Friday, June 16, 2006

I am procrastinating about going out for a run so this post ought to clear that!I am a little tired from night shift but i postponed yesterday afternoons run until now.I havent missed a session in several weeks and things are progressing well.
I am running at least 5 and sometimes 6 days a week and i have even run twice in the one day!

Run for today 40 minutes easy @5:18 av. pace
I try to keep to this pace but its hard with the hilly terrain that i run on.I get a good guide from Garth Garmin though...

Ok im off!

I'm back!
40:36 mins covered 8km average pace 5:04/km....a little fast but still ok.
It can be tough to try to run slowly while still keeping a cadence of 180 steps per minute but i'm getting better at it.

Tomorrow i am running for my club at the state long course XC champs!
Can't wait for it this year,last year i came dead last in the open race and pretty much came near to last overall so an improvement should be on the cards.

I am planning on running the 3*4km laps as follows.

Lap 1 remaining in calm control and not going out too hard
Lap 2 cruise at tempo pace
Lap 3 pick it up a bit

All this will probably go out the window by tomorrow but at least i started with a plan :)

The hills in this run are so steep that a lot of runners walk up them and make time on those hardcore enough to want to run them!

More tomorrow,wish me the result i deserve.

Cheers R2B


Susan said...

Yes, yes. Garmin is our friend.

tim. said...

good luck on your run tomorrow. Bet you don't get any last places this year.

miners said...

hey you must have travelled through some sort of worm-hole. That 40.36 minutes seemed to pass awfully fast ...

Steve said...

Good luck for you run tomorrow, sounds like you have improved.

Spark Driver said...

Good luck for tomorrow!!

BeanieBum said...


Black Knight said...

5/6 days a week is a great committment. Good luck for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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