Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just a quick post to keep the fires burning.
Ran a decent 2 miles at the track in 12:20 after i was going to quit in lap 3 of 8.

Just got back from doing 3 laps around my Wellington drive circuit in 35:50 was not so long ago i could barely do this once with walking even then it took 18+ mins so very happy also equaling my longest run ever without walking i think (6.6km).

Ascent 1 5:21
Descent 1 6:52
Ascent 2 5:21
Descent 2 7:09 Didn't want to smash too hard downhill.
Ascent 3 5:16
Descent 3 5:51 Felt warmed up and decided i wanted to break 36min for the workout.

My Wellington drive circuit is one huge climb to the top of said drive ascending approx70m over 900m followed by a descent back to the half way mark a sharp left and down a short sharp hill and back up it again and downhill on the other side back to the start, it contains about 250m of flat running over 2.2km of circuit.


2P said...

Nice work R2B - keep it going mate ;-)

Tuggeranong Don said...

It's a great sense of achievement isn't to go over old terrain, but in much better condition than before. I can once remember thinking how hard it was to run 12k, and now that's nothing. Well done R2B.

Steve said...

The best thing about hills are the speed (gravity fed) recoveries on the way down.

Becky O said...

Hi R2B, Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. This blogging thing is so exciting !!

No, I am not doing the Fat Ass Pub to Pub anymore which I am a little disappointed about. I was training for it getting into the longer runs but when I started with SWEAT the increase in intensity was a bit hard for my body. Sean says there will be plenty more races.

I am doing the KJ's relay on Sunday morning hoping to do a PB with all the training I'm doing, I'm on team Bullet Train. Will you be out there?

Anonymous said...

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