Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I have had 3 runs since returning from injury.

1) good warmup then 10mins around the parks concrete pathway (need to have flat surface to prevent rolling ankle again)

2)next day same as above except 3*5min jog 1min walk

3)went out with the intention of running 10 mins short break then another 10 mins at around 5:30 pace ran about 12mins at this pace as i was going to extend it a little before i saw one of my clubmates and turned to run with him he was taking it easy and i ran with him while i was labouring for breath a little at 4:35 pace according to garth garmin.Next day i feel a tiny stiff from that as my body is not used to it just yet.
covered 3.43km in 18mins total for an average pace of 5:15min/km.

4)Taking doggy out for a jog tonight tommorrow night 5km easy at the track
Rest on friday and 5km XC on saturday (probably run easy and carefully,must run this race as is part of my clubs pointscore series)

In two weeks i will test myself out on the track with a TT and use this as a basis for a new program.

Any opinions on my returning to training etcetera?

Cheers R2B


Tesso said...

Good to see you easing back into it R2B! Here's hoping its smooth sailing from here on end.

PS Considering my situation I don't think I should offer anyone training advice!

2P said...

Sounds like you are doing just fine R2B ;-)

Superflakes blog might be a good one to review.

robtherunner said...

Nice and easy comeback so you can be back to full strength, healthy, and pain free. Good to hear it is going well thus far.

Hilda said...

The stiffness should be only about starting over, I wonder what else you felt. Hope just fine!

Spark Driver said...

Great progresive training there R2B. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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