Friday, August 12, 2005

Hi Guys,
no running means no posts.
I have down with the flu and the only run i got was pre sickness run around the famous "TAN" in Melbourne.

It is quite a pretty track and measures 3.827Km from the markers placed every 250m along the way.Ran up the Anderson street hill section and i didnt think it was that steep.

I took the run easy and just soaked in the atmosphere. In the last 400m i couldnt help myself though and let go for a final lunge at the line.

Total time 18:09 average pace 4:44.

Will have to see how this lay off has affected my C2S race time on the weekend.Looks like i will have to go back to work in the afternoon also so no rest for the wicked.

CU soon R2B


allrounder said...

that's no good but glad to see you back blogging...

sunday's looking like a great day!

CJ said...

Good luck for Sunday. Hope you're feeling better.