Sunday, July 10, 2005

I guess after sleeping on it yesterdays race wasn't too bad i had just hoped to reach my handicap and i missed it by about 10 secs...nothing much over 10km but hmmmmmm!

my splits were as follows

so a couple of quick ones at the start and a couple of slow ones around the drink stations.
i will turn up more hydrated next time and wont stop for a drink.

I didnt do any incantations in the race as i forgot,perhaps they would have helped me to feel stronger and not do so much walking.

I can see when ive slowed down it takes a while to speed back up again.
Pasco gave me some advice at about the 1 km mark and told me to loosen my shoulders up and i realised i was rather tense also he asked if i was going too fast and i replied with a grin "maybe!"

well its two weeks 'til the nine miler now and i think i ought to get a run in up there today before i go on holidays to hamilton on tuesday (should try to get in a few runs up there as well)
I will read my new book ULTRA MARATHONMAN about DEAN KANAZES which i am really looking forward to this book was my prize for our 2nd place effort in the trivia night last week
anyhow ciao R2B


tim. said...

nice 1st and last km. Now all you need is to do that 8 more times :)

Enjoy the book, I liked it.


R2B said...

cheers buddy ps where were you?