Sunday, August 27, 2006

Went to the track on thursday night and set the new club Age group record for the 2km steeplechase at 8:06.Steeple is hard work and i am still saw from it on Sunday.Had a run up a mountain today took over an hour to get up but 30 mins to get back down as i was flying. Was planning on running for a long distance but instead i ran/walked for a long time.

Last Sunday i ran Jacob in his pram for 15km.I am building up to run 25km or half of the Pub 2 Pub Fatass on 23rd September.Hope to see some of you there.Speaking of Fatass my friends Marie Claire and Tim Turner had a good result in trailwalker yesterday and as always i am in admiration of their exploits.

Roll on sixfoot march 2007.

Might as well add a description of a training session i did last month on 18/7 before it gets lost(small scrap of paper)

Lighthouse loops approx 620m
These loops are around the LH at Wollongong and are on the course that ANSW road relays are run.Start near roundabout and run anticlockwise(relays clockwise)
6 loops approx 90 seconds recovery.
WU an CD for total of around 9km

Not quite as consistant as Superflake's but i was pleased with effort.
Did session in 2:10s recently but died for last one.


Steve said...

Congrats on the steeple 2 km pb.

I reckon downhill running can be just as hard as uphill. I become very unstable with a bit of speed going downhill.

Spark Driver said...

I have a little trouble running downhill as well. I have this fear of tumbling A over T and am always holding myself back.

Tesso said...

Huge congrats on that age group record. Wow, steeple! It sounds like an event for the brave!

I'm still half thinking about the Pub to Pub myself as I'm going to be in Sydney later in the following week anyway. It was a goal race for me months ago but my long runs have been almost non existent. Hmmmmm ....

Shane said...

Nice one with the record, there is no stopping you. I like your variety of races aswell, keeps the motivation high.

The pub 2 pub sounds like a fun event too.

Ewen said...

Nice Steeple R2B. The 2k is a good distance - and only 23 barriers ;)

6ft - that'll keep you busy.

Black Knight said...

The steeple: another challenge! Congratulations

LBTEPA said...

Well done on the new record!
and thanks for the nice comment :)

Tuggeranong Don said...

Yes, congrats for the age group record. A fantastic effort R2B. I have only run one steeple and found it one of the hardest runs I have ever done, especially from a technical perspective. 15kms with Jacob in his pram is quite an effort too. Great stuff.

2P said...

Wooohooo congrats on the record - well done indeed ;-)