Sunday, July 24, 2005

I woke up at 3:30 Am. I was in pain!!!!
I ran the nine miler(14.4km) yesterday and had a satisfying 68:50 Pb!Much better than last years 78.59
But i was so caught up in it and post race beers that i forgot to warm down and ive been paying for it.
I couldnt get back to sleep and when i got up i couldnt walk properly either.So i slapped on a heap of ice gel and limped off to work.I knew i would be driving the forklift today and if it got too bad i'd just have to come home.But thankfully as i warmed up it felt better though i will be paying for the next few days i am sure.
Ran with Pasco most of the way who was good enough to provide some solid encouragement and was a good pace setter and i keep with him until 5km to go.None the less he was only about 200metres ahead of me at the finish so i was happy with that.
I guess i may be able to set my C2S goal this year a little higher from 70 to 65mins.

Cheers R2b

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