Sunday, June 18, 2006


I didn't come last!
94th past the line
3mins better than last year!

Stopwatch (When i pressed the lap button!)
9:54 2km (av 4:57)
9:06 4km (av 4:33) (end of first lap)
4:25 5km
10:07 7km (av 5:04)
15:33 10km (av 5:11)
3:24 11km
5:44 12km

Garth Garmin
18:51 18:51 first lap 4km (av 4:43)
37:06 18:15 second lap 8km (av 4:34)
58:13 21:05 third lap 12km (av 5:16)

Didn't realise Superflake was so close my have to watch better in future.He finished in 91st place.
Had a good run but didn't have much gas left at the end for a sprint.
Obviously i tired a fair bit in the final lap so something to work on!

Ran for 40mins easy today covered 7km pushing the pram while my baby boy slept average 5:43 mins/km

Cheers R2B


Superflake said...

Must have been close as I was 91st in 57:10.Great effort doing 3mins faster. My 3rd lap was faster than my 2nd which is great on that course. Managed to avoid getting lapped which is good for confidence I feel. See you on Sunday for the half then?

Tesso said...

Well done. And you almost had that Flakey character too!

Spark Driver said...

Yes a little confusing but still sounds like a top effort. Well done.

Chelle said...

Very confused, but sounds great all the same!

Hilda said...

Mmmm, about coming last, still the last ends, crosses the line, accomplish the objetctive. (it is a note to self) :P

Great job there!!

Steve said...

Well done on a 3 min improvement.

robtherunner said...

Nice job on the improvement over last year.

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