Friday, July 29, 2005

Ahah well
the soreness has subsided and on tuesday i went for a fartlek run.
ended up doing about 10 ks and a 43:50 time so this is like a pb time for training!!
um its Friday now and i haven't run again for various reasons.
tomorrow ANSW road relays are in Wollongong and i will compete it the opens before heading off to airport and a week in Melbourne for Anthony Robbins' Wealth Mastery.
I need it.
Car got stolen yesterday morning with no insurance.
Boss told me i cant have holidays either.
Anna just called to ask me when i am coming down....
time i started to move my ISTJ ass.


CJ said...

Hope your luck improves. But good run - you should be pleased with that!

plu said...


Hang in there what a series of events. PLu

speedygeoff said...

Tomorrow is another day. (not like this one, that is). "Good Times" are just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouragement guys!
it always helps
i had a nice slow run around the Tan in Melbourne today ....pretty cool but these dont know what a hill is!
honestly anderson street is a pushover!\

allrounder said...

hi R2B, thanks for visiting my blog...

might see you at the C2S!