Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another PB when i wasn't even trying!
Today i went to a club 10k race with the intention of running a 4:20km evenly paced tempo run.
Well that was succesful and with it came a new PB:
I am pleased though now curiosity has got me in its grip and i wonder what i could have done if i was racing?
Factors that helped and hindered me on the day included.
1)I needed to use the toilet but for some unexplained reason it was locked up so i was forced to go 'al fresco' out in the bush.This resulted in me getting to the start line without having warmed up and with my handicap start just passing a few seconds before.
2)New PB at the track two days before.
3)Off i trotted keeping the runner in front(Drew) a uniform distance ahead, it was fairly cold and i was lightly dressed in my flimsy shorts and top.I never had the chance to put my lightweight DS Trainer shoes on.
4)At the 5km mark 20:49 new 5km PB if i can believe Garth Garmin i noticed my shoelace was undone and i knew i needed to stop and tie them both up tightly.
So i picked a point and stopped, the split for that 500m was 2:34 as opposed to the 2:05 average split up until that point so i as it was downhill at that point i lost at least 30 seconds and some momentum.
5)Had the ability to speed up the last 500m but as this was supposed to be a training run i decided not to...25secs blah blah blah

Enough BS now...i now don't know exactly what i might have been capable of?
41mins 42mins?Thats what some of the guys close to me in ability got.

500m splits
1:41 5km 20:49
2:34 Shoelace stop
2:05 10km according to Garth
0:36 10.157km " " " 43:20

Fairly close together considering the course wasn't perfectly flat.
Hmm i will have to have a think about all this.

Edit:I have been considering my C2S goals A and B
A is 60mins
B is 63mins

A has a chance if everything comes together perfectly on the day.
B has a good chance just doing what i am doing.

I will have to find a way of deciding how viable A really is with 5 weeks training left until race day.Any thoughts?

Cheers R2B


2P said...

Wooohooo congrats on the PB - great stuff ;-)

Steve said...

Congratulations on the pb and isn't it nice to know, "what could have been". You know you'll smash this pb in due course.

Luckylegs said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, lessened my feelings of guilt! Not to mention trouble from coach Ewen!

Nice PB for you....well done!

Tesso said...

That's fantastic R2B. Looking good for C2S. Do you have a goal time in mind?

I was hoping to pick up hints on doing a better 10k from your post ... not sure about the al fresco toilet stop!

Robert Song said...

Don't you hate computers sometimes.

The Hadd link doesn't seem to work anymore. I will see if I can find it some other way. I do have a hard copy if all else fails.

Gotta hate those shoelaces too!

Robert Song said...

Found another site.

Superflake said...

Congrats on the PB and double knot the shoes next time and a faster time is in the bag. I'll be at Bankstown, hoping for 4min ks as the course is flat apparently. C2S goal as always is sub 55.

Susan said...

YAY - congrats on the PB.

Hilda said...

Someday, someday...

Think what will happen if you even TRY!!! You have great potencial!!

Shane said...

Another PB, WOW good effort. I like your C2S goals, I cant really suggest anything I am in the same boat. Goals are goals really if it comes together and you achieve them great if not well there is always next time.

allrounder said...

while my 500m splits did indeed match yours mine weren't consecutive (& aren't likely to be anytime soon!), well done!

nice goals for the C2S, i'm aiming to break 70mins...

Don Juan said...

C2S goal A is real possibility. Lots of hill work and speed work to get the anaerobic threshold up. It's a real buzz breaking 60 min for the first time.

Good luck with it.

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