Friday, July 29, 2005

Ahah well
the soreness has subsided and on tuesday i went for a fartlek run.
ended up doing about 10 ks and a 43:50 time so this is like a pb time for training!!
um its Friday now and i haven't run again for various reasons.
tomorrow ANSW road relays are in Wollongong and i will compete it the opens before heading off to airport and a week in Melbourne for Anthony Robbins' Wealth Mastery.
I need it.
Car got stolen yesterday morning with no insurance.
Boss told me i cant have holidays either.
Anna just called to ask me when i am coming down....
time i started to move my ISTJ ass.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ran in ANSW road relays in Wollongong on the weekend i was second runner in the B team and had a pleasing personal best of 16:36 for the 4km average 4:09 pace and then dashed off to go to Melbourne.Hoping to get some runs in down there.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I woke up at 3:30 Am. I was in pain!!!!
I ran the nine miler(14.4km) yesterday and had a satisfying 68:50 Pb!Much better than last years 78.59
But i was so caught up in it and post race beers that i forgot to warm down and ive been paying for it.
I couldnt get back to sleep and when i got up i couldnt walk properly either.So i slapped on a heap of ice gel and limped off to work.I knew i would be driving the forklift today and if it got too bad i'd just have to come home.But thankfully as i warmed up it felt better though i will be paying for the next few days i am sure.
Ran with Pasco most of the way who was good enough to provide some solid encouragement and was a good pace setter and i keep with him until 5km to go.None the less he was only about 200metres ahead of me at the finish so i was happy with that.
I guess i may be able to set my C2S goal this year a little higher from 70 to 65mins.

Cheers R2b

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm Back from Hamilton Island and have immediately got a cold!
I am racing on Saturday the "Nine Miler" at Mt Kembla and will have to be feeling better by then fingers crossed.
I will post tommorrow and let you know my training for the last week.

Cheers R2B

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fartlek tonight
Ran to towradgi pools felt good so i ramped it up a little and arrived about 30 seconds b4 the mob (who were taking it easy i must add).
On the way back i started running with Sophie but she was too quick for me and left me behind.
Overall it was 8.2 km at average of 4:30 pace

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Running 2 Become

Just did a long interval session
planned to do 4*1000m at 4:00 pace but bombed out
doh doh doh!
first at 4:08
second at 3:45
too fast and last ones were too hard to finish 600m
and 450m

hmmm i'll run on hamilton tonight to redeem!!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I guess after sleeping on it yesterdays race wasn't too bad i had just hoped to reach my handicap and i missed it by about 10 secs...nothing much over 10km but hmmmmmm!

my splits were as follows

so a couple of quick ones at the start and a couple of slow ones around the drink stations.
i will turn up more hydrated next time and wont stop for a drink.

I didnt do any incantations in the race as i forgot,perhaps they would have helped me to feel stronger and not do so much walking.

I can see when ive slowed down it takes a while to speed back up again.
Pasco gave me some advice at about the 1 km mark and told me to loosen my shoulders up and i realised i was rather tense also he asked if i was going too fast and i replied with a grin "maybe!"

well its two weeks 'til the nine miler now and i think i ought to get a run in up there today before i go on holidays to hamilton on tuesday (should try to get in a few runs up there as well)
I will read my new book ULTRA MARATHONMAN about DEAN KANAZES which i am really looking forward to this book was my prize for our 2nd place effort in the trivia night last week
anyhow ciao R2B

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Change of plans my nephews mum and dad were sick so Sams 3rd birthday party was called off.
in response i got to have a sleep in and went to KJ race at 3pm
it wa a 10km race i finished in 44:35 a pb but i felt like i was capable of better so a little downish about that!!!!
Any how i will explain more in my next post
cheers R2B]

Friday, July 08, 2005

Thanks everyone for welcoming me to blogging!!!!!
id better go to bed now as im on nightshift ATM and need to get some sleep
cheers R2B
im a bit slack with this blogging lark lol!
ran at the uni with Ray Wales today a fairly tough(havent done it b4) sort of course no warmup straight into it
ran with ray 95% of the way and wanted to stop numerous times when we were 800m to go he encouraged me to take off and i did for a finish i hope to beat in subsequent weeks

after my holiday to Hamilton island on tuesday!yippee
and on traveling i am going to stay at my friend Annas house in Melbourne at the end off the month when i head down to Wealth Mastery with Tony Robbins so i will be a busy boy.

training is going well this week and i am planning on running 16km with Phil on Sat morning straight after night shift, i will do my best to keep up with him!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Running 2 Become

Went to tuesday nights fartlek.
We ran 2.4km to warm up then we did 10*400m intervals with 90sec rest between them.I thought i might like to do them in 96 secs each (4:00 pace)but some how the first one ended up at 80 secs then
80 82 85 after 8 of these i had to lay down for for the 90 secs i was stuffed!Anyhow i let everyone go do another 2 and when they went again (5mins break?) I was recharged and ran a 74! that really puffed me again and had a 88 for the final.Ran the 2.4km back as a cooldown all in all a good session for me and i was able to keep with Mark most of the time but i know he wasnt pushing hard.

Cheers R2B

Monday, July 04, 2005


Forgot to add,
We went KJ's trivia night last night and we were invited to sit at theMontefiore's table.
Our table including Carrie myself and Wayne's wife and daughters Leigh and Roslyn and her friend Kim and boyfriend Greg?
We went really well and came second after the nine question tiebreaker we eventually lost " the glowworm a male or female of its species?" The answer being the female.

Also i was very happy that i did the whole lap of mt Kembla 9 miler without stopping!!!!!

This evening i did 30 mins easy jogging with 10:03 mins in the middle to do the Wellington drive circuit.

More tommorrow R2B

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well after spending all of Friday painting and not having ran since Tuesday (9.13km in 45 mins,track closed on Thursday due to heavy rain) i continued with putting first coat on bathroom all day saturday.

Until about 1.45pm when i hurriedly had to rush to Mt Kembla if i was going to make it for 2pm run around the mt.Got there aproximately on time and went up to winding gully to check it out.....stopped to speak with Bill Williamson and listen to his sage advice in his lilting irish accent.Well now i was definately late!Ok so i will go to the scramble track, sprint down and catch up....drove up towards it and past MC et al running down and changed my mind.Decided i would be social and run with them,so id better get back to windy gully.Anyhow got back and had about 2 mins before it was time to run again.

Started out at a reasonable pace and decided that i wasnt going to stop for my whole lap around the mountain and didnt that pay off!My longest distance without stopping and my qickest time around the mountain ever a whopping 5:30 PB!!! in 73:30!

I am stoked and will continue to due this run to gauge my fitness and improvement ability.
Maybe i can find someone running at my pace to do it with that would be great.