Monday, August 15, 2005

What can i say?
Ran the C2S yesterday.
Finished in about 74:19 watchtime.
Wasnt a great run but ive decided not to be down on myself as that would be pointless.

My lead up with the week in Melbourne plus the flu affected my preparations.I didnt do any hill work.

The work problems i've been having in those two weeks also effected me psycologically,so on race day i didnt feel the "killer instinct" in me.I just wanted to walk all the time so i did!
After the race i hung around with my brother in law and friends til it was time for me to head off back to work.I left at 11:44 am figuring 1 hour was plenty of time to get to Central station for the train home.An old school buddy saw me and so i stopped for a 5 minute chat.Then i walked to the bus stops and agonised on my decision to get on the st James express as it lumbered through traffic and i eventually missed my train.Next train would get me home late.I could not afford to be late for work so i hopped on the next southbound and tried to call Carrie to pick me up from Sutherland.Well phone cuts out so no go.When i got off train and called her she was not impressed but rushed up to get me and we got back to the Gong and my work just as the shuttle bus into the steelworks arrived phew!

Lots of excuses i know but on the positive side at least i can get past all that for next year!
At least i am healthy and uninjured!At least every day above ground is a great day!
I am a fortunate man and a little self reflection has reminded me of that.

I am ready to move forward again.

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Luckylegs said...

Self-reflection is a wonderful tool; and you have said it so well, RtoB; good to hear that you are ready to move forward....not much to be gained by moving backwards! Hope all goes well for you & your goals for next year.