Thursday, February 22, 2007

New 5km XC PB 18:54 last tuesday!

and new 3000mPB (track Shane)10:48 tonight!(3:30 first km so a Pb there as well!)

Sorry the blogging has been almost non existent it's hard to run alot and spend much blogging time!
On the upside my 5km times have dropped by about 2 mins this season and if i keep it up for the final race next tuesday then i may have a chance of further personal glory :)


Oh 6 Ft you ask? training going well and only missed one long run (last week,poor week actually) but too late to catchup as it's taper time!
Now will i be able to back up for Canberra?Who fact i am not sure what pace i might be capable of not withstanding those silly pace calculators!
Anyway i will try to be back with more soon.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

New 3000m PB!

10:56 mentally tough but not so tough physically? Go figure
Nice even splits

off to Sydney now running Megalong to Pluviometer fatass in the morning!

wish me luck!
cheers R2B