Friday, January 26, 2007

Haven't posted in ages so here goes!

Training for 6 foot is going reasonably well but not as consistant as i would like.
doing my long runs and have done 2 * 4hr runs with black stump and the escarpment classic so i know that i fell fairly crap by then!

With only around six weeks to go i think i will sit down and write a fairly firm program to cover the days i am not working.

Going for a 2hr training run with Sophie and Colin tommorow morning at 6am (eek!)

On sunday i will race the Bulli to Rixons pass race (13km) and probably do it again slowly as my long run.

I have invited my Navy mate along for that one so i will be interested to see how he goes as he is mentally very tough but probably not physically prepared for this one.

Report later R2B


Shane said...

Good to hear from you again and nice to see that everything is going well. No injuries is a major bonus.

Good luck with the race on Sunday and hope you find a bit more time for some extra training.

Superflake said...

Pity about Sophie. Hope you can get out and do some more training. Wouldn't want you short on time for Six Foot.

Black Knight said...

Welcome back to the blogsphere. Good luck for sunday and don't forget that you are.....the first assassin!

Tuggeranong Don said...

Yep, being injury free is the main thing and getting through each week without a niggle is a blessing.

Ewen said...

I hope the race goes well - sounds like a tough one, let alone doubling it to a long training run.

Keep a balance with those 6' training runs - it can be easy to knock yourself about by doing too much.

2P said...

Yeah - wondered where you got to.

Glad to here things are going along well.