Monday, January 08, 2007

I Ran "Beyond the Black Stump" fatass run on new years day straight after my 12hr nightshift.I completed the difficult 33km course in 3:5x and in doing so qualified for 6 ft track trail marathon!

I have approximately 10 weeks to go now and im sure i will be busy!

Cheers R2B


Shane said...

Considering you have run a 33k event in the last week, I'm sure that 10 weeks training will be enough for you to post a good time at 6ft.

I agree it will be a busy time, but just think how rewarding it will be to finish such a tough race.

Ewen said...

Fantastic R2B! Plenty of hills near you, so no problems training for 6'. See you in the last wave :)

Em said...

Well done on qualifying, especially after such a long night at work.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Yes, great effort to qualify there, R2B. I'm curious as to whether you were in a more relaxed frame of mind after doing shift work?

2P said...

Nice work with the qualification R2B - CU in March ;-)

running uphill said...

Great run especially after a long shift. Look forward to reading about your training for 6ft.

Clairie said...

10 WEEKS...mmm no probs.

Good luck with the plan for 6ft. I look forward to reading about your training and the race itself.

Scott said...

Good to hear your getting in plenty of milage before 6ft. How's your achilles handling it all?

Tesso said...

Congrats on the qualifier!

So, have you checked your shifts for the 6ft weekend?

Horrie said...

I think you need to run straight after all night shifts more in the future. You absolutely smashed it at the Black Stump run. I knew you would have no problems qualifying for 6 Foot. Enjoy the training over the next couple of months. 6 Foot Race Day is one of my favourites of the year.

Raymond Rowell said...

congrats on qualifying for 6ft, Black stump was a hard race and you ran it well, good work man.

robtherunner said...


runliarun said...

When do you sleep? Do you ever sleep?

Black Knight said...

Good job!

CJ said...

Well done! Enjoy your training - it will be hard work (speaking from experience here!)

PortRunr said...

Congratulations on such a great run and on qualifying in tough circumstances. Enjoy the training...hope it all goes well for you!

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Mat said...

Good work on qualifying! I look forward to reading about your experience.

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Don Juan said...

Congratulations, you'll blitz the course on race day.

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