Wednesday, May 03, 2006

With update

Got my Xray after getting a referal from medical centre doctor who wanted me to come back and charge me to read the radiologists report to me.Didn't happen :)

The lowdown on the radiology doctor's report ..."At this stage no significant evidence of healing.No previous films available"

What The!

I am taking the first Xray from 4 weeks ago and this new one to my Trauma Surgeon friend for a second opinion.Comparing the Xrays i think i can see at least some improvement and it hasn't hurt for a while.

Will post more tonight.

Injury Management

Cheers R2B

Tom says i can run!!

I will build up slow walk jog for a few days then walk run.
1/3 load first week
1/2 load second week
3/4 load third week
Full load fourth week

Then ten weeks 'til C2S 2006!
I think i will continue to swim and ride a little also for extra fitness and less stress on body and mind.

Cool Bananas i'm back!

Edit:Return to running!

This morning i headed out ...warmed up with
walk 3 mins downhill jog 2 mins uphill repeated 3 times

then i jogged 10 mins around a flattish circuit before walking home pain free! Woohoo!


Tesso said...

Yay!!! That's fantastic news.

C2S seems so close when you break the training weeks down like that. Yikes!

Ewen said...

I like the gradual comeback plan R2B. Good news!

Spark Driver said...

Thats the way. If you don't like the first oppion...get a second one. Keep up the cross training, you are doing well for this frustrating time.

allrounder said...

that's great news R2B...never doubt the value of a second opinion (or a third, or...)...

take it easy though and stick to your plan!

2P said...

Nice one R2B hope the rehab plan progresses positively.

Lora said...

I've learned it's all about listening to your body--tho, sometimes we just don't like what it's saying!!
Congrats on being back!! Nothing in the world like being pain free!!

Black Knight said...

Return to running: the best music for our ears!

olga said...

Hurray for a come-back!

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear there was no pain. Good luck with the recovery.

Lulu said...

That's great R2B. Take it easy on the comeback!

Steve said...

That's great, at least you're now on your way. I'll give you a third opinion if you

Shane said...

Great News R2B, hope it all goes well and you can get back into some serious training for the C2S.

BeanieBum said...

Congrats R2B! Here's to a happy and pain-free comeback.

Tesso said...

I like the word 'pain' when its followed by the word 'free' :-)

Anonymous said...

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