Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fitzroy Falls Fire Trail 10km Race

Result 47:55

1st 5km 22:50
2nd 5km 25:05

Hot day some nice hills

Decided to come for sure at 6:30 am went to bed planning on running a local 6km event.
So i called Sevgi and asked for a lift i had just got out of bed so i had to move it.
She came 20mins later and we were off!

I warmed up at the start line after wishing MC well in her Marathon.Went out for about 5mins of easy pace running and felt ordinary.Spoke to Brendan and Ben and they were planning on 5omins for the 10k i thought 45mins sounded like a nice round figure and that i wouldn't bust a gut to get it.

It's funny how you can just pluck a number out of thin air and expect to run that time without ever seeing the course!

At the start line Ellie 80 said hi and we chatted for what seemed like a brief moment before the gunshot rang out and we were off.I had started right at the back and knew it when i hit congestion immediately!I just went with the flow and was starting to overtake people from the word go....actually as i placed 23rd i must have overtaken over a hundred other runners as no body ever overtook me!

I wasn't running absolute top pace nor did i feel like it but i wanted a good strong effort out of myself call it a training run if you will.The start was slightly downhill but didn't feel it until the return km.
Saturday 15km total
Anyhow this post has sat long enough....
KM Splits
Seem to have had a Barry Crocker in the final km...well i did walk a little up the hill and in the finishing straight....but i held off my nearest competitor.Couldn't hang about much post race as i had to catch my lift home.But i did squeeze in a cooldown to the 2km mark,as i turned around and started to trot back i heard a motocycle behind me and a runner close behind.

I realised it was a marathon competitor and my jaw dropped,actually i said "your f***ing kidding!" It was the eventual winner Barry Keem,and he replied he was glad it was almost over!
Ran with him or more tried to keep up for a couple of minutes,his race pace was like 3:50/km average for the whole marathon so i was struggling very quickly and let him go i didn't want to run with him into the finishing straight anyway for obvious reasons.

(Sunday)Pulled up a little sore the next day so didn't run
Took Monday off as well but i was working and walked about 8km while there so i bit of cross training (it's 5-10km walking every day usually wear a pedometer)

Tuesday i got off work a little early as a bloke on my crew covered for me (there was a breakdown as soon as i walked off the job!!)
I went to the first race of my clubs fortnightly summer race program.Tonights race was 5km cross country and i wasn't going to push it too hard after the weekend but i was pleased with the effort .Pulled up with cramp with several hundred metres to go but didn't stop completely.
Finished in 20:52 while the guys i was with finished in 20:09 and 20:15 i reckon that i could have kept the pace and outkicked them but the cramp was something out of the ordinary for me though after finishing i didn't feel it again...probably lack of salt and not eating for about 4hrs?
8km total

Wednesday Ran with Sophie,felt tired most of the way ran for 7.2km in 30:46 Av. 4:18/km meeting again monday morning 6:10 am probably a lot longer this time!

Thursday More work on the house today to get it ready for Jacob's 1st Birthday Finished guerneying all the house and concrete using rainwater of course.Stripped and painted the tiles at the front of the house.Feeling sniffly and a dry throat this evening so decided against track 3km race

Friday After Night Shift i ran with the girls at 6:40 am til 9:04 am (2:20 total) running 1:47.33


Clairie said...

Nice pacing there but you can obviously see the hills and that last km must have been painful!

Hope you enjoy your hill session this morning - or the walk with your son in the pram.

What is the next race on the menu?

runliarun said...

So your computer is back. You always sound so busy...

The Day of the Dead is celebrated during November 1st-2nd, and is a holiday with a complicated and rich history, based on the Mexican (Aztec) tradition of celebrating departed ancestors and the Christian one of All Saints Day. Since New Mexico has vast Hispanic population it is quite a big thing here.

I think it's one of those rituals people observe to remind themselves of their mortality and cherish life more.

Gronk said...

FF sounds like a tough 10km mate. Well done in that heat !

Ellie80 said...

good to catch up again! it was just a shame it was such a hot painful day on the road! good run nonetheless and see you soon!

2P said...

Nice work at FF R2B - good result for a hot n hilly 10K ;-)

Tesso said...

20:52 is a great 5k time for somebody who wasn't really pushing it! I might try 'not pushing it' on Sunday in my 5k race and see if I can do as well ;-)

Hope we get to see pics from the 1st birthday celebrations ... hint hint ...

speedygeoff said...

yeah, pics on blogs are good..

Becky O said...

Congratulations on placing 23rd at FF.

I'm guessing the 5km cross country was Puckey's. I used to love racing that one and currently hold my 5km PB on that course.

Not heading down to Canberra for Bulls Head on the weekend?? It would be good training for 6Ft :)

Don Juan said...

Good to see you out there racing.

Keep up those sub 4min/kms and sub 60 city to surf is in the bag.

Spark Driver said...

Got me stuffed how those elite marathon runners can keep up a 3:50 pace. I don't think I have ever run that fast, let alone over any sort of distance!

Black Knight said...

A tough 10 km with an "interesting" last km. but il primo assassino non ha paura di nulla!!!! (the first assassin has not fear)

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a lot of running going on. I may join in your quest of trying to break 18 minutes for 5k in the coming year. I think I will focus on some shorter stuff for the near future. Good luck getting ready for the birthday.

Ewen said...

That's not bad for a hilly 10k R2B. The runners at the front make it look so easy.

Pretty good 5kCC on Tuesday too. Hope the cramp is nothing serious.

PortRunr said...

Sounds like tough conditions at FF...well done.
I'd feel a bit crook after all that work on the house too ;)