Thursday, September 07, 2006

This morning i got up at 6am and drove 40ish km to Helensburgh just south of Sydney.An email had circulated from a girl named Vanessa Haverd.The email was inviting runners from an informal group i sometimes run with on a long run near her and her partners home taking in some historic railway tunnels (cool!)and finishing with coffee and muffins.I had met Vanessa on a run many months ago briefly.It appeared other people i knew would be running too.
I duly arrived at 6:55 for a 7am start and no one else seemed to be at her address,i waited for a few minutes and decided to have a warmup in case others were late.Ran for about a km and felt crap!
I went back to the car and was contemplating going home but i thought nah stuff it i will knock on the door and at least say hi rather than shying off.

Vanessa had called the run off due to the crappy weather by calling the others by telephone but hadn't got my email yet about me coming.Being a very nice person she insisted on getting up out of bed and dragging Mathew her partner along for a run!

We set off slowly and i was greatful as i knew she can run a marathon at a decent clip(exactly how fast i was yet to find out as she is quite modest not telling me she had won the Bush Capital Marathon in Canberra the other month,i saw the trophy back in her house!She has also run the Fitzroy Falls Trail Marathon in 3:25 (2004) a very impressive time, first female and fourth overall)

Anyhow this post has sat for more than a week so finished or not here it is!!
Had a really good time chatting with them afterwards Matt is a Plasma Physicist Vanessa a "normal" scientist!


Steve said...

At least you got a run in.

I'm not sure what I would have done but 'good on you' for knocking on the door.

Tesso said...

Is that a 'normal scientist' as opposed to a 'mad scientist' :-)

Gee, sounds like you are mixing it with one very snappy runner there.

Ewen said...

She'd make a good 6' training partner for you R2B! Very dedicated.