Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well after spending all of Friday painting and not having ran since Tuesday (9.13km in 45 mins,track closed on Thursday due to heavy rain) i continued with putting first coat on bathroom all day saturday.

Until about 1.45pm when i hurriedly had to rush to Mt Kembla if i was going to make it for 2pm run around the mt.Got there aproximately on time and went up to winding gully to check it out.....stopped to speak with Bill Williamson and listen to his sage advice in his lilting irish accent.Well now i was definately late!Ok so i will go to the scramble track, sprint down and catch up....drove up towards it and past MC et al running down and changed my mind.Decided i would be social and run with them,so id better get back to windy gully.Anyhow got back and had about 2 mins before it was time to run again.

Started out at a reasonable pace and decided that i wasnt going to stop for my whole lap around the mountain and didnt that pay off!My longest distance without stopping and my qickest time around the mountain ever a whopping 5:30 PB!!! in 73:30!

I am stoked and will continue to due this run to gauge my fitness and improvement ability.
Maybe i can find someone running at my pace to do it with that would be great.

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