Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Edit:! Thursday night New 3km PB 11:31!!

Okay i'm back with a brand spanking new computer!

Last week i didn't run freak accident involving bending/lifting my son and a freak sneeze ended up with me at the chiropractor.

It gradually got better each day until the saturday when i went down for a club run unsure of whether i would be able to run the 6km XC circuit or not.
Turned up very early and helped setup though it was mostly done

Decided to have an early warm up to check out the course (3*2km)
i was really sore i my lower back so i rubbed on some Voltarin and borrowed some Paracetamol with the aim of making the run a worthwhile training exercise i thought a tempo run would be ok.After the meds kicked in i felt a lot better.

Anyhow i ran well for XC standard with the splits for each 2km being...
26:03 total
kinda realised i went out a little hard but thought it would be ok.
when i got my second split i thought it was ok but things just fell apart from there which was ironic as i set a new 5km PB in there.Not bad for cross country!

I think it was around 20:50 which means that the final km went down the girgler in 5:10 pace though honestly i didn't feel it drop off so dramatically i only noticed 3 guys that i had overtaken early on rush past me like i was standing still i didnt have much left for a sprint until the last 100m so i was pretty spent but an allright run concidering the circumstances.

I still have a cloud of doubt hanging over me about my 60 min C2S goal though?..
Just not so confident...i dunno maybe i should perk up and stop talking my way out of it?

This week after Saturdays 9km in total i pulled up well in the back and a little tired in the legs.Sunday 12km with some friends ran around Mt Kembla and we took people who had come down from the Wingacarribee for a run.They loved it and want to come again i spent most of my time with Steve Mlacic chatting away about his glory days.Afterwards everyone was invited to Louis and Lindas for a slapup Brunch but i thought it wiser to rejoin the family as Carrie (my wife) is complaining about my time spent away from family.

Night shift monday night so ran first thin tuesday morning 8km in 42 mins.Went to bed got up went to tuesday arvo training did 3*1250m intervals around the lighthouse...tough warmup 2.1km laps 4:52 5:01 5:08 4mins walk and jog between each.
2*200m sprint interval to finish and 1.5km warmdown and straight into car back home picked up workgear...wife not happy and left for work again!!

total so far this week 36km

Wednesday night now tossing up whether to have a run or not?

Thats it for now
Cheers R2B


Spark Driver said...

That sounds frustrating. Have a good rest.

Steve said...

Catch you soon....

Shane said...

Good on you for the cross country time. Sounds like the training is progressing well, not that your wife thinks so :)

re; your questions, I am making it a family visit to NSW so I will be driving down. It just so happened that the C2S is on. Fancy that :)

My wife doesn't mind the training, I have done it since we met so it is normal. I have pretty much convinced her to do the C2S aswell, although see will be walking the course.

Keep at it, im sure you will get that sub 60 goal.

2P said...

Ahhh yes the old bend, lift the baby and sneeze syndrome - it's been well documented ;-)

Steve said...

Congrats on your 3k tt.

robtherunner said...

You're back with a new computer and it sounds like you have been doing some fast running as well.

Spark Driver said...

Well done on the PB, 3km in 11:31 now that is fast.

Shane said...

Good one mate, showing some good speed. Well done :)

Tesso said...

Woooooo, 11:31 - awesome stuff!!!! That has to convert so something close to 60 mins for C2S, hopefully the good side of it.

Anonymous said...

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