Thursday, August 03, 2006

Morning 8km pushing Jacob in the pram along bike track 42mins av. 5:15/km.
Today i wore my HRM after it being lost for many moons.
Speed can rise significantly without raising the rate significantly so this is good to know.When i hit my easy pace which i lowered slightly on account of pushing a 10kg baby and large pram my heart rate stayed at 140bpm (70%Max).Decided to keep the heartrate at 140ish BPM easily down for most of the time and had a bit of a play at higher heart rates.It was interesting to note that all i had to do was run at that pace and the heartrate just stayed level.Jacob slept for nearly an hour.

Went home and decided to finish mowing my lawns after breaking the starting cord the previous day.Took me an hour in total.Had lunch late and afterwards i went down for my second run of the day this time sans Jacob.Did a short warmup at easy pace 1km followed by 4*1200m tempo pace runs(4:07/km aim)
Actual results were a little faster and i had to try to slow down for the purpose of this workout to be 100% effective!Which was easier said than done.

1.23km 4:52 3:58/km
1.21km 4:54 4:04/km
1.26km 4:57 3:56/km
1.21km 4:53 4:02/km

4min warmdown

I thought i was underdone in the hills department and it was a little late to smash some in at this stage though we went for a couple of walks pushing the pram up some Ginormous hills which had me breaking into a sweat so i guess this was pseudo cross training in disguise!About as much training as i got in before having to go to work that night at 5:30.

Thursday now 4:15pm and i am just up and blogging....will have to have an easy 40min in the morning after work and then rest of friday to sleep.Don't go back to work for 3 days,good!
Rest day as Saturday i am driving to Sydney early for a punishing double,
Striders 10km at Lane Cove (seems i will have to jump on the only "bus" available the 40min express and hold on!) so a pb is coming!!

Afterwards back to Wollongong for state road relays my leg is 4km and it will probably suffer a bit though i am going to call the team organiser now and explain and hear his reaction.

Wish me my best deserves (and dessert for Tesso!)


speedygeoff said...

Seems like everyone is running hills. Self diagnosis, I am allergic to them. I must come down your way again sometime and run along that nice flat foreshore cycle path that heads North.

Shane said...

Good signs when you struggle to slow yourself down :)

Sounds like a pretty hectic Saturday, however enjoyable that's for sure. Good luck with the PB I sure you will breeze it in.

BTW, great pic of you little one, a sprinter is certainly not a bad thing :)

plu said...

Make sure you say hi on Saturday.


tim. said...

looks like you will have some solid running on the weekend. Hope it all goes well. I see a PB coming.

Superflake said...

Get to the race at 6:15 is the best bet. The parking is not real flash.

robtherunner said...

Great workouts you've been getting done. You're son is a good looking little guy.

Hilda said...

So, babies sleep while pushed by runner parents, amazing!