Monday, July 04, 2005


Forgot to add,
We went KJ's trivia night last night and we were invited to sit at theMontefiore's table.
Our table including Carrie myself and Wayne's wife and daughters Leigh and Roslyn and her friend Kim and boyfriend Greg?
We went really well and came second after the nine question tiebreaker we eventually lost " the glowworm a male or female of its species?" The answer being the female.

Also i was very happy that i did the whole lap of mt Kembla 9 miler without stopping!!!!!

This evening i did 30 mins easy jogging with 10:03 mins in the middle to do the Wellington drive circuit.

More tommorrow R2B


Lulu said...

Hi R2B.. Welcome to blogland and team H. Look forward to reading more about you and your training.

R2B said...

thanks lulu!
I had a life coach for just one session and the other day she rang me to tell me she had decided to leave the country...she quit her job and had booked flights and was using her old visa now she is gone and we hadnt even really begun!

CJ said...

R2B, welcome to Team H!!