Thursday, June 23, 2005

Running 2 Become

Well this is my first proper post and i have to make it quick!
I am at my parents house and my wife is telling me i spend too much time on the computer and she is right!

I ran a lap around Mt Kembla last night in 79mins i walked every time my HR got to 86% and didnt start to
run again until went down to 70% which i thought was too low and then 75% which was a slightly shorter

I want to run the city 2 surf in less than 60 mins but this might be too much in the 53 days remaining.
I need to run a 4:18 average pace to do that.

Hmmm i will post again tommorrow and write about my training and my PBs

'til then


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plu said...

Welcome to blogging. I take it you are in Port Kembla area or just visiting. If you are there great to have you onboard.