Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ran 2.75km easy with doggy had a 3min break while i fiddled with my watch and then another 2.75km easy.
Splits 15.04 and 15.01.

Thursday Night i went down to the track only had time for two laps warmup though i was wearing my new running tights so that was enough as i planned to take it fairly easy.Lined up at the start and when the gun went off i jogged with CR runner bee's daughter for 3km all evenly paced and felt a little slow at 5min pace ...crossed the 3km line in 14:51 (4:57/km) so i decided to pick up the last 2km and proceed to run the next five laps in 8:10 (4:05/km) with a "sprint" finish to the end in 23:01 mins!!
2 laps cooldown.



Hilda said...


Sounds like a good workout, you are already back in to it!!


Lulu said...

Glad you're getting back into your running. Sounds like you haven't lost much fitness while you were off. Must have been the swimming.

Tesso said...

Things are sounding very promising with your return from injury R2B.

Did I tell you I told Runner Bee you knew her daughter?

Ewen said...

Good run R2B... and I'm killing myself to run 22:30!

Take it gradually with the comeback is my only suggestion. Do as much running on dirt and grass that you can.

With C2S training... I belive the average person can do well off good 10k training (good speedwork, tempo runs etc). The faster you can run 10k, the faster you'll run C2S. You don't need huge long runs. Just add in a very undulating run of 14 to 18k where you attack the hills!

2P said...

lol you ARE R2B hehe - great job ;-)

Spark Driver said...

Sounds like your foot has healed (pardon the pun) well. Keep up the good work.

Black Knight said...

An assassin with a dog is not so bad! Perhaps you are a good assassin. By the way a fast workout, good!

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.