Friday, June 23, 2006

iv'e had some computer problems with XP
and now my computer has crashed!
no posts for a while and i won't havent been able to reply/check out yours doh!

cya later

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I didn't come last!
94th past the line
3mins better than last year!

Stopwatch (When i pressed the lap button!)
9:54 2km (av 4:57)
9:06 4km (av 4:33) (end of first lap)
4:25 5km
10:07 7km (av 5:04)
15:33 10km (av 5:11)
3:24 11km
5:44 12km

Garth Garmin
18:51 18:51 first lap 4km (av 4:43)
37:06 18:15 second lap 8km (av 4:34)
58:13 21:05 third lap 12km (av 5:16)

Didn't realise Superflake was so close my have to watch better in future.He finished in 91st place.
Had a good run but didn't have much gas left at the end for a sprint.
Obviously i tired a fair bit in the final lap so something to work on!

Ran for 40mins easy today covered 7km pushing the pram while my baby boy slept average 5:43 mins/km

Cheers R2B

Friday, June 16, 2006

I am procrastinating about going out for a run so this post ought to clear that!I am a little tired from night shift but i postponed yesterday afternoons run until now.I havent missed a session in several weeks and things are progressing well.
I am running at least 5 and sometimes 6 days a week and i have even run twice in the one day!

Run for today 40 minutes easy @5:18 av. pace
I try to keep to this pace but its hard with the hilly terrain that i run on.I get a good guide from Garth Garmin though...

Ok im off!

I'm back!
40:36 mins covered 8km average pace 5:04/km....a little fast but still ok.
It can be tough to try to run slowly while still keeping a cadence of 180 steps per minute but i'm getting better at it.

Tomorrow i am running for my club at the state long course XC champs!
Can't wait for it this year,last year i came dead last in the open race and pretty much came near to last overall so an improvement should be on the cards.

I am planning on running the 3*4km laps as follows.

Lap 1 remaining in calm control and not going out too hard
Lap 2 cruise at tempo pace
Lap 3 pick it up a bit

All this will probably go out the window by tomorrow but at least i started with a plan :)

The hills in this run are so steep that a lot of runners walk up them and make time on those hardcore enough to want to run them!

More tomorrow,wish me the result i deserve.

Cheers R2B

Saturday, June 10, 2006

So Where The Bloody Hell Were You? ......................

It has been a long time between posts hasn't it?
I have had stuff to say but haven't got around to it so it has just built up and I have procrastinated as a result!!
My solution is to just blog from today and if I get a chance to fill in the blanks I will.

So a short blank filler now...
I am still healthy and uninjured woohoo!!
I have been training for the City 2 Surf for a couple of weeks now.
Before that I was in recovery mode.I am happy to say I feel 100% over my injury!!
I have been steadily increasing my training and I am running as well and better than pre setback!

Okay then back to new business.

New 3km PB
I woke up at 0520 Wednesday morning and felt like crap because I hadn't slept well but still had to go to work so off I trundled to my 12hour shift in the saltmines. Just kidding I am enjoying my new job and it feels like I have been there for ages not a measly 6 weeks.
After work I went to the heated pool for my second ever stroke correction class (mid April last one) I was going to run first but my car ran out of petrol in the driveway to a service station!Of course the service station was closed! But it did have Eftpos to make the pumps work yea!
So I was still in the driveway but couldn't manage to push the car up the driveway... It was dark on a lonely industrial street so I eventually waved down a passing car yea! The bloke in it as a stroke of luck was a guy I had just met the day before and he was about to do me his second favour in 2 days,what a champ! Good Karma also as I believe it was his cousin (No proof only motive and opportunity with his towtruck)
who stole my uninsured car last year(refer to post way back)
Simon helped push my car to the bowser and even used his card for the petrol as I only had cash after my wife borrowed my card.

Anyhow you can see why I've been procrastinating about the bucket loads I could have written!!

Back to the pool I swam for almost an hour and was tuckered by the end!!
Went home and was asleep on the lounge by 8.

Back to work and after that went straight to the track.
Quick warmup...Two laps slowly on the outside lane and a 100metre pickup.
Will look on Cool Running for distance of outside lane?

Now down to business!
On the way to the start line I spoke to Ward who is generally about my speed or a bit quicker before my injury. He said he would be happy with sub 12mins and I concurred. Decided to run with him. Last weeks 3km (12:09)was the first time since injury I had tried anything quicker than about 5min/km pace and I was chuffed with that result and thought I could improve it by a few seconds soon enough. At the startline I did feel a little tired but you know that isn't always a good guide in a short race anyhow I have come to realise.

Lap****Time***Split**Lap Pace**Km/Pace***Comment
400m***1:30***90*****3:45**************Quick Start
800m***3:07***97*****4:03**************Got back to pace
1000m**3:52***45*****3:45******3:52****Good Pace
1600m**6:16***97*****4:03**************Felt Hard Work
2000m**7:51***94*****3:55******3:59****Happy with Time
2400m**9:23***92*****3:50**************Felt Good
2800m****?*****?*******?***************Was committed to running Hard
3000m**11:33**130****3:35******3:42****Last 100m was a big sprint not much left

A big new PB for me!I screamed out YEAH! At the top of my gasping lungs woohoo! 3:51/km average!