Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Running 2 Become

Went to tuesday nights fartlek.
We ran 2.4km to warm up then we did 10*400m intervals with 90sec rest between them.I thought i might like to do them in 96 secs each (4:00 pace)but some how the first one ended up at 80 secs then
80 82 85 after 8 of these i had to lay down for for the 90 secs i was stuffed!Anyhow i let everyone go do another 2 and when they went again (5mins break?) I was recharged and ran a 74! that really puffed me again and had a 88 for the final.Ran the 2.4km back as a cooldown all in all a good session for me and i was able to keep with Mark most of the time but i know he wasnt pushing hard.

Cheers R2B

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