Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 good runs this week
#1 with Marie-Claire, Sevgi, Georgette, Franca and Dawn (Doyle came for a bit then went home leaving me as the sole male)
2:20 out on the trails near Brokers Nose Mt Ousley where the mountain run will be held this Saturday.Had a good time and chatted for ages.I attacked the hills.We started at 6:40am straight after i had finished Night Shift and i was good until near the end when i started getting unco.(In technical terms my propreoception was failing) had one arkward footfall near the end and may have bruised the heel slightly but can't see anything.

#2 Yesterday with Sophie for 68mins covering 14.1km we ran at a nice 4:50 pace and i made it all with only about a 10 second stop so very pleased at that effort.Felt heal a little after the run.

This morning i was due to meet Sophie for another hour run but i felt a bit tired also the heal and not wanting to overtrain and coughed up some phlegm plenty of good reasons! So dusted off my bike and rode it while she ran same 14.1km distance and near the halfway i got off the bike and ran for about 2km untimed before hopping back on and continuing back with her.I am working tommorrow so no running planned and working Thursday so may only get to go to track after work at 6:30pm for (3km? race) . Friday i may do 30-40mins or so.Saturday is Jacobs 1st Birthday so no running then + unfortunately i will have to miss the local 22km mountain race.I may run it on Sunday instead and try to TT it.

With all the girls i am running with at the moment keen on 6' and many already having completed it several times.It's really good to have buddies who have the same goals as myself.

Cheers R2B


2P said...

Some solid stuff there R2B - did you push the bike for the 2k or was it out & back?

Becky O said...

The trail run with Sevgi and Georgette sounds like a lot of fun.

Can I ask if your doing the Escarpment Classic ???

Congrats on finding a training partner, it does make a huge difference.

Ewen said...

A couple of good runs there R2B! Having a training partner will help pass the (many) miles between now and 6'. Look after the heel.

I think 'unco' is sometimes due to low blood sugar. Perhaps carry a couple of gels in the pocket on longer runs.

Don Juan said...

Some good six foot training there attacking those hills.
I've heard those six-foot and ultra runners are popular with the women too.

Anonymous said...

Hey R2B,

did you get my email reponse to the Megalong to Mini Mini Return on the 5th Nov?

Cheers, KOM.

Spark Driver said...

Good to hear about the running partner. Should be great to keep each other motivated.

Scott said...

Hello R2B

You sound like a decent bloke taking the day off running for your baby's B'day. I'm doing it now my boy is older but shamefully I was running on my kids B'days for the last couple of years using the excuse "They won't remember anyway."

As I write this I can almost here the song "Cat's in the Cradle."

Well done finding a running partner with the same goals so close. I'll just have to continue with you lot until I find one ;)

Black Knight said...

The secret for a successful workout: to run with other partners. You do it. Vai, corri veloce come il vento!!!!

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