Saturday, July 15, 2006

Athletics NSW Short Course Cross Country
Bankstown 'The Crest'
8km (2*4km)


Tough muddy wet course
I was pleased with my effort
Did it tough today as my fingernail marks on my hips will attest.(Bad habit of mine)

More later.

Spark Driver asked about my fingernail marks so i thought i would post my reply to him.

The fingernails....hmmmm well when i get tired i put my hands on my hips.
When i'm hurting i grab hold tight.
The fingernail marks mean i was pinching myself very hard and i still have the scratchy marks from it next day.It's a habit i revert to at times that i would like to do without!



Superflake said...

Tough conditions this afternoon. At least it didn't rain during the race like was forecast. Very slippery in some parts but otherwise a pretty good course I thought.

Spark Driver said...

I understand the fingernail marks on someone elses hips but on yours?!? I don't get it?

Shane said...

Cross country races are very tough let alone when they are muddy and wet. Those splits look great well done.

Do you run with your arm too close to your body, is that what causes the marks?

re: Your question, due to my shin splints and trying to get over them I dont want to build the distance up too much. If that means that I wont have alot of k's under the belt before the C2S ahh well. It would certainly concern me more if the C2S was longer but 14k I still should be able to run a time Im happy about with a moderate amount of k's.

Tuggeranong Don said...
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Tuggeranong Don said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, R2B. I hadn't come across yours before, so nice to meet you. You've got some interesting posts and, as always, I love meeting people who share the spirit (not sure about sharing finger nail marks, though!) Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

I'll be running the C2S too. It's one of two of my 'must do' runs in Sydney (the other being the SMH half in May).

olga said...

As I understand from your lase few posts, you PR left and right at every distance! Congrats! Need to steal ideas why:)

tim. said...

glad you had a good run. Keep the fingernail thing it is quirky. Then we will all know at first glance whether you ran hard or not :)

Black Knight said...

You are very fast in every condition: cross contry or road race. How many victims on the First Assassin score?

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.