Sunday, October 29, 2006

Achilles Tendonitus

and other things that won't be misunderstood!

After the morning run last saturday week when i stepped on a rock awkwardly and described it as "unco" i noticed the "heel" area was a little tender after the run.But it was fine after a sleep.
Next time a had a run it was tender afterwards.So i rode my bike jumped off and ran.That afternoon i went to interval training and ran 11km.Next morning i was in pain!!
After talking to my doc mate it seems that i may have above condition.

Today is my 5th day of rest since last run and i am itching to get out there again.Setting alarm for 5:30am and plan to test it out.Otherwise a quit family day planned after hectic day yesterday.

Jacobs birthday was a rousing success and everyone had a great time.Bought 10kg of beef for the BBQ which was a bit of overkill with all the salads beer and fingerfood on offer say we may be eating that for a few days though!

Cheers R2B


2P said...

Good luck with the run R2B.

plu said...

When you have a counter you realise there are a lot of readers of your blog. I find there are so many and I try and read a bit of all of them. It is getting to the point where I think I am missing some newly created blogs.

Anyway I do pop in now and then.

cheers Plu

robtherunner said...

I hope the tendonitis is healing. Good luck with the recovery.

Lulu said...

I had achilles tendinosis for most of last year. It only got better when I started seeing Easy Tiger and getting regular massage.

I hope yours gets better quickly and you're soon back on the road.

Hilda said...

Achilles pain is the worst I've experienced, hope you find the cure soon, take care and be pacient.

Congratulations to lovely Jacob from America!!!

Ewen said...

Left over BBQ food is the best! Glad the birthday went well.

Achilles injuries are worth looking after. Once it's better, good prevention is stretching of the lower and upper calf. Also, shoes that are well padded in that spot (don't rub).

Becky O said...

I hope your injury mends well. Glad to hear your son's party was a hit.

Clairie said...

Hope you enjoyed the run and it was painfree!!

If not I highly recommend going to see a running podiatrist or sports doctor to get a clear diagnosis and treatment.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Can't offer much advice on AT as I have never had it, but of course I hope it proves not too serious for you and that you are running unrestricted before too long. Injuries suck, as we all know.

Top marks for your situational awareness re my Vienna post. Yes, those photos were taken near the old Royal Palace - just a great place to visit. I didn't have too much of the Torte while I was there but the Mozart chocolate came in for some significant testing.

PortRunr said...

Hope the run went well and the AT goes away. I had some minor symptoms of it and found that lots of stretching helped.
10kg of BBQ'd beef...I'd be up for some of that!!

strewth said...

Do hope your injury is better soon. Yes, I do read your blog and am impressed by your running ability! TY for your comments on mine. First birthday parties are always fun - glad it went well.

Tesso said...

Fingers crossed its only a very mild case of AT and you can nip it in the bud. I made the mistake of ignoring mine and by the time I saw a physio it was chronic (his description). I couldn't run for over two months.

Scott said...

Hi R2B

Hope the reason you're not blogging today isn't the AT. I have it and have had it to varying degrees for the past year and although it sounds counter-intuitive a good speedwork session often helps to take away the AT pain. Anyway let us know how it is I can direct you to some good web sites on the subject.

Bye for now

strewth said...

Hi again - In answer to your question, yes Deek's Forest is named after Robert De Castella. Are you enjoying the book?

Anonymous said...

I see u as my target. i am pathetic. 2.4k in 13 mins, i will catch up. and speedy recovery ya

Anonymous said...


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