Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well time to post again...havent ran too much since C2S only 4.4km with my dog (she was pooped)
and last night went for fartlek with Kjs 2km warmup then 12* 400m intervals
i wasnt really in the mood and it was damn cold!
ended up doing 8 reps at mostly about 4min pace so not too strenuous.I might have a go next week!Just saw the fitzroy falls 10km is coming up in october that i could get into as a training goal.Sounds like a plan hatching!
Seeya R2B


AuntyK said...


Thanks for the comment on my Blog. I accidentally published without realising. My Blog goes back almost a years worth, and i'm nervous about publishing my junk!

So what was published probably makes absolutely no sense in the big picture, but you seem to understand anyway!

Thanks again, AK

R2B said...

damn the internet can make this world small!
i was looking at CR pictures from SMH half again and also looked at ADF part of CR and now i have discovered who you are!I actually recall running past you in the Half after looking at the photoes and it appears your husband is pictured also.
Hmmm almost seems like stalking lol!
Anyhow thanks for returning my post and keep on having fun!
Cheers R2B

R2B said...

oops posted on my blog not silly!Actually i dont even know what your blogs name is?

lennyhuron44082081 said...

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speedygeoff said...

Hey - is next year's C2S your next run or are you still racing? Spring is here! Not cold any more.