Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The morning run went well!
Had an easy hour and i thought i would test it out with some hills which were taken easily.Then ran down towards the coast.After the run i was AOK (95% anyway) Thought i still would play it by ear.That was 6 days off running.

Next day Tuesday was my clubs 5km race at the Yacht club cycleway a fast course.With a little bit of wind behind me and trying not to run too hard i hit the halfway in 9:43 but felt fine "comfortably hard" i have been calling it.

But at around the 3km mark cramp hit me in the right side just below the ribs and in customary style the hands hit the hips....Slowly the people i had over taken earlier in the race started coming back to me.I was in a lot of pain but i knew i would be ok,though it really hurt.I tried the Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmour" technique ie. while i squeezed my sides i yelled out "happy place...happy place...happy place" the runners around me probably thought i was mad but it helped a little to disasociate and think of cocktails while lounging in a hammock!
It was a long way to go and i succumbed to a little walking but i got going again despite it.
Approaching 500m to go Chris and another guy caught up to me but i was determined to keep going with them as their pace didn't hurt much extra.100m to go i wasn't going to let him overtake me due to cramp like our last race and just dug deep and "sprinted" towards the line to pip him!!!
I crashed down and when i caught my breath i let out an exalted yelp of happiness for being able to get to the end through the pain!!The cramp was still with me for another 15mins but it was under control.It was nice that a lot of runners were concerned for me (i am sure they would have been with all the grunting i was doing i sound like i was in labour i am sure!)

Anyhow the result was a 3second pb.I know i have a lot more to give there too.
I am writing this post Wednesday morning and achilles is ok again...last night i iced it because it went to only 80% so i will have to be careful for a while still.Finished in 20:47 two seconds faster than last race (PB)
Thursday morning now and feeling ok again.

Cheers R2B


Spark Driver said...

Congratulations on the PB. Sounds like it was well earned.

Steve said...

Congrats on the pb and as you say seems like this pb won't hang around too long.

I love the phrase "comfortably hard" seems like running and sports are full of oxymorons.

2P said...

Wooohooo another PB - great work.

Becky O said...

Well done on your PB. I love the Yacht Club course. I hope the lake wasnt too smelly for you ;)

Lulu said...

Congrat on the PB and with that horrid cramp. I had a great picture of you running along shouting 'happy place', must have scared the other runners for sure!

Tesso said...

Yay - another PB!

Aren't you getting sick of them ;-)

Ewen said...

The six-day enforced taper must have helped. Lucky you pulled out the sprint finish!

Keep monitoring the achilles. Take care on the steep hills.

robtherunner said...

Another PB is always good. I am sure we will keep reading about faster times in the future.

Scott said...

Hi R2B

I was just talking to Clairie about cramps we also get them. You did well to PB with a cramp. I got one in a half marathon about a year ago and I did a PW "Personal Worst."

PS. Do you also charge your golf balls like Happy Gilmore?

Black Knight said...

Nobody can stop il Primo Assassino always hungry of victories and pb!

Hilda said...

How brave you are running strong despite the problems!

Definitely better times should be ahead, your time was great and you were not in the best shape, the good work pays off, right?

runliarun said...

Happy place, I like that :). Not exactly the conventional cure, but that's what's cool about it.