Friday, July 21, 2006

Very long post alert!
3km W Squared Handicap Race tonight.The clubs most prestigous track race.

Well i knew i would have to do my best.I also knew the handicapper was going to thump me after last fortnights 11:31 PB
The only thing i could do was run my very best and plan on a HUGE pb.

I bolted from the start.Too fast perhaps.

I knew though when i reached around 230m my watch timer beeped 45secs so i was going way too fast (approx 3:15min/km) so i immediately slowed down.Too much maths at the time but i knew way too fast!
I remembered a piece of advice i had heard..."the biggest mistakes made in a distance race usually occur in the first minute."
Well i guess i almost blewup before the race had really started!

Back to the beginning.I arrived early for the race,temperature was soooooooooo cold and the track was wet!I started my warmup wearing tracksuit pants jumper running jacket beanie and scarf over my running gear.I slowly pealed the scarf and jumper off during my warmup of 1km.
Then i took off my trackies at the start line and began to wait until my start time off 6:08.The quicker guys around me seemed to be off starts only a few seconds after me and the bloke who i ran with most of the race two weeks ago was leaving a full 25 seconds before me!I didn't dwell on that or even start to think of it,i had to get my jacket off in a hurry as i was almost up.
I had asked Greg Mackey if he could count my laps so i wouldn't have to think about it as i knew it might be the difference i needed.Wished then i had asked him to take my times too!

The big clock read 6:00 and the handicapper had called my name it was make or break time....6:05 6:06 6:07 6:08 go! and i was gone.I took off like the proverbial rocket against my better wishes but it was nerves.

All through the week i never let it enter my head that i wasn't going to run a PB it was a must for me.Not because i had any evidence or any feeling that i could just that if i thought anything else i was screwed if i was to win this race.Only my highest standard would count if i wanted to win.(No pressure huh?)
I went to sleep dreaming of this race and woke up sore in the legs for several mornings.I plotted and planned.But in the end i realised only a big PB would give me a chance as i knew (and was told) that the handicapper wouldn't make this an easy race for me after embarrassments in previous years by other runners.

My plan was to try to run even 90 sec 400m laps (watch timer set to beep every 45seconds)and ramp it up in the second lap with a 200m sprint for home.This would give me a run of approx 11:15!

Well i forgot that plan somehow in the first couple of seconds and just ran!

I didn't take my lap times.Though Pasco sitting in the stand took them for me,(top bloke!)
He mistook me for another runner with the same shirt to begin with so didn't take my first laps.

I flew along concentrating single mindedly on nothing but task at hand, running as fast as i could and not self destructing!
I was going to pay at some point for the quick start i just hoped it would be after the race was over.I was taking over people in front left and right but it didn't matter i had to keep going.The whole race i never looked over my shoulder for the runners behind me though that was in my plan.Laps passed and i was hurting my hands grasped my hips tightly.Greg was screaming for me to swing my arms-i wanted to walk.But i kept on running my pace had slowed dramatically and i forced my arms to swing again.Up then down again they went as i battled with myself to keep going.
C'mon! I screamed under my breath.It was getting tougher and tougher.Two laps to go and i was straining just to keep going there was no rampup.People were screaming "catch her" the kids in the stands shouting "Go Adrian!"
Barbera Brown was far ahead i thought "i'm not going to catch her!" when i realised she was the only one in front of me She was running at about 5min pace and had sensed victory and picked up her stride.She was way out ahead i began to rev up and was chew up the distance between us with 100 to go i gave it a final burst and was only about 9-10m behind when she crossed the line.I wobbled deliriously to the sideline propping myself up on the fence gasping for air.
I went back on the track head still spinning from oxygen debt!I had run a huge PB.I didnt know by how much but i thought at least 10 seconds.I went over to Barbera and gave her a kiss though i had never met her before.She had run a 13 second personal best and i was delighted for her!I cheered when she was presented the trophy.
I wished it was me but i consoled myself with the memory of a fantastic run and a new burst of confidence.

I had run 11:06.1 for 3km my best ever on a cold and wet track.
A personal best of over 25 seconds!!

230m 45ish (3:15 Pace)
600m 95ish (3:43 Pace)
1000m 87 (1km 3:41 3:41 Pace)
1400m 86
1800m 87 (2km 7:18 3:37 Pace)
2200m 91
2600m 93
3000m 88 (3km 11:06 3:48 Pace)

W-Squared Track Series - 3000m Handicap Final
Place Name Handicap Actual Predicted PB
1 Barbara Brown***2.00** 15.09.2** 15.30 PB
2 R2B ************ 6.08** 11.06.1** 11.22 PB
3 Greg Mott******* 5.59** 11.22.7** 11.31 PB
4 Suzanne Weir**** 2.48** 14.37.7** 14.42
5 Jared Poppett*** 8.10** 9.17.1*** 9.20
6 Craig Sakey***** 6.20** 11.12.2** 11.10
7 Sevgi Girgin**** 4.00** 13.34.3** 13.30
8 Geoff Smith***** 5.51** 11.45.6** 11.31
9 Heather Rutty*** 5.05** 12.33.9** 12.25
10 Drew Ibbotson** 5.42** 11.58.0** 11.48
11 Done Martinoski* 7.39** 10.01.4** 9.51
12 Mike Goody***** 6.20** 11.24.6** 11.10
13 Kerry Auguston* 5.10** 12.38.1** 12.20
14 Paul Di Pietro* 5.59** 11.53.3** 11.31
15 Alison Dickinson 0.00** 17.58.6** 17.30

Ultimately this was a hard fought race and unlike a normal 3km race this one really took it out of me.
Thats all folks.


Hilda said...

This blog smells like energy, speed! What a great PB, congratulations :D

Jadey 0:-) said...

WELL DONE!! You must be so proud of yourself you did so well.

Shane said...

What an awesome report, I was cheering you one just reading it :)
Great result you done so well congratulations.

Superflake said...

Congrats mate. Huge PB for a short race. Next time under 11.

Tesso said...

Fantastic post R2B. And fantastic run too. What a massive PB. Huuuuuge congrats.

So, what is your C2S goal now???

Spark Driver said...

Well done on the PB mate. Good on you.

At times I picture you running while holding on to your hips?? I'm sorry but that is a strange style. Break the habit and swing your arms. The momentum will do you wonders.

2P said...

Congrats on the huuuuuge PB R2B - great job mate ;-)

tim. said...

mate that is fast! You were flying.

miners said...

mate - sensational race, and a fantastic PB. I reckon the 3km would have hurt more than any other race when you're going at that speed!

allrounder said...

well done R2B, you'll blitz C2S at this rate...

Don Juan said...

Well done R2B.
You'll smash 60 for C2S.

robtherunner said...

Nice run! I almost thought you were going to catch her in the end.

Anonymous said...

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