Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Back Again

Ok I had a great weekend and started each day with a bit of a trot around the Sydney CBD.
My hotel was located in world square so I headed off in a slightly different direction each morning at between 6 and 7am (very early for me!)
Had a late night at UPW seminar friday night and went back to the hotel just before I went to sleep I was going to get up at 5am and get to run striders 10km at north head but come 5am in the morning the logistics were a bit too much and it seemed like too much effort to get there.

Instead I popped on my CR cap and ran to Kings Cross on the C2S route...Now it was pretty cool to be running there without the thousands you encounter on race day and I could actually see some of the "sights"

Next day I ran down around the opera house and Mrs Macquaries chair etc.Didn't time myself but I was gone about an hour.

I have changed my life priorities again...conscious decision this time around.
#1 Family First
I have been letting things get in the way and neglecting my family at times.
#2 Health and Fitness (Running! )
Nutrition Hydration Breathing and physiology
#3 The other 6 areas of my life.

I am excited about Pub 2 Pub i think running the first half is the way to go as the second half is through the mountain pass and won't really be effective as a training run (easier yet pounding on quads)
Will post on CR to see if anyone else is finishing there.

Tossing up the commencement of my 6' training now.
I think i will start on the km but still do some speed work for the club 5km summer handicap series. I improved my 5km times by 3:14 from the start to the end of the season.I Finished first the year before last and i want to give it a good shake again this time around!

I am looking at different programs and i will have to see how i can make them fit together...shouldn't be too hard but i will have to manage my time really well so that i can keep my #1 Priority to my family.

thats it for now R2B


Ewen said...

Good priorities R2B.

It's hard training for track and 6' at the same time. You probably need a decent mid-week long run to make the weekend 'big ones' easier.

Ellie80 said...

yep - sounds like you've got it pretty well sorted :)

olga said...

I've prioritized lately same way:)

Tesso said...

Whew, after reading #1 for a minute there I thought you were going into politics ;-)

2P said...

Hmmm my thoughts have been turning to 6' lately too.

Nice to see you enjoying the city sights and frights ;-)

Horrie said...

I would agree with Ewen about the midweek long run. Need to start adding some distance to help build the base if contemplating running 6 Foot. And make sure you do plenty of hill training.

Spark Driver said...

It is tough juggling our busy lives. Keeping the people we love and love us at No. #1 is the most important thing.

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you have your priorities in order and they are similar to mine as well. Need to figure out how to balance the family with all the rest of the stuff in life. Have a great weekend.

CJ said...

I am planning on doing 6 foot next year so will be interesting reading your training progress!

Family is important - I'm constatly reshuffling my priorities; its never perfect.

Have a great week.

Wardman said...

Good effort to get that level of running in while you were away, it can be tough to keep the 'kettle boiling' away from home. Well done on your commitment to family too, it's a juggling act we all face but there is no more worthy pursuit.
Thanks for your comments on the blog and best of luck with your endeavours!


Tuggeranong Don said...

Love your priorities, and like many others I battle constantly to keep family, running, fun, and work in their proper orbits. Thanks for sharing your priorities with us.

Black Knight said...

I agree with your life priorities. But are you again the first assassin?

robtherunner said...

Hey R2B,

After going back through my comments I realized I never answered your question. I am not sure what your previous peak mileage has been, but 50 miles with the proper intensity and variety is plenty of miles to get you well prepared for your marathon/ultra. Obviously if you can run more miles and keep yourself injury free it would be better, but I know how difficult it is to find time.

I am currently following Pete Pfitzinger's 55 miles or less program and like how it is set up. I would like to run more miles, but my life will not allow it right now so I think structure is better for me so I can get the most out of my miles. Good luck.