Sunday, January 28, 2007

Race Report:

Had a pretty good run today but i have "rediscovered" a problem with my running i have had for a while and feel it's time to make a concerted effort to conquer it!

Arrived for the run and had a short warmup but this wasn't a problem as i took off running easy.It was an approximately 13km course round trip out and back.It started i am guessing at 30 odd metres above sea level and climbed to approximately 400m ASL.Finished in 65:07

First half 37:26

Second half 27:41

So over this short distance i had a decent run and kept fairly focus but was aware of my intensity of effort fluctuating due to the "surges" i wasn't adequately controlling.

The problem:My hill running pacing is shocking and i found myself surgeing and waning on all the uphills.I know that the other runners around me were catching up then i would surge ahead again perhaps continuing and perhaps walking.

I am concerned about how this is going to affect my run at 6 foot and whether i should abandon the running of hills and attempt to just power walk them instead or a mix?

Reading the threads on Cool Running has made the race tactics a bit clearer but i need some good advice to help me with my pacing issues also it annoys some of the people i run with...

Advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers R2B

Friday, January 26, 2007

Haven't posted in ages so here goes!

Training for 6 foot is going reasonably well but not as consistant as i would like.
doing my long runs and have done 2 * 4hr runs with black stump and the escarpment classic so i know that i fell fairly crap by then!

With only around six weeks to go i think i will sit down and write a fairly firm program to cover the days i am not working.

Going for a 2hr training run with Sophie and Colin tommorow morning at 6am (eek!)

On sunday i will race the Bulli to Rixons pass race (13km) and probably do it again slowly as my long run.

I have invited my Navy mate along for that one so i will be interested to see how he goes as he is mentally very tough but probably not physically prepared for this one.

Report later R2B

Monday, January 08, 2007

I Ran "Beyond the Black Stump" fatass run on new years day straight after my 12hr nightshift.I completed the difficult 33km course in 3:5x and in doing so qualified for 6 ft track trail marathon!

I have approximately 10 weeks to go now and im sure i will be busy!

Cheers R2B