Monday, November 20, 2006

Todays post may be a little bit of a may help me organize my thoughts a little better.

Ok the day before last weeks "water episode" i ran the 5km Goat race as featured in runners world magazine.I came 7th on net time.It was a tough run straight after nightshift and as it was a self seeded handicap i ran solo off 5mins.Next time i will go off scratch.First part was just constant uphill and i hade brought my Heart Rate Monitor along for this purpose to prevent a blowup.Kept the heartrate at 90% for this section and felt that it would be no time before the back marker Fats would catch up.Had a flat section of several hundred metres but struggled to catch my breath before the next uphill.That was the last flat before the 100m finishing straight where i fell face first into a "puddle" which was about thigh deep and grazed my elbow and side.Laughed my head off after scrambling the final 30m to the finish.Only Robert saw it happen due to tree cover!Ran back the long way and chatted to Kit Amjan and Fats (who came first in net time but well back after a 15minute handicap!)

Felt a bit flat and or sick this week.Ran on Friday morning w/ Sophie.
11km in 47:48 (4:20/km) didn't feel that fast at the time but explains why i was a bit tired afterwards.Felt a bit crook at work afterwards too.

Saturday went to the track for relay for life.Ran about 11km and felt crap most of the time.Thought afterwards did i drink enough?Had a quicker lap at 80 seconds to see if i could shake out the cobwebs.Didn't work straight away but after a few more laps i felt a little better.Carrie and Jacob came down to watch and had a good time watching the inside track entertainment.When i left i had completed the most laps of anyone on my team but surely someone would knock that off?

Had an Epsom salt bath to relax my tired muscles.Felt better but decided to can Sundays planned long run just in case.Besides with next weekends 32km escarpment classic on a taper wouldn't be such a bad idea!

I am about to try to get a program written down for the lead up to 6' which will take into consideration my shifts and the amount and type of training i should be doing.

went to Stalky's training session at Bulli Tuesday last week... arrived after the warmup but got in the dynamic stretching drills (all new to me) and finished with some hill running.I will be back tomorrow for more.

I am more concerned with the qualifying than the 6' itself somehow.
Also the question of the inconvenient Black Stump run (striaght after 12hr nightshift on new years day)or the 12 hour coastal classic with less pressure to perform.Probably not on to do both.Also what would be enough at CC to allow me to qualify for 6 foot?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Cheers R2B

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hmmm feeling ho hum today....had a massive weekend.
Ran on Thursday at track 1 mile warmup 3km in 11:28 without sprint finish and 5.4km "cooldown" as i have decided if i run i might as well run at least 10km whenever i can as a time factor thing.Finished these on my own with abot 4 laps of "fartlek" style hard on the straights and jog the bend.

Friday 1hr walk with Jacob...walked to the top of very steep Brokers road and we were invited in to Jane's house for a coffee...hadn't seen her for ages since i changed departments at work...she was great and didn't mind Basil my doggy running about!
Jacob loved it too once he had warmed to her and young Charlotte(4).Left and kept walking until i had to avoid the firebrigade attending a gas leak a block away from home.Got home and in the arvo manage only an hour sleep in prep. for nightshift that evening.After Nightshift i came home had some breaky and went back out to race the Brokers Nose Goat Race as mentioned in this edition of Runners World.Came 6th in 30 mins something for the 5km.Very tough race i was alone in the self seeded 5 min handicap start as the bulk took off at scratch only Fats leaving last off 15mins and 2 others off 10 mins.

Went home had 5hours sleep and back to work.In the morning Sophie and i had planned our long run from Towradgi Beach to Headlands Hotel (approx. 23km)
I had invited Darren a guy i had recently met along (17:30/5km) we ran at a decent pace out 4:40ish most of the way but i really struggled to keep as it escalated on the way home.With about 2km to go my right knee just tightened on me suddenly...i decided this was a wake up call to slow down,Sophie and Darren were already well ahead but turned back to see if i was ok.I explained the situation before starting to run again .... 3,4 steps ugh no good.I told them to go and i would catch up.Walked next km,had a stretch out and felt good enough for a slow trot.Got to about 21.1 km in 103mins (Half marathon PB 104:57)
Sophie and Darren had come back for me...i was so tired i had started to sing silly songs to myself ( a sure sign i was buggered )
Got there and layed on the concrete felt so comfortable!

Sophie suggested we all go for a dip in the Ocean...good idea i thought.Told Darren i wasn't a real good swimmer though i know Sophie is.
I jumped right in and it felt good on my tired legs.
Before i knew it Sophie and Darren had decided to go back to shore.They were about 20metres closer than me at this stage.

I headed back too.I was padling but i didn't seem to be going anywhere...they had reached the beach and were chatting,it took me a few minutes in my addled state to realise that i was caught in a rip.I tried not to panic...i tried to swim across it but it was no good.I waved my right arm frantically I think Darren waved back.I was panicking.
I thought i was finished, i was scared.I have been caught in a rip before but this was different.That time i thought that if i went under someone would rescue me.This time i felt 1 million miles away and nobody could save me.There were no life guards no flags nearby...Darren and Sophie were chatting away just 50metres away.
And i was drowning.My legs were so tired from the run my arms weren't taking me anywhere.I really thought i was fucked as the big waves started to crash on me.
I heard a bell ... a surfing contest was on ... a surfer was making his way out back the quickest way he could...through the rip!
Oh my god he's seen me!
Shit no mellow drama here he gives me a hand up onto his board and takes me in.

Cant remember much from then on.Regained my sense of humour quickly and was making jokes again...Darren and Sophie thought i was showing off by going so far out...
Was shaking for ages.

Went home and slept the sleep of the dead and went to work that night exhausted again.Drained just by the thought of it all...Monday i had the day off all physical activities.

Tuesday sort of recovered no rest for the wicked must mow my lawns today...
Race tonight at 5:45pm 5km XC.First i may go and see Stalky at Bulli for a training session but take it really easy.

Thats all R2B

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Had awesome run today 20-22 km in 2:10 from Sandon point to Brokers Nose and back.Same as KJ's run other weekend that i couldn't get to.

Sophie and i decided to run it as an easy pace long run.Run starts at about sea level and rises to 445m ASL at the turnaround at Brokers Nose Trig.

Saw Ryan Gregson, Murray Smith, and ?(Barry Keem?)near the start of the bush part of the run looking strong as always (not surprising as Ryan came 24th Junior in World Mountain running Champs, Barry won the Fitroy Falls Mara and Murray's normal training partner is Kerryn McCann!)

It was an early start for us in the soon to be overcast and drizzly weather.
Sophie was charging up the hills and i tried to keep running but had a few walk breaks and caught up on my speciality the downhills.Run was really nice and was great to cover my third longest ever distance and still feel ok at the end so obviously the training is working.

No problems with low blood sugar this time Ewen as i sucked on a "Carb ShotZ" gel during the run,thanks for the advice!Was really thirsty towards the end of the run as we decided to seek water along the course (didn't find any though) instead of carrying water due to the cold and wet weather.

Some spills were had but recovered from after the mud went dry and i stopped laughing!

Had monday off as planned and Tuesday was to wet after work for my planned hill session so my next run was today.Ran for an hour (57mins) through the drizzle and cold but as Minersrun says..."no run is too long with good company!" Went from Towradgi Beach to Woonona Pool and return. Not sure the exact distance but at least 12.5km and into the wind and spray coming home.I once said this was my favourite part of running in jest but today i enjoyed the extra resistance.

Tommorow i will run twice a tough 4.2km circuit at the uni and a 5km track race in the evening times may be similar with an even effort.

Cheers R2B

Ps lots of lurkers have outed themselves in private conversation and it's nice to know you care :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The morning run went well!
Had an easy hour and i thought i would test it out with some hills which were taken easily.Then ran down towards the coast.After the run i was AOK (95% anyway) Thought i still would play it by ear.That was 6 days off running.

Next day Tuesday was my clubs 5km race at the Yacht club cycleway a fast course.With a little bit of wind behind me and trying not to run too hard i hit the halfway in 9:43 but felt fine "comfortably hard" i have been calling it.

But at around the 3km mark cramp hit me in the right side just below the ribs and in customary style the hands hit the hips....Slowly the people i had over taken earlier in the race started coming back to me.I was in a lot of pain but i knew i would be ok,though it really hurt.I tried the Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmour" technique ie. while i squeezed my sides i yelled out "happy place...happy place...happy place" the runners around me probably thought i was mad but it helped a little to disasociate and think of cocktails while lounging in a hammock!
It was a long way to go and i succumbed to a little walking but i got going again despite it.
Approaching 500m to go Chris and another guy caught up to me but i was determined to keep going with them as their pace didn't hurt much extra.100m to go i wasn't going to let him overtake me due to cramp like our last race and just dug deep and "sprinted" towards the line to pip him!!!
I crashed down and when i caught my breath i let out an exalted yelp of happiness for being able to get to the end through the pain!!The cramp was still with me for another 15mins but it was under control.It was nice that a lot of runners were concerned for me (i am sure they would have been with all the grunting i was doing i sound like i was in labour i am sure!)

Anyhow the result was a 3second pb.I know i have a lot more to give there too.
I am writing this post Wednesday morning and achilles is ok again...last night i iced it because it went to only 80% so i will have to be careful for a while still.Finished in 20:47 two seconds faster than last race (PB)
Thursday morning now and feeling ok again.

Cheers R2B