a good training partner would help immensely.

It may sound like a shame to some after all my talk but i think if i can't do 41min for 10k and i only managed 69:45 for 14.4k last fortnight then i am just kidding myself for 60mins C2S.I will try to seek out some 63-65ers at C2S and go with them.

Time to get back to reality of where my training currently is and that is 63-65mins.
Reason is not enough long runs and not enough fitness.Yeah i know two bad runs arn't the end of the world but i do need to get real.As i said to the club handicapper when he added a minute to my handicap at the 9 miler(14.4km) due to my good time at the 3km race 3days before "....theres a world of difference between 3k at the track and 9 miles Gary?!..."This was me thinking i had a shot at handicap honours talking but in reality it is a fact.

Cheers R2B

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Morning 8km pushing Jacob in the pram along bike track 42mins av. 5:15/km.
Today i wore my HRM after it being lost for many moons.
Speed can rise significantly without raising the rate significantly so this is good to know.When i hit my easy pace which i lowered slightly on account of pushing a 10kg baby and large pram my heart rate stayed at 140bpm (70%Max).Decided to keep the heartrate at 140ish BPM easily down for most of the time and had a bit of a play at higher heart rates.It was interesting to note that all i had to do was run at that pace and the heartrate just stayed level.Jacob slept for nearly an hour.

Went home and decided to finish mowing my lawns after breaking the starting cord the previous day.Took me an hour in total.Had lunch late and afterwards i went down for my second run of the day this time sans Jacob.Did a short warmup at easy pace 1km followed by 4*1200m tempo pace runs(4:07/km aim)
Actual results were a little faster and i had to try to slow down for the purpose of this workout to be 100% effective!Which was easier said than done.

1.23km 4:52 3:58/km
1.21km 4:54 4:04/km
1.26km 4:57 3:56/km
1.21km 4:53 4:02/km

4min warmdown

I thought i was underdone in the hills department and it was a little late to smash some in at this stage though we went for a couple of walks pushing the pram up some Ginormous hills which had me breaking into a sweat so i guess this was pseudo cross training in disguise!About as much training as i got in before having to go to work that night at 5:30.

Thursday now 4:15pm and i am just up and blogging....will have to have an easy 40min in the morning after work and then rest of friday to sleep.Don't go back to work for 3 days,good!
Rest day as Saturday i am driving to Sydney early for a punishing double,
Striders 10km at Lane Cove (seems i will have to jump on the only "bus" available the 40min express and hold on!) so a pb is coming!!

Afterwards back to Wollongong for state road relays my leg is 4km and it will probably suffer a bit though i am going to call the team organiser now and explain and hear his reaction.

Wish me my best deserves (and dessert for Tesso!)

Monday, July 31, 2006

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My son baby Jacob

Went for a late night run tonight and came home 16km and 82minutes later at 11:34pm.
Longest run i've done in a while.Average pace 5:07 not too hard but had to concentrate on maintaining proper pacing at the end.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My doggy Basil Posted by Picasa
The question is can i get to the top of Heartbreak Hill in 30ish mins?
Then onto the 10km marker in 43mins?If i can do that without blowing up it's still a possibility to run C2S sub 60min.

Lot of talk and dreaming....hmmmmm

People can't understand why a man runs. They don't see any sport in it. Argue it lacks the sight and thrill of body contact. Yet, the conflict is there, more raw and challenging than any man versus man competition. For in running it is man against himself, the cruelest of opponents. The other runners are not the real enemies. His adversay lies within him, in his ability, with brain and heart to master himself and his emotions.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well after my 3km exertion i went to the race that was going to show me how i was doing in relation to my C2S preperation.

Bottom line i kinda bombed!
14.4km in 69:45
walked a lot of the way.
i will check my splits now...also i have only ran once since saturdays race (30 mins easy)

more soon (must do it this way to get my posts started!)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Very long post alert!
3km W Squared Handicap Race tonight.The clubs most prestigous track race.

Well i knew i would have to do my best.I also knew the handicapper was going to thump me after last fortnights 11:31 PB
The only thing i could do was run my very best and plan on a HUGE pb.

I bolted from the start.Too fast perhaps.

I knew though when i reached around 230m my watch timer beeped 45secs so i was going way too fast (approx 3:15min/km) so i immediately slowed down.Too much maths at the time but i knew way too fast!
I remembered a piece of advice i had heard..."the biggest mistakes made in a distance race usually occur in the first minute."
Well i guess i almost blewup before the race had really started!

Back to the beginning.I arrived early for the race,temperature was soooooooooo cold and the track was wet!I started my warmup wearing tracksuit pants jumper running jacket beanie and scarf over my running gear.I slowly pealed the scarf and jumper off during my warmup of 1km.
Then i took off my trackies at the start line and began to wait until my start time off 6:08.The quicker guys around me seemed to be off starts only a few seconds after me and the bloke who i ran with most of the race two weeks ago was leaving a full 25 seconds before me!I didn't dwell on that or even start to think of it,i had to get my jacket off in a hurry as i was almost up.
I had asked Greg Mackey if he could count my laps so i wouldn't have to think about it as i knew it might be the difference i needed.Wished then i had asked him to take my times too!

The big clock read 6:00 and the handicapper had called my name it was make or break time....6:05 6:06 6:07 6:08 go! and i was gone.I took off like the proverbial rocket against my better wishes but it was nerves.

All through the week i never let it enter my head that i wasn't going to run a PB it was a must for me.Not because i had any evidence or any feeling that i could just that if i thought anything else i was screwed if i was to win this race.Only my highest standard would count if i wanted to win.(No pressure huh?)
I went to sleep dreaming of this race and woke up sore in the legs for several mornings.I plotted and planned.But in the end i realised only a big PB would give me a chance as i knew (and was told) that the handicapper wouldn't make this an easy race for me after embarrassments in previous years by other runners.

My plan was to try to run even 90 sec 400m laps (watch timer set to beep every 45seconds)and ramp it up in the second lap with a 200m sprint for home.This would give me a run of approx 11:15!

Well i forgot that plan somehow in the first couple of seconds and just ran!

I didn't take my lap times.Though Pasco sitting in the stand took them for me,(top bloke!)
He mistook me for another runner with the same shirt to begin with so didn't take my first laps.

I flew along concentrating single mindedly on nothing but task at hand, running as fast as i could and not self destructing!
I was going to pay at some point for the quick start i just hoped it would be after the race was over.I was taking over people in front left and right but it didn't matter i had to keep going.The whole race i never looked over my shoulder for the runners behind me though that was in my plan.Laps passed and i was hurting my hands grasped my hips tightly.Greg was screaming for me to swing my arms-i wanted to walk.But i kept on running my pace had slowed dramatically and i forced my arms to swing again.Up then down again they went as i battled with myself to keep going.
C'mon! I screamed under my breath.It was getting tougher and tougher.Two laps to go and i was straining just to keep going there was no rampup.People were screaming "catch her" the kids in the stands shouting "Go Adrian!"
Barbera Brown was far ahead i thought "i'm not going to catch her!" when i realised she was the only one in front of me She was running at about 5min pace and had sensed victory and picked up her stride.She was way out ahead i began to rev up and was chew up the distance between us with 100 to go i gave it a final burst and was only about 9-10m behind when she crossed the line.I wobbled deliriously to the sideline propping myself up on the fence gasping for air.
I went back on the track head still spinning from oxygen debt!I had run a huge PB.I didnt know by how much but i thought at least 10 seconds.I went over to Barbera and gave her a kiss though i had never met her before.She had run a 13 second personal best and i was delighted for her!I cheered when she was presented the trophy.
I wished it was me but i consoled myself with the memory of a fantastic run and a new burst of confidence.

I had run 11:06.1 for 3km my best ever on a cold and wet track.
A personal best of over 25 seconds!!

230m 45ish (3:15 Pace)
600m 95ish (3:43 Pace)
1000m 87 (1km 3:41 3:41 Pace)
1400m 86
1800m 87 (2km 7:18 3:37 Pace)
2200m 91
2600m 93
3000m 88 (3km 11:06 3:48 Pace)

W-Squared Track Series - 3000m Handicap Final
Place Name Handicap Actual Predicted PB
1 Barbara Brown***2.00** 15.09.2** 15.30 PB
2 R2B ************ 6.08** 11.06.1** 11.22 PB
3 Greg Mott******* 5.59** 11.22.7** 11.31 PB
4 Suzanne Weir**** 2.48** 14.37.7** 14.42
5 Jared Poppett*** 8.10** 9.17.1*** 9.20
6 Craig Sakey***** 6.20** 11.12.2** 11.10
7 Sevgi Girgin**** 4.00** 13.34.3** 13.30
8 Geoff Smith***** 5.51** 11.45.6** 11.31
9 Heather Rutty*** 5.05** 12.33.9** 12.25
10 Drew Ibbotson** 5.42** 11.58.0** 11.48
11 Done Martinoski* 7.39** 10.01.4** 9.51
12 Mike Goody***** 6.20** 11.24.6** 11.10
13 Kerry Auguston* 5.10** 12.38.1** 12.20
14 Paul Di Pietro* 5.59** 11.53.3** 11.31
15 Alison Dickinson 0.00** 17.58.6** 17.30

Ultimately this was a hard fought race and unlike a normal 3km race this one really took it out of me.
Thats all folks.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have made it into My clubs 3km Handicap trophy final this thursday after 3 heats.I am in with a good chance if i can perform on the night and i know i will!
Wish me my just deserts or deserves?!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bansktown 8km splits

1 0:07 34m
2 1:57 500m
3 2:15 627m
4 1:42 500m
5 2:06 500m
6 2:19 500m
7 2:47 571m
8 2:32 500m
9 2:09 500m
10 0:06 4km 18:05 (4258m according to Garth Garminator)
11 2:14 500m
12 2:23 555m
13 2:15 500m
14 2:31 500m
15 0:20 64m
16 0:11 18m (quick walk)
17 2:27 500m
18 1:25 68m
19 0:11 (another quick walk)
20 0:34 176m
21 0:07 18m(walking!)
22 2:29 500m
23 1:33 395m (3730m according to Garth Garminator)for a total of 7988m

Suffice to say Garth goes a little haywire at times so i would love to buy a newie
at some point.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Athletics NSW Short Course Cross Country
Bankstown 'The Crest'
8km (2*4km)


Tough muddy wet course
I was pleased with my effort
Did it tough today as my fingernail marks on my hips will attest.(Bad habit of mine)

More later.

Spark Driver asked about my fingernail marks so i thought i would post my reply to him.

The fingernails....hmmmm well when i get tired i put my hands on my hips.
When i'm hurting i grab hold tight.
The fingernail marks mean i was pinching myself very hard and i still have the scratchy marks from it next day.It's a habit i revert to at times that i would like to do without!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another PB when i wasn't even trying!
Today i went to a club 10k race with the intention of running a 4:20km evenly paced tempo run.
Well that was succesful and with it came a new PB:
I am pleased though now curiosity has got me in its grip and i wonder what i could have done if i was racing?
Factors that helped and hindered me on the day included.
1)I needed to use the toilet but for some unexplained reason it was locked up so i was forced to go 'al fresco' out in the bush.This resulted in me getting to the start line without having warmed up and with my handicap start just passing a few seconds before.
2)New PB at the track two days before.
3)Off i trotted keeping the runner in front(Drew) a uniform distance ahead, it was fairly cold and i was lightly dressed in my flimsy shorts and top.I never had the chance to put my lightweight DS Trainer shoes on.
4)At the 5km mark 20:49 new 5km PB if i can believe Garth Garmin i noticed my shoelace was undone and i knew i needed to stop and tie them both up tightly.
So i picked a point and stopped, the split for that 500m was 2:34 as opposed to the 2:05 average split up until that point so i as it was downhill at that point i lost at least 30 seconds and some momentum.
5)Had the ability to speed up the last 500m but as this was supposed to be a training run i decided not to...25secs blah blah blah

Enough BS now...i now don't know exactly what i might have been capable of?
41mins 42mins?Thats what some of the guys close to me in ability got.

500m splits
1:41 5km 20:49
2:34 Shoelace stop
2:05 10km according to Garth
0:36 10.157km " " " 43:20

Fairly close together considering the course wasn't perfectly flat.
Hmm i will have to have a think about all this.

Edit:I have been considering my C2S goals A and B
A is 60mins
B is 63mins

A has a chance if everything comes together perfectly on the day.
B has a good chance just doing what i am doing.

I will have to find a way of deciding how viable A really is with 5 weeks training left until race day.Any thoughts?

Cheers R2B

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Edit:! Thursday night New 3km PB 11:31!!

Okay i'm back with a brand spanking new computer!

Last week i didn't run freak accident involving bending/lifting my son and a freak sneeze ended up with me at the chiropractor.

It gradually got better each day until the saturday when i went down for a club run unsure of whether i would be able to run the 6km XC circuit or not.
Turned up very early and helped setup though it was mostly done

Decided to have an early warm up to check out the course (3*2km)
i was really sore i my lower back so i rubbed on some Voltarin and borrowed some Paracetamol with the aim of making the run a worthwhile training exercise i thought a tempo run would be ok.After the meds kicked in i felt a lot better.

Anyhow i ran well for XC standard with the splits for each 2km being...
26:03 total
kinda realised i went out a little hard but thought it would be ok.
when i got my second split i thought it was ok but things just fell apart from there which was ironic as i set a new 5km PB in there.Not bad for cross country!

I think it was around 20:50 which means that the final km went down the girgler in 5:10 pace though honestly i didn't feel it drop off so dramatically i only noticed 3 guys that i had overtaken early on rush past me like i was standing still i didnt have much left for a sprint until the last 100m so i was pretty spent but an allright run concidering the circumstances.

I still have a cloud of doubt hanging over me about my 60 min C2S goal though?..
Just not so confident...i dunno maybe i should perk up and stop talking my way out of it?

This week after Saturdays 9km in total i pulled up well in the back and a little tired in the legs.Sunday 12km with some friends ran around Mt Kembla and we took people who had come down from the Wingacarribee for a run.They loved it and want to come again i spent most of my time with Steve Mlacic chatting away about his glory days.Afterwards everyone was invited to Louis and Lindas for a slapup Brunch but i thought it wiser to rejoin the family as Carrie (my wife) is complaining about my time spent away from family.

Night shift monday night so ran first thin tuesday morning 8km in 42 mins.Went to bed got up went to tuesday arvo training did 3*1250m intervals around the lighthouse...tough warmup 2.1km laps 4:52 5:01 5:08 4mins walk and jog between each.
2*200m sprint interval to finish and 1.5km warmdown and straight into car back home picked up workgear...wife not happy and left for work again!!

total so far this week 36km

Wednesday night now tossing up whether to have a run or not?

Thats it for now
Cheers R2B

Friday, June 23, 2006

iv'e had some computer problems with XP
and now my computer has crashed!
no posts for a while and i won't havent been able to reply/check out yours doh!

cya later

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I didn't come last!
94th past the line
3mins better than last year!

Stopwatch (When i pressed the lap button!)
9:54 2km (av 4:57)
9:06 4km (av 4:33) (end of first lap)
4:25 5km
10:07 7km (av 5:04)
15:33 10km (av 5:11)
3:24 11km
5:44 12km

Garth Garmin
18:51 18:51 first lap 4km (av 4:43)
37:06 18:15 second lap 8km (av 4:34)
58:13 21:05 third lap 12km (av 5:16)

Didn't realise Superflake was so close my have to watch better in future.He finished in 91st place.
Had a good run but didn't have much gas left at the end for a sprint.
Obviously i tired a fair bit in the final lap so something to work on!

Ran for 40mins easy today covered 7km pushing the pram while my baby boy slept average 5:43 mins/km

Cheers R2B

Friday, June 16, 2006

I am procrastinating about going out for a run so this post ought to clear that!I am a little tired from night shift but i postponed yesterday afternoons run until now.I havent missed a session in several weeks and things are progressing well.
I am running at least 5 and sometimes 6 days a week and i have even run twice in the one day!

Run for today 40 minutes easy @5:18 av. pace
I try to keep to this pace but its hard with the hilly terrain that i run on.I get a good guide from Garth Garmin though...

Ok im off!

I'm back!
40:36 mins covered 8km average pace 5:04/km....a little fast but still ok.
It can be tough to try to run slowly while still keeping a cadence of 180 steps per minute but i'm getting better at it.

Tomorrow i am running for my club at the state long course XC champs!
Can't wait for it this year,last year i came dead last in the open race and pretty much came near to last overall so an improvement should be on the cards.

I am planning on running the 3*4km laps as follows.

Lap 1 remaining in calm control and not going out too hard
Lap 2 cruise at tempo pace
Lap 3 pick it up a bit

All this will probably go out the window by tomorrow but at least i started with a plan :)

The hills in this run are so steep that a lot of runners walk up them and make time on those hardcore enough to want to run them!

More tomorrow,wish me the result i deserve.

Cheers R2B

Saturday, June 10, 2006

So Where The Bloody Hell Were You? ......................

It has been a long time between posts hasn't it?
I have had stuff to say but haven't got around to it so it has just built up and I have procrastinated as a result!!
My solution is to just blog from today and if I get a chance to fill in the blanks I will.

So a short blank filler now...
I am still healthy and uninjured woohoo!!
I have been training for the City 2 Surf for a couple of weeks now.
Before that I was in recovery mode.I am happy to say I feel 100% over my injury!!
I have been steadily increasing my training and I am running as well and better than pre setback!

Okay then back to new business.

New 3km PB
I woke up at 0520 Wednesday morning and felt like crap because I hadn't slept well but still had to go to work so off I trundled to my 12hour shift in the saltmines. Just kidding I am enjoying my new job and it feels like I have been there for ages not a measly 6 weeks.
After work I went to the heated pool for my second ever stroke correction class (mid April last one) I was going to run first but my car ran out of petrol in the driveway to a service station!Of course the service station was closed! But it did have Eftpos to make the pumps work yea!
So I was still in the driveway but couldn't manage to push the car up the driveway... It was dark on a lonely industrial street so I eventually waved down a passing car yea! The bloke in it as a stroke of luck was a guy I had just met the day before and he was about to do me his second favour in 2 days,what a champ! Good Karma also as I believe it was his cousin (No proof only motive and opportunity with his towtruck)
who stole my uninsured car last year(refer to post way back)
Simon helped push my car to the bowser and even used his card for the petrol as I only had cash after my wife borrowed my card.

Anyhow you can see why I've been procrastinating about the bucket loads I could have written!!

Back to the pool I swam for almost an hour and was tuckered by the end!!
Went home and was asleep on the lounge by 8.

Back to work and after that went straight to the track.
Quick warmup...Two laps slowly on the outside lane and a 100metre pickup.
Will look on Cool Running for distance of outside lane?

Now down to business!
On the way to the start line I spoke to Ward who is generally about my speed or a bit quicker before my injury. He said he would be happy with sub 12mins and I concurred. Decided to run with him. Last weeks 3km (12:09)was the first time since injury I had tried anything quicker than about 5min/km pace and I was chuffed with that result and thought I could improve it by a few seconds soon enough. At the startline I did feel a little tired but you know that isn't always a good guide in a short race anyhow I have come to realise.

Lap****Time***Split**Lap Pace**Km/Pace***Comment
400m***1:30***90*****3:45**************Quick Start
800m***3:07***97*****4:03**************Got back to pace
1000m**3:52***45*****3:45******3:52****Good Pace
1600m**6:16***97*****4:03**************Felt Hard Work
2000m**7:51***94*****3:55******3:59****Happy with Time
2400m**9:23***92*****3:50**************Felt Good
2800m****?*****?*******?***************Was committed to running Hard
3000m**11:33**130****3:35******3:42****Last 100m was a big sprint not much left

A big new PB for me!I screamed out YEAH! At the top of my gasping lungs woohoo! 3:51/km average!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cheers R2B (the not dead)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ran 2.75km easy with doggy had a 3min break while i fiddled with my watch and then another 2.75km easy.
Splits 15.04 and 15.01.

Thursday Night i went down to the track only had time for two laps warmup though i was wearing my new running tights so that was enough as i planned to take it fairly easy.Lined up at the start and when the gun went off i jogged with CR runner bee's daughter for 3km all evenly paced and felt a little slow at 5min pace ...crossed the 3km line in 14:51 (4:57/km) so i decided to pick up the last 2km and proceed to run the next five laps in 8:10 (4:05/km) with a "sprint" finish to the end in 23:01 mins!!
2 laps cooldown.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I have had 3 runs since returning from injury.

1) good warmup then 10mins around the parks concrete pathway (need to have flat surface to prevent rolling ankle again)

2)next day same as above except 3*5min jog 1min walk

3)went out with the intention of running 10 mins short break then another 10 mins at around 5:30 pace ran about 12mins at this pace as i was going to extend it a little before i saw one of my clubmates and turned to run with him he was taking it easy and i ran with him while i was labouring for breath a little at 4:35 pace according to garth garmin.Next day i feel a tiny stiff from that as my body is not used to it just yet.
covered 3.43km in 18mins total for an average pace of 5:15min/km.

4)Taking doggy out for a jog tonight tommorrow night 5km easy at the track
Rest on friday and 5km XC on saturday (probably run easy and carefully,must run this race as is part of my clubs pointscore series)

In two weeks i will test myself out on the track with a TT and use this as a basis for a new program.

Any opinions on my returning to training etcetera?

Cheers R2B