Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haven't run much this week...busy with work and family.Last time i ran was thursday at the track i arrived late and said stuff it and joined the 3km race with no warmup!!
First lap was 76 seconds Greg told me (so much for the warmup!)
I knew i was going a "little" quick so i slowed down and did the first 1600m in 6:03 kept going for another 2 laps and called it quits at 2.4km in 9:00 flat so the rest of the pacing was good.I was also happy as 2.4km in 9:00 is the fitness standard to get through the Navy's Clearance Diving Special Forces course (my mate is a CD and runs this in 8:45 weighing around 90kgs)
Wish i kept on going for another 600m afterwards because my 3km Pb could have been in jeopardy.

Got out this morning after work and as i was arriving at the beach i saw a running buddy Sophie so i chased her down and ran at a nice 4:30 pace for 4km we had a nice chat and she is interested in finding some people for early morning runs.I might fit the bill if i can get my act into gear.She would be an ideal training partner as she is a bit quicker than me but not too much!I am a little tired of running alone and time flies when i can chatter along with somebody.I don't think i would have ran far this morning otherwise!
Anyway i turned around then and started heading back but just in front i saw Georgette another clubmate and ran with her for the 4km back.Another nice chat though i had to convince her i didn't mind the pace i was more keen on the company and i wasn't going to blaze off!

8km nice!After having some time off i usually only run 3km first time back and always feel crap but not today.Jumped in the car and drove towards home,on the way i saw Sevgi running down the street and Georgette told me she was considering six foot too so i pulled over and ended up running with her for another 4km!
All up 12km in 59mins perfecto!

As for all this non running!
Well it's not really good enough I need some consistency in my training.I am writing up a plan that will take me through until after 6" in March.

I plan to run in my clubs summer series which is mainly 5km races on a tuesday.Also i will do a long run on the weekends (or first rostered off day) and a mid week longer run.

Now i usually do a scheduled fartlek session on a tuesday (alternating with races in summer) and i enjoy track on a thursday,though the races are usually only 3km in summer so may have to consider doing some other training on this day.Now i have some great hills to train on just which day will i do it on??

Still getting together a racing schedule including some half marathons at Sydney Marathon Clinic (which will double as a visit to my sister who lives in Smithfield!) and other shorter races so i will know how i am going.

I think i will post my plan here when it is ready.

In the mean time before i can go to bed i have to wash down my new back deck and give it a coat of oil.At least my run has given me some extra energy!

Cheers R2B

Ps thanks for all the nice comments on my last post!I may see some of you at Fitzroy Falls soon, I am planning to run the 5km and cheer on the marathoners.


Becky O said...

Wow, Sevgi is thinking of doing six foot. Tell her I said good luck with her training. She has been running so well lately.

I hope you get your training group together, running with others has made such a difference for me.

Don Juan said...

Sounds like a long hot summer coming up.

Good idea to put together a training program for that six foot trek.
Looks like a good fartlek session running around town chasing single women. Whenever I do it, they all seem to run like champions.

2P said...

12k in 59 minutes aint too shabby R2B - nice work.

olga said...

I long for running partners for a couple of times a week, especially if they'd be a bit faster:) Mostly I am fine alone, but an addition of speed would really help to push. That, and some chat.

Hilda said...

Oh sure I have to find running partners, I've thought of that to help me be faster, but I don't think ever as you...

Becky O said...

Hey R2B. Yes, I was on Wayne's team for the KJ's relay. My Dad is good friends with Wayne as they have been working together for a long time. It was Wanyne and Chris Stocker that introduced me to the KJ's!

Ewen said...

It's good to have some training partners R2B. That 3000m PB will go very soon.

I'm planning on being at Fitzroy Falls for the 10k if my calves keep behaving themselves.

Black Knight said...

To have a training partner is the best way to improve and not to think how hard can be the workout. If only I knew where Fitzroy Falls is I could plan something. Is it far from Rome?

Spark Driver said...

Sounds like you have been doing plenty of running.

I training partner would be great to keep each other motivated.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Nice post and I really liked the spirit it showed about the social side to running. Running solo has its time and place but there is nothing like running with friends as well. Makes the time fly.